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Only Thing Now Certain in Greece: Austerity's Complete and Utter Failure


Only Thing Now Certain in Greece: Austerity's Complete and Utter Failure

Jon Queally, staff writer

Update (8:15 AM EST):


Please stand up to the bullies, Greece! For your own sake, and for the world’s sake. As many are saying, look at Argentina. Look at Iceland. Just Say No. Thank you.

And thanks, Jon, for the article. Would you please also add links to articles referred to? Thank you.


Follow Argentina, default on the debt and leave the Euro. Your people’s economic well being depends on it. The working class has suffered enough. Human lives are more important than profit and interest. Show the world!!!


If Shakespeare wee alive today - the villain in the piece, demanding his pound of flesh, would be named Troika …


Oh yes, everything is the fault of “The West”. Because thinking is hard.

How about overpopulation and climate change? Ring a bell?

According to the usual dogma on here, resources are infinite and it’s just that those bad people in “the West” are greedy. If only they would share, THEN we would be able to breed and shop all we want, no problem.


No it would be named IGNORANCE of OVERPOPULATION.


Oh gawd. Really? Did you think that up all by yourself?

The people’s economics? Seriously? And how does that work?

Who decides who gets what? YOU?

Also the population of the planet increases at three additional people per second and the environment is trashed, in case you don’t read those article.

So exactly, how do you feed 8 billion people AND deal with climate change and resource destruction at the same time?

We eagerly await your answer. Because you know, all the experts from the most prestigious colleges in the world haven’t figured it out, but sounds like you have. So go ahead. Enlighten us.


Ah, so how would YOU deal with overpopulation?


Hellas! Stick to your guns! Don’t let your government be bought off by tricks, smoke and mirrors. That is the way of the banksters. Be one of the nations that won’t buy into it. Many nations have been trashed by these bastards and they think they are invincible.

  • Prove that they are not!
  • Freedom hope and dignity to the people!


An interesting note: referendums now have to meet the West’s approval in order to be considered legitimate. Crimea’s referendum: illegitimate. Greece’s? Illegitimate–because they result in decisions that go against the West’s agenda of total economic domination and political control.


Austerity has been working well for the plutocrats that would like to see a new feudalism of sorts. The plutocrats are not incompetent, they are behaving how elites with sufficient power have always acted.
As the conservative God, Adam Smith pointed out in Wealth of Nations. (in England, then) the principal architects of policy are those who own the country. He continued, they make sure to design policy so that their own interests are most peculiarly attended to. Their interests are served by policy, however grievous the impact on others, including the people of England.


The Greeks and the rest of Europe are conflicted. They overwhelmingly want the euro as their currency and they neither want to pay the price of demanding that their pampered classes of tax dodgers pay their fair share nor are they willing to financially bleed the remainder of their 99% with austerity to meet the terms necessary for the extortionate loan terms of the IMF and ECB to continue. Portugal, Spain, and Italy face similar dilemmas and the the strength of the EU (geographic as well as economic unity) is threatened with the exit of such states.
A disunited and fractiously quarreling Europe, by the way, is what led to two world wars in the previous century. Unless some force stronger than the concentrated wealth of their 1% and the unrealistic demands of their remaining 99% to continue in the lifestyle to which they have grown accustomed can be found it (world war) could happen again.
Just in case you needed something other than ISIS, US-British-Israeli imperialism, and Chinese-Russian expansionism to worry over.


Aren’t there, meaning in Greece, parties from the extreme right who also happen to be fiercely hostile to the troika? If Tsipras capitulates and one of those parties rises to power as a consequence, he will be directly responsible. THAT would be a great shame, I think.


That meme isn’t working Discover. How do you sleep at night? But then again those attacking Greece like fucking hedge fund managers sleep at night.

Sleep together?


He/she is fully awake. Just has a very different set of convictions that have nothing to do with justice, and an equitable society.


I don’t believe it is the case that “the lifestyle to which they (the 99%) have grown accustomed” is beyond the productive capacity of the economy. Excessive inequity can make it appear so.


Hey, it’s clear you’re here to disrupt, distract and hijack. I’m not falling for it.

I’ll just point out the fact that technology has advanced to the point where there’s enough food produced to feed the planet’s entire population a couple of times over. It isn’t done because capitalist commodities are an indivisible unity of use value (useful effect) and exchange value (price). The commodity’s most important aspect for capitalist producers is its exchange value. One of the direct implications of this is that unless you can afford to pay for the commodity, in this case food, you don’t receive it. Thus, the problem your hair is apparently on fire about is due to capitalism’s normal, profitable operation. Thus, people are hungry because of that, there’s no other reason.


The depopulation agenda is one that has been advanced by depots tyrants and murderes for centuries. In the Americas the lands were to be depopulated of the First Nations peoples so as to ensure the resources and land they sat upon became the property of the European invaders. This lead to a genocide of the people.

In Ireland the population of that country was cut by over half after the English invaded in the 1600’s. It went from near 2 million to around 600000 with those in charge musing the Irish were a drunken and quarrelsome race and not fit for the lands they occupied. It was to be depopulated of the irish so as to ensure there more for the Anglo Saxon a process that continued for centuries .

In Mein Kamp one Adolf Hitler spoke of the need for “Lebenstraun” to the East of Germany. For that “lebenstraum” the peoples living there were to be exterminated. A handful would be allowed to survive so as to act as slaves and servants to the “master race”. While at the time there no term “Climate change” there was a struggle for resources

In Rwanda “overpopulation” was used to encourage the extermination of the Tutsi For centuries sons would inherit plots of land from their fathers which led to ever smaller plots of land. In time these parcels of land wer so small that the family could not sustain itself on it. Many thousamds than flocked to the cities looking for jobs not there. This was used by the ruling party to justify genocide the meme being that if the Tutsi exterminated there would be more for the Hutu.

Henry Kissinger and members of the Fascist Bilderberg group have all advocated mass depopulation. This would lead to them having more of the worlds resources rather then sharing it with the masses. Under their vision just enough people would be left alive to service the rulers and keep the machinery running. In order to advance this agenda they were to stoke racism singling out groups for extermination.

It a fact that history has demonstrated that as wealth inequality drops in a country and as people lifted out of poverty, population growth slows and than stops. Those calling for “depopulation” never advovate addressing the issues of poverty and inequality because their own agenda is to preserve their own wealth and status . That he has been here for months consuming those resources he so concerned about and adding to that climate change shows me he wants other people to be doing the dying. I suggest people ignore the troll as he is just one of those.


The people’s economics? Seriously? And how does that work?

Representative government would be a start. Nationalizing the banking industry would likely be a result, but that advent would only succeed establishment of a representative government. Therein lies the rub. Corporate governance is in full throttle here in the US, and the attack of these corporate assholes in the form of “Austerity” being spearheaded on Greece – but soon to be followed by attacks on every other European country – is designed to crush institutions still held in the public trust in those countries e.g., national healthcare systems, worker protections and benefits, et al, and furthermore these people whose side you are on, are set to privatize every other publicly held agency like utilities and the rest.

But that’s your team. These are the people attacking any economic system that would benefit the masses. Those are the people you are here to fight for with your meme designed to obfuscate and to ridicule those that see the injustice at what is being done.


I don’t agree with ignoring such trollery. Such trollery unfortunately can be effective by some degree if it is not challenged and exposed for what it is.