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Only Socialist in US History of 'With Serious Chance of Winning': DSA Endorses Bernie Sanders for 2020

Only Socialist in US History of 'With Serious Chance of Winning': DSA Endorses Bernie Sanders for 2020

Jon Queally, staff writer

The Democratic Socialists of America have officially endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for president saying the self-described socialist running for the Democratic nomination is the best candidate to put forth a "class-struggle agenda" heading into the 2020 elections and the first candidate of his kind in the nation's history with a legitimate chance of winning.

The endorsement came in a vote by the group's National Political Committee on Thursday night after surveys of chapters and members nationwide showed 75 percent approval for the decision.


Next I would like to see the Green Party endorse Sanders. Then encourage all of their candidates to register as Democrats and run in the D primaries, thereby bringing the issues that they believe in to the mainstream. They don’t have to give up anything but their ego. The Justice Democrats elected into Congress more people in one election cycle than the Greens have been able to do in their entire existence.

Or better yet, how about all these Progressive groups start working TOGETHER to find the best progressive candidate to primary corporate D’s and run against R’s in the General.


Why would someone join a group of people they are totally or mostly opposed to?

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Makes sense to me!!

That makes even better sense!!  Focus on the big things we call all agree on — Health Care, Climate Change, Education and Ending Korporate Rule.  WIN for a change, and worry about the details later.

Don’t forget Sanders’ name was recognized by only about four percent of the voters when he began his campaign in 2015, and if the DNC hadn’t done everything possible to hide the debates in 2016 he could have beaten Krooked Hilliary in the Primary and Tweetle-Dumb in the General.  Bernie is at the top of the polls right now, and the korporate-owned DNC and MSM can’t hide him this time around . . .


“Only socialist (presidential candidate) in US history…”

I think a powerful argument could be made that we already had a socialist president or two–if in anything but name. Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal and Johnson and his Great Society come to mind. While by today’s standards their accomplishments might seem trivial, at the time they were passed they were inmense accomplishments and required a lot of effort by the presidents to get past a reluctant Congress. Further proof would be the tax rates on the wealthy during their respective administrations–79-88% for the former and 70% for the latter. If that ain’t socialism, then I don’t know what is.


To change the party from within since it doesn’t work by trying to change it from the outside. Bernie, after all, gave up his independent status and registered as a Democrat to be able to be taken seriously nationally.

Sorry Jon to rain on your parade, but in my view, Bernie has absolutely no chance in 2020 of getting the democratic nomination for POTUS. Too bad because no doubt he would embarrass and bury Trump. Presidents are not elected; they are selected and the super delegates have already selected Biden. There are even reports that Biden is leading Bernie in the ( bogus!) polls. And even saying things like " Biden is the most progressive candidate running".

If DNC steals Bernie’s nomination again the entire left wing of the Democrats should run as Progressive Democrats, independent of the DNC/DCCC. Any pledge to centrists would be nullified by their cheating.


Are you sure? It would seem to be Beto who has been selected. Or is that just the media?

If you could get that many liberals to bail why not meld with the Green Party in some fashion, or start a new Progressive Party. Or a Democratic Socialist Party.

You think putting a few government sponsored band-aids on a failing capitalist system is socialism? Also, socialism does not include military intervention in the affairs of other countries. No politician has ever met a civilian-killing war they couldn’t justify.


Not 100% but we can all be sure of one thing: IT AIN’T GOING TO BE BERNIE!

The Democratic Party is a CAPITALIST party. The inequality, the racism, the support for Big Business, for militarism and war, for imperialism, for ecocide over system change, comes part and parcel out of capitalism. Capitalism and the Democratic Party (and of course the GOP) are inseparable. No genuine progressive (or socialist for that matter) can use an institution for capitalist domination (the Democratic Party) as a vehicle for progressive change. FDR was not a progressive, he prevented the overthrow of US capitalism by making some modest reforms. After US capital was out of danger from real socialists, the US ruling class mounted a witch hunt to purge the labor movement, the left (the main target) of radicals (socialist, communist, anarchist) organizers. We know this today as McCarthyism or more generally as anti-communism. It’s still going on. Since Taft Hartley (under Truman) there has been almost unrelenting attack on the interests of working people. Historically, one of the main roles of the Democratic Party is to divide and confuse the left. They are very good at it. Whatever you think of Sanders, he “sheep dogged” the left into harmless (yes, harmless) electoral politics, which are totally controlled by the duopoly. Look how easy it was for the DNC and HRC to sabotage his campaign. The Democrats are the enemy. Bernie running as a Dem and the DSA supporting him, means the left has been sent to a dead end. It represents a victory for the ruling class, not something to cheer about.


…All the problems…I don’t see any recommendations to what we could logistically pull off to save what freedoms that we still possess and the ones we need to gain back…Fight Capitalism any phkn way you can, since we’ve almost poisoned our planet and us with it…I don’t see a way out…

I agree. As long as fighting capitalism is fighting it, not supporting it. I maintain that you don’t fight capitalism by joining a capitalist party…

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…What to do when the ‘bars’ of Capitalism surround you and the phkn door’s locked. Clues, please…

I hope he makes it - and I am supporting him and voting for him. But I fully expect them to cheat him again - and that I won’t be voting for the candidate selected by the rigged superdelegate system.

Then, after decades of voting in the Democratic Party, I plan to leave them forever. I may not even vote for their so-called progressive Democrats in general elections. It’ll be like, “Wake me when you pass Medicare For All and do a number of other things. Then I’ll consider supporting you again.”

The Democrats are disgusting to me, at this point.

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And we all know how successful he was with that back in 2016…

Supporting the Progressive Democrats wing of the party could be a good strategy lifelong Democrats might be more willing to vote for.

The answer simple: “Don’t mourn, organize”!