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'Only Hours Left' to Stop Senate From Giving Trump Expanded Warrantless Spying Power

'Only Hours Left' to Stop Senate From Giving Trump Expanded Warrantless Spying Power

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Every member of Congress is going to have to decide whether to protect Americans' privacy, and shield vulnerable communities from unconstitutional targeting, or to leave unconstitutional spying authority in Trump's—and Jeff Sessions'—hands."

If I were a senator, I’d only vote for this if I knew for sure that I had a personal exemption.

Let the NSA and the FBI spy on the net without a warrant?

Many people criticized me for calling Trump a nascent Amerikan, Hitler when he was elected POTUS a year ago. One has to wonder how bad it will have to get before that realization sets in!


But whatever you do, don’t ever question…oh, never mind.


I’ve learned to be cryptic around these parts, or any parts, or else.

Sen. Wyden is leading the fight against this. I can’t imagine Sen. Merkley will vote for final passage of this abomination, as currently written.

The powers in charge will never give up what they have without blood, spying on citizens was one of Bush II’s gifts that keep the blood flowing out of honest citizens. They will continue this honored tradition indefinitely for sure. And when there needs for citizens to be rounded up and…well, the unspeakable, the tools will already be in place to expedite the process. All they’ll need to do is fix the trains and convert the coal fired plants to…

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I would like to see a list of those that vote against this travesty of a re-authorization. Short I’m sure.

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Good oblique comment on their hubris.

Ay, Shanti…and when it does sink in, then what? Well, the good news is that those of us who called it early on and people rolled their eyes at us are now seeing the word “fascism” in a lot more places.

If one can say anything good about Trump, it is that he is becoming more and more transparent as a fascist and racist. But of course his base still love him!

It doesn’t matter anymore if his base loves him or not.

1–I’ve been warning people out loud about fascism here since the day the PATRIOT Act was passed. I’ve no love lost for Obomber, but you have to admit that compared to Dump and the Cabal Cabinet, he looks pretty good. At least he’s got a measurable IQ and can speak presidentially, lies, but presidential sounding.

2–please google ‘The 14 Characteristics of Fascism.’ We are IN it whether you want to admit it or not.

Why not?

I don’t see that it matters. I certainly don’t see that he cares.

The sooner he unravels in a press conference or a public appearance, the better. And it’s a’comin’.

Lets hope you are correct!

Yeah, it seems it is just a matter of time before Trump goes ballistic in public with pejorative, expletives!

Shanti, I’m talking about real decompensation, perhaps what most people would call a nervous breakdown. Expletives and pejorative speech would be just one component. It means really unraveling, ranting, no logic at all (not even his own), indecision on the moment, perhaps a true psychotic break with reality, begging his daddy to love/forgive him, etc. But then if he and his were wily enough to practice the answers to his cognitive status test beforehand, he’s wily enough to fake anything else.

Yeah, the only way Trump could have passed the doctors mental test is if the doctor got paid off!