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'Only Ray of Hope in This Bleak Setting': As Greek Right Regains Power, Applause as Varoufakis-Led MeRA25 Wins First-Ever Seats in Parliament

Ok, yet more drivel about the EU wherein you’re wrong as always. Firstly, in the sense that, as an EU citizen I have the right to seek free healthcare, free university education, employment, and access welfare benefits in any other EU country I choose to, and in fact my partner chose to study at university in Sweden because the course (in english) was free there rather than in the UK where it wasn’t, quite a wonderful thing don’t you think, and so the situation regarding any of those things in any EU country is open to anyone in any other EU country. Okay? And secondly, because most of them are driven by EU directives, take maternity/paternity leave for example, which specifies a MINIMUM of 18 weeks paid leave for that but with the proviso that each country is encouraged and expected to exceed it and if they fall short of it then they have the EU Commission on their back. As is happening now in relation to some Eastern European countries. England is 39 weeks paid leave (Scotland is more), so exceeds that directive, though 52 weeks is allowed. What does the US have? Moreover, your sudden volte-face statement that such things have nothing to do with the EU and are under the sovereignty of individual nations contradicts your previous stance that what any individual EU country does (IE when it is something bad) is expressive of the EU as a whole, which I had to correct you on repeatedly so there seems to be a lot of confusion in your mind as well as the general ivory tower abstracted absolutism.

Yeh, you’re spot on about the poor conditions in the UK presently, that’s mainly because of 10 years of Tory austerity and their agenda to dismantle the welfare state, but, and this is crucial, the thing that you seem too stupid to see, and I’ve tried to get into your brain before, is that that agenda is a major factor in why the Tory party and neo-liberalists wants brexit, because the EU directives and legislation, regarding environment, employment law, etc, is one of the few, heavily battered sheilds we still have left in defending against this Tory, neo-liberal onslaught, one you want to take away so they can really go to work in bashing our brains in, whilst you sit over in your pontificating ivory tower unaffected by it all.

"If we could just halve the burdens of the EU social and employment legislation we could deliver a £4.3 billion boost to our economy and 60,000 new jobs.” Tory Brexiter Priti Patel

"There is little doubt that it is that extra stuff, the stuff from Brussels, that is helping to fur the arteries to the point of sclerosis. The weight of employment regulation is now back-breaking: the collective redundancies directive, the atypical workers directive, the working time directive and a thousand more.” Tory Brexiter Boris Johnson

"The EU makes it too difficult to hire and fire and too expensive to take on new employees. It is intellectually unsustainable to believe that workplace rights should remain untouchable while output and employment are clearly cyclical.” Tory Brexiter Liam Fox

"scrap the (EU) working time directive, the agency workers’ directive, the pregnant workers’ directive and all the other barriers to actually employing people”. Tory Brexiter Lord Martin Callahan.

Beginning to see the light yet? These are the sort of people you are an anti-EU propogandist for. Perhaps, after all, you’re just a shill posing as a Leftist, unconcerned with the lives you are encouraging to be destroyed. Bascially, as we say over here, a twat.

And why are you such a big fan of the WTO and WTO rules which is what the brexiters want in place of EU trading legislation and its higher standards? Explain that.

And, whilst I’m here, why aren’t you campaigning for Canada to be destroyed and broken up into it’s various provinces, which is what I also think should happen, considering this is your philosophy. You can start with Quebec, of course, but then do the rest too! Maybe have a few wars with each other too, so you can learn what that’s like.

Very good. Whatever it is you’re on about, I’ve no idea myself.

Yet it’s pleasing to confirm for me I guessed right, so thanks for that!