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Oops, Sorta Sorry About That Vicious, Bullying, Hysterical Meltdown The Other Day But Really It Won't Ever Happen Again So Can I Have A Beer Now?


Oops, Sorta Sorry About That Vicious, Bullying, Hysterical Meltdown The Other Day But Really It Won't Ever Happen Again So Can I Have A Beer Now?

Whoa. Clean Up On Aisle Four: With the Washington Post now joining lawyers, judges and much of the country in urging our next Supreme Court Justice not be a lying, belligerent partisan hack, said hack took to Murdoch's WSJ to write an unprecedented op-ed in favor of himself, conceding he was "very emotional" in his testimony, maybe even a wee bit much, but vowing he's really "an independent, impartial judge," except when mean people attack him.


You nailed it!

A few minutes after baby boy’s tantrum had sunk in on me, I said to myself, “Self, that boy been nippin’ at the bottle afore he come out here to defend his indefensible self.” Too bad we couldn’t have got ahold of Amy in real time to tell her to get him a breathalyzer test quick.


Friday October 5th 2018 and I’ve never been here before. My life has turned into similar phrases. Phrases like…I’ve never experienced a prez like this before, an environment, a Congress, a Supreme Court nominee, just name it and it’s new and bizarre to me on this Friday. I watched someone come unhinged before Congress and the country and he is still going to be voted on and most likely sworn in to the Supreme Court that very day. Trumpisms has turned our country upside down and inside out. Morals, ethics, common decency have evaporated into me me me me-isms. I hear a warning alarm going off in my head ding ding ding, Barfing Brett will be installed, protests will breakout, everyone’s cell will ring with the prez saying Martial Law is Now and the elections suspended until further notice. The conversion complete. Bye Bye Miss American Pie, let them eat cake.


You pessimist you ;). Tut tut.
Martial law won’t happen until he wins in 2020. You know, the last U S election that will ever happen…


It’s all a hallucination. I drink beer, I like beer, I like beer a lot, I drink a lot of beer and sometimes I drink too many beers :-)))


Brett, did you say" You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything"? Oh! Sorry… that must have been a different sleezeball…


Unless he loses, then it could happen sometime before January!


Since the MAGA marks only make up a small minority of the population I’d love to see it. I’m pretty sure it won’t be anything close to a whirlwind. More like a monster fart from a loser who ate himself sick at the endless buffet.


Uncalled for insult for no reason. Check yourself.


I realistically doubt he could get anyone in the government including the military leadership to go along though I could see him trying…


I get it! I’m going for a long walk myself shortly.


I was raised in Phoenix. I have risen from the ashes. The birth of Freedom Flight can be painfully glorious, we all have wings just as the Eagle that saved Gandalf.

Shuggie Otis…Freedom Flight


I have talked to many of Trump’s supporters…and I have seen!


Doesn’t Kavanaugh sound like comedian Ray Romano of ‘Everyone loves Raymond’? Fingers crossed we are all being pranked.
no offense to Ray Romano unless he supports him that is.


I upvoted you, but you could have left out the insult.


Go hide under the couch you hysterical fucking meat puppet