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Op-Ed on Venezuela Slips Past NYT Factcheckers


Op-Ed on Venezuela Slips Past NYT Factcheckers

Steve Ellner

A February 15, 2015, op-ed on Venezuela by Enrique Krauze seems to have slipped by the New York Times' factcheckers.


Can anyone be surprised?
Venezuela still has oil and this nation will eventually take it from them.

It is the only consistent element in our foreign policy.


Even if they didn’t have oil of natural resource, the US would still be a war with them. The US has always been terrified of any experiment of alternate economic and human development anywhere in the world.


Jerry get yer head out yer butt. Marion Berry, mayor of Washingtonj D.C. (a capitol city last I heard) was arrested on drug charges in 1990 while in office. And in case you hadn’t noticed it (or it wasn’t covered on Fox news) Bob McDonnell former governor of Virginia and his wife were indicted, convicted and just yesteday sentenced for corruption. The investigation started while he was still in office.

And then there’s Bovernor Rod Blagojevich…

BTW, were you implying that the US is a democracy? If so, perhaps you can explain how it is that 15 states with a totoal population of 22 million, get 30 senators in congress, while California which alone has 38 million people gets…wait for it…TWO!!
Do you get that? 22 million folks get 30 Senators, 38 million get 2. Let’s hear it for democracy.


Sorry, that’s Washington without a “j” and Governor not Bovernor. Damn typos.