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OOOPS: 'Ballistic Missile Threat Inbound to Hawaii...This is Not a Drill'


OOOPS: 'Ballistic Missile Threat Inbound to Hawaii...This is Not a Drill'

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard tweeted that it was a false alarm.



Possibly the alert was sent by mistake. But i also suspect this kind of terror-seeding is deliberate.


Happy times!


Now we know why Aerica is no longer the home of the brave, scare tactics seem to work .


Talk about a wake-up call! Maybe, just maybe peace is not a bad idea. Real peace!


It has been empirically proven that disseminating fear is one of the biggest weapons the ruling class uses to keep people "in line’…


Very true, and used by the ruling class since ancient times.
" Oderint Dum Mutant". Let them hate provided they fear.

Fear is also one of the best ways to fund and enable the egregious trillion $ war budget. Like I have posted before: if the U.S. armed forces had no enemies to put the fear into it’s people; it would have to invent them and unfortunately, that is exactly what they do!


Trump regards Obama’s birthplace as a foreign country … you know, similar to Puerto Rico, so … Donnie will be fiddling with his golf clubs if and when Honolulu burns.


This is not the first time this has happened in the “nuclear era”. Given that, it is disturbing that there was such a long gap between the initial alert and the “all clear”. This is a reflection of the alert system and those who run it, not any particular administration.


One of the best things we could do as a nation, would be to start cutting our “defense” budget immediately, to the tune of about 25% immediately, followed by 12.5% cuts each year for the next 4 years, leveling out at about a quarter of what it is now. There are a host of other, more important things, that could be funded with some of these savings. Many of these other things would actually be investments that would pay us back manyfold. Things such as everyone having decent health care, affordable housing, expansion of alternative and sustainable production of energy and food, environmental remediation, etc. Military spending is the most wasteful use of resources that there is! Excessive militarism inevitably leads to more war and more waste preparing for war. It is the worst possible use of any nation’s human and material resources.


I agree, but never going to happen! Amerika is now the Fourth Reich, backed by a dictatorship called the military, industrial, corrupt,Congressional, complex.


Personally, in case of a real attack, I’m walking outside to be vaporized immediately, because I don’t want to live through something like that.


Thankfully Trump was golfing or he’d have gleefully lunged for his “nuclear button”.

Headline: “World Annihilation Prevented by Mid-day Tee-time – What About Next Time?”


Ohana; your people rock. IZ Lives.

Proud to be a blubbering idiot for this ear worm.


My gut reaction is what you suspect.

But some have deemed me one of those people.


I suppose if you are to take this on face value. I think it best to put it in context with this Administration, his tweeting nuclear war threats on Twitter…I repeat, Twitter, the upcoming Nuclear Posture Review which will buttress this dickhead Administration’s position to build more “useable” low yield nukes, and the rest.

I smell a rat. (not you, but this “mistake”)

Yeah sure, oooops, wrong button.


Wake up. Tulsi is an enemy of peace with North Korea. Did you read what she was quoted saying in the article?

“Our leaders have failed us. Donald Trump is taking too long. He’s not taking this threat seriously … This is literally life and death that is at stake.

“The people of Hawaii just got a taste of the stark reality of what we face here of a potential nuclear strike on Hawaii. This is a real threat facing Hawaii,"

Okay, what would have been taking the ‘threat’ seriously before it was discovered it was false? Firing missiles at North Korea? Why is everyone freaked out Trump played golf when the alternative is pushing the button? Why is Tulsi upset he didn’t respond? Shouldn’t she be glad?

This is the woman who made a big deal of voting for sanctions of Iran, Russia, and North Korea because she went on and on about Hawaii being threatened by North Korea and we need to punish them with sanctions to force them to not do things like that.

Tulsi is not a hero in this.


President Trump’s response: “Foooorrreee!”


Hours later, the Emergency Response Center sent out an Update:

Regarding our last Emergency Alert:



Nuclear Annihilation and the Wisdom of Mass Salvation

Thank you for that. Another hawk draped in a fluffy pigeon’s boa. Tulsi needs a timeout lasting about a decade.