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'Only the Beginning': Oakland Teachers Return to Classroom After Week-Long Strike, But Vow to Build on Victory


'Only the Beginning': Oakland Teachers Return to Classroom After Week-Long Strike, But Vow to Build on Victory

Julia Conley, staff writer

Oakland, California teachers were back in their classrooms Monday following a week-long strike, after ratifying a contract agreement with the city's school district.

The agreement was finalized late Sunday and solidified a number of victories for Oakland's teachers. The educators decided to strike last month due to unlivable wages and Oakland Unified School District's decision to close many public schools in favor of pouring funds into charter schools.



Victory? It’s just a stall tactic for 5 months! They’ll try to close even more schools after the 5 months. The insidious creep of fascism and corporate control has permeated the school systems across our nation. This is not to say that our public schools don’t need help and change–they do; but not this way.

Charter Schools are the corporatization of education. People really “believe” they are getting better education when their child enters a “private” charter school–but they are not! The agenda of these schools is to brainwash and re-train kids to fit in better with the corporate mentality. We need more models like the Montessori method or some type of truly creative process to keep our kids engaged with learning. And all the testing is making our kids anxiety prone.

There is a very nasty band of people with a radicalized, screwy ideology who have gotten into the top rungs of our society and are making life miserable for the majority. Many of these are right-wing billionaires. They are power-hungry and probably believe they are changing the face of the world for the good; but they are not. We can’t touch these people as they are seemingly invulnerable. All we can do is counter-act every single thing they push. They are religious fanatics and like all fanatics they believe they are right. But please remember:

God is within each of us and around us in every atom and particle. Our very souls bring life and reality to all that is. These people are a darkness like a cancer. They don’t believe in diversity. They believe that everything and everyone must be just like them. For those who believe in love, tolerance, kindness, and mercy, hold on to those attributes and use them to bring healing to mankind.

Sound a little “out there” today? Well, believe me: We are in a battle for the very survival of our species on this planet.



And they only believe in making robots- no emotions




A nationwide teacher’s strike, in support of all teachers within the public school system would strike fear in the hearts of those who are intent on destroying what has been successful for our children.

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I believe it has to do with teaching kids to be “logical” over “emotional.” The left brain is the thinking side and the right brain is the creative, emotive side. Corporate mentality doesn’t like the right brained people all that much. That’s why they give those personality tests at many corporate facilities. They keep an eye on those right brain employees so they don’t cause problems. Maybe they won’t hire them in the future? Who knows? We need a balance of the right and left hemispheres of the brain in order to function as whole, healthy human beings.

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Logical is usually better because it is rational/



It’s the corporate types who are illogical and greedy.