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Only Massive Voter Turnout Can Protect Our Democracy From Trump Reelection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/29/only-massive-voter-turnout-can-protect-our-democracy-trump-reelection


IMO, a good article on how important our vote truly is, even if it is a LOTE vote. I just wonder what a “transition” of president will be like. It seems that it’s always been done cooperatively, but I’m not certain we can expect that this time around. Could very well be most interesting.


Drew Westin in “The Political Brain” posits that 85 per cent of voters do so for emotional reasons, the basis of which was laid down when they were young people becoming politically aware. That means that we received not only DNA from our parents, but also some political baggage. If a politician’s position on an issue conflicts with the emotions, the emotions win hands down every time. The emotional issues that he identified were abortions, same-sex marriages and hand guns. He missed race—George Herbert Walker Bush’s Willie Horton against Michael Dukakis and Ronald Reagan’s Cadillac welfare queens who drove their Cads to pick up their food stamps. Moreover, he said that conservatives understand that and use it very effectively; progressives don’t get it.

In 2007, our economy went off the rails because G.W. Bush had appointed Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, apostles of bank deregulation to the Treasury Department, and they deregulated the banks to make all of those sub-prime loans, resulting in 7 million foreclosures. Many people who had had comfortable middleclass jobs were now poverty stricken. If their homes had not been foreclosed, they were now underwater, and they were working two and three jobs at entry level wages. The above is why Trump’s “make America great again” resonated and won him the presidency.

Now we are being told that unemployment is down and that the economy is recovering. But wages have stagnated, and the wealth of the upper .001 per cent has soared and will soar even higher with the wonderful tax cuts that Trump and the Republicans delivered.


Get the Youth to the POLLS! They know what to do!

" Donald Trump ensures first presidential debate is national humiliation "
“Analysis: Only one man looked remotely presidential and it was not the incumbent”
Donald Trump ensured Tuesday’s first US presidential debate was the worst in American history"

“If Trump is re-elected, however, this dark, horrifying, unwatchable fever dream will surely be the first line of America’s obituary.”

“Only one man looked remotely presidential, and it was not the incumbent. He interrupted, ranted, raged, spewed lies and interrupted some more. Oh, and he passed on an opportunity to condemn white supremacists, instead telling them to “stand back and stand by””

Anyone still thinking trump is not an existential threat to our Republic and wider world is at this point a “good German” supporting or ignoring the nazi paper-hanger “developer” criminal nutter, his delusional world and supporters!

Anyone not seeing the truth of the corrupt betrayals, failures, and complicity of the entrenched DP/DNC hierarchy is also delusional!

THIS is the best America can do? THIS ifs the best our political parties can do?
The truth is - and should be crystal clear to anyone with eyes - we are witnessing a colossal fraud, corrupt “leadership” that serves wealst and profits above all else; a political atrocity and crime that offers little or nothing of real substance, truth, wisdom, honesty and integrity, or concern for the people and the Common Good!

As pathetic a display of the utter failure of our politics and politicians and public as can be imagined!