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'Only the Beginning': Nationwide Campus Walkouts Issue Climate Call to #ResistRejectDenial


'Only the Beginning': Nationwide Campus Walkouts Issue Climate Call to #ResistRejectDenial

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

To show that President Donald Trump's climate denialism does not have their consent, thousands of students at universities and colleges across the U.S. on Monday are expected to walk out of class to urge their campuses to divest their assets from the fossil fuel industry.


Mass Climate March organizing for April 29th - March on Washington for Climate, Jobs and Justice - save the date!

"We need to stand up and take action to protect everything and everyone we love; in the first 100 hours of Trump’s administration, in the first 100 days, and beyond."

"Our fights are tied together, and we will only succeed together."

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This is very good news! Students actively involved in protesting government is an essential piece in the battle to bring sanity back into play in this country. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do in April, and I hope that they will add "No More War" to their agenda. After all, US warmongering is a significant factor in environmental degradation.


Calling on colleges to divest their assets from the fossil fuel industry will... what? As long as the tuition is paid, who cares if you don't attend class? So many people desperately want the chance the get a degree, for a chance at a family-supporting job. Adjustments could be made to scholarships and loans to make it possible for poor/low income people to pursue a degree, so there's no danger of running short of students.

As long as Americans continue to consume so much more fossil fuels than necessary, protests against fossil fuel industries fall rather flat.


I'm curious: What is the new definition of "economic justice," and how does it apply to many of the those can't work (health, etc.) and those for whom no jobs are available?


Great idea! Next step mass quit school!

Seriously Mrs Germanos? How about organizing a political support for a candidate who could have won - Clinton? Oh, sorry you were the one opposing her as too conservative, now you are promoting walkouts as a solution to Trump.


The value of the great twittler is that he has polarised society nicely. Clinton (Mrs) would simply have been more of the SOS, as was Mr no hope and small change Obama, which was not wanted. Hence Donald Twittler. It's very simple, really.


Clinton would have given US (and the world) incremental progress. Small steps which would enrage both far left , they would perceive it as not good enough, and far right who simply want to demolish any liberal agenda.

Simplicity comes from a polarized world starting with Brexit . French are awaiting their Armageddon.


I rather think that Clinton would have given us the the same old stuff with some bombings of hapless people thrown in, as usual, for good measure. As for Herr Twittler, gawd 'elp us. However, if he galvanises the USA to actually do something useful with itself, such as respecting what the USA claims to stand for and which is admirable in many ways, then maybe something good will come out of the whole sorry shambles. But having an impulse-driven Twittler at the controls of nuclear-ready death-star USA just ain't nice.


I can take "the same old stuff" per your definition any time of day , especially compared to Trump change .

I remember about similar talk on galvanizing the base when Bush Jr got elected yet it did not materialize. I doubt it will happen now either