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'Only a Tiny Little Minute, But Eternity Is In It': AOC Suggests 60 Seconds Is All She Will Need at DNC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/only-tiny-little-minute-eternity-it-aoc-suggests-60-seconds-all-she-will-need-dnc

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Dinosaur DNC demonstrating its values and priorities right out there in front of everybody.
So out of touch.
So corrupted.


Looks like Dinosaur DNC continue to try to prove that they are more Republican than Republicans.

We are guaranteed to hear more substance in 60 seconds from AOC than we hear from DNC Dims and their GOP headliners in 60 minutes.


This is a bigger middle finger to AOC and all progressives than if they had not asked her to speak at all.


I’m truly curious to see how much outright abuse, and at this point self-flagellation, the progressives will accept and administer.

The only “good use” of that tik-tok minute would be to declare the creation of a true 3rd party, bullet-points of the platform, and the web url. Period.

… anything less is an admission that you’ve surrendered and that you accept your demoted role and the continued abuse.


We are a people without a party.


Oh, my! Isn’t that just precious? AOC is shown how little she’s valued by the DNC, allowed a humiliating 60 seconds of speaking time at the big show. Instead of telling the Party bigs to shove it, she shows such team spirit and devotion to Party as to write a lovely poem. “Only a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.” Again I say, it’s just precious; indeed, she’s precious.

What a wonderful team player that you’re turning out to be, AOC. Keep your head down and your nose brown and ol’ Nan will be smiling on you favorably in no time. Tow the Party line and committee appointments and all the privileges of being on the team will soon be coming your way. You go, girl!


How long does it take to say “this Party is completely corrupt and will hurt Americans and all life on Earth and that’s why I am leaving now to join the Greens and I hope everyone comes with me”
or something like that


Yep. The DNC’s subliminal message here? Progressive Democrats need to STFU.


Soooo damn true! And nothing will ever change until Progressives like Bernie and AOC realize they are also people without a party and are only tolerated as long as they can be used by the corrupt Democratic Party for their nefarious agenda.


Having observed the propensity for so called progressives to line up, time and time again just to be abused by the Dems, it appears that there’s no end to their appetite for it. It’s kind of like the American political version of what’s know as the Stockholm syndrome, identifying with and emotionally aligning with your captors and abusers.

Then there’s the classic movie version of this bizarre willingness to line up for repeated abuse, perfectly illustrated by actor Kevin Bacon in the film Animal House wherein he’s having the crap beat out of him as part of a sadistic fraternity ritual and, as he’s repeatedly whacked on the butt with the fraternity paddle, he each time says “Thank you, sir. May I have another?” Once again, so called progressives line up to the command “Assume the position.” and say their unique version of “Thank you, sir. May I have another?”


Watching Cornell West yesterday. He blasted the republican con game, but then lit into the faults of the democratic party operations and it wasn’t pretty. Great, actually refreshing to see someone tell the WHOLE story of where the parties have been and are going.


AOC = minimum effort for maximum return. Plus she scares the hell out of the establishment because she represents and exposes everything they’re not.


True. Oh boy, would THAT be a speech for the ages! AOC has the guts (or at least had)

One minute is all I need to criticize, condemn, rebuke, rehash, and tell the truth of our countries deficiencies. One whole minute to make a mark on this CONvention. This one minute is one giant step forward while also mentally two steps backwards. People are suffering all over the world and we will only get one minute from the smartest and finest elected official we have in this country.


I will have to look ,but is there a way that others scheduled to speak can yield their time to aoc?. Like at during hearings…?


The beauty is their decision reflects the power of her and her message. They should be afraid because they did get away with their well-coordinated theft this time, but we see what they did and our brains are quite capable of holding facts longer than this news or election cycle.

Good things are happening all around and I am honored to be a small part of her team, “the growing squad” and every group fighting for the rest of us folk and the planet. Power is changing to our side, and no, it won’t be pretty and we can’t expect them to go away quietly. The AOC diss means, “They hear us knocking.” I think it is wonderful. :wink:


They bought the ability to say “AOC is on the Speakers List - see we lub’s ya” for 60 seconds. They lied to Progressives - again.
Hey, the propaganda is cheap at twice the price!

I suppose, depending on what she says in those seconds, she might do something significant. Maybe something like “I am now #DemExit and starting a 3rd Party on the Left - join me” and then she walks out. No, not gonna happen. But, she might make a larger ‘statement’ by refusing the 60 seconds and making a huge stink out of THAT.


My first question if I were aoc is whether her 60 second speech will be pre-screened and censured.
Regardless, I would give a very general statement and then refer viewers to her twitter and tweet that she will run on the democratic ticket but withdraw her support for Biden Harris until they “earn” her vote, meaning medicare for all, no more foreign wars/interventions, end all sanctions, etc.


60 seconds. That’s plenty. I could tell the DNC to eff off about 10 times in that window.
And that’s saying it slowly and enunciating every word.