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Only Socialist in US History of 'With Serious Chance of Winning': DSA Endorses Bernie Sanders for 2020

…That answer is not simple by any means and most with a brain have been doing that for a long time…

What to do is simple; how to do it is not. What’s been happening for the last 40 years or so is that most of the organizing that has been happening has been the equivalent of joining the police force to oppose the institution of the police. Of course I am talking about the Democratic Party. It is a capitalist institution, it is democratic only for the capitalists. Generation after generation of working class activists have tried to “take over” the party. They have always failed because for regular people the Dems are not democratic. In other words it is a strategy that cannot work. The Occupy movement was crushed by Obama partly because it operated outside of electoral politics - and that’s why it was dangerous to the ruling class.