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OPEC Warns Climate Campaigners Are "Greatest Threat to Our Industry Going Forward."

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/08/opec-warns-climate-campaigners-are-greatest-threat-our-industry-going-forward

As long as the powers that be can keep humanity tethered via pipelines and power lines they will, for those are extremely effective mechanisms of control. Price points and supply surpluses and shortages can be exploited to drive (pun intended) behaviors beneficial to TPTB. Decentralized power systems empower the People to be able to more do their own things, which scares the hell out of TPTB, who desire nothing more than to keep skimming the fruits of labor from the masses. It’s an old story that has outlasted dramatic changes in technology. As Lord Acton stated, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”



“All human history is one long story to this effect: men have struggled to win the joys of Earth at the expense of others, and to shift the burdens of living onto the shoulders of others.”
—William Graham Sumner


Canada has its own version of the CIA and it called CSIS.

It is alleged that CSIS worked in conjunction with Oil and pipeline Companies to gather information on pipeline protestors. Apparently if you protest a pipeline you are seen as a threat to National Security.


“Apparently if you protest a pipeline you are seen as a threat to National Security.”
Yes, this was also one of the talking points to convince LA. state legislators to vote for making protesting energy infrastructure sites a felony. Of course it passed.


OPEC is of course wrong about Climate campaigners being the greatest threat to their industry. The truth is that the reality of physics and chemistry is the greatest threat to their industry. Climate campaigners are merely honest and brave enough to admit to the reality and request that humanity change direction. Its like saying pulmonologists and people with lung cancer are the greatest threat to the tobacco industry.


Oh, I absolutely swooon when oil brokers get their knickers in a twist. I shelved my auto keys 15 years ago and never looked back. Our small town sidewalks should look like those of NYC rather than it being our roadways. Exercise those those muscles of will and creativity not to mention those legs.

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FTW, homie.