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Only Mass Mobilization Can Save the EPA


Only Mass Mobilization Can Save the EPA

Jamie Henn

It’s not yet halfway through Trump’s first 100 days in office and his administration has already shown they’ll go to any length to dismantle the laws and regulations that protect our air, water and climate.

Trump’s team has already started to dismantle some of the nation’s most important environmental laws, from the 'Waters of the United States' rule that keeps our rivers and streams free from pollutants, to regulations intended to prevent dangerous methane emissions from fracking, an already dangerous and controversial practice.


"...Public opinion is on our side, but the politics are steeply against us..."
The public that votes for politicians. If the disconnect means that politicians must require huge sums of money to run (and get re-elected), the answer is simple. We could do away with that requirement entirely; we are not helpless before it.


Marching is needed but also law suits. Not all of this can be stopped in the courts but citizens cans sue to enforce environmental laws that are in the books and likely to stay there. Donating to organizations like the Sierra Club and Earthjustice is something that citizens can do that will support efforts in court. Also joining the Invisible groups and going to town halls meetings to make sure members of Congress get the message first hand. And work at the state and local level. The states can substitute for the EPA for many things if new state laws are passed and local communities need to continue efforts to fight climate change.


Don't disagree, but there may not be time.
It is not impossible to have public (or heaven forfend, even personal) financing of campaigns.
The networks and newspapers rely on advertising revenue. In my view, their corporate charters should be amended to REQUIRE that they donate a to-be-determined percentage of their air and print space to ALL candidates.
Anything less than this will keep us helpless.


Fantastic idea, chapdrum.


Trump and Pruitt want to gut the environmental health safety net, so yes save the EPA. But that is a battle in the larger war. The EPA has been significantly weakened since the 1970s; since then the environment has been drastically deteriorating while the FF corporations run rampant. Saving the EPA does not even return us to the status quo..


Thank you, PonyBoy. Please spread the idea if so inclined.


Along the way lets drag in the USDA - Organic Consumers has petition and comments up to USDA until March 9

"When we heard that the USDA was going to hold a “listening session” on the Visioning of U.S. Agriculture Systems for Sustainable Production, we saw a great opportunity to address the three interrelated challenges facing agriculture over the next 50 years—soil loss, diet-related disease and climate change. Each of these problems has a common solution: healthy soil.
(...) Now, it’s your turn—the USDA wants to know what your vision is for the U.S. food and farming system over the next 50 years."


I don;t seem time is an issue except when it comes to climate change. Rather than going in reverse we need to immediately accelerate our efforts. It is really a race against time and with Trump's insane policies on climate and energy he does cause a serious problem.


2 things:

  1. We need to get Trump and the Republicans out right away; and
  2. We need to lay a human siege upon Congress, continuously, until they bend to the people's will.


I signed it and I hope many others will, too. I get their emails, so that I can stay up on legislation and other areas of goings on (FDA, for example). It does help. Thanks for putting this up for all to see.


I just can't understand why we can't have a vibrant economy without poisoning our living space. If corporate America is so innovative and great why do they need to poison our living space to make a profit?