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Open Letter by Over 70 Scholars and Experts Condemns US-Backed Coup Attempt in Venezuela


Open Letter by Over 70 Scholars and Experts Condemns US-Backed Coup Attempt in Venezuela

Common Dreams staff

As many American lawmakers, pundits, and advocacy groups remain conspicuously silent in response to U.S.


Here we go again . . .


So what happens when a rogue government (The U. S.) gets out of hand and works against the will of the people. Well if you look at other countries it appears that when that is the case, munitions of some sort begin to get lobed at official buildings. And if the condition becomes a lost cause things get lobed at officials as well. Are WE going that route? Slipping into third world status? Or are we a bunch of cowardly frogs, willing to do the slow cooking, and therefore surrender to tyranny without a whimper?
Beware the possibility of upcoming marshal law. And don’t think Trump isn’t considering it.


seems to me I am being censored. I will remember this the next time you ask me for money. The answer will be no.


Does anyone know how to have other names added to this letter? If so, please post.


IN a surprise move, the WOKE members of Congress decided to trade Trump for Maduro as they figured he would at least reopen the government and not build a wall.
JUST KIDDING , but a better life we’d see for those 800,000 government workers.

In REAL NEWS, I just read that airline workers are really saying: “NOT SAFE TO FLY.” Are Pompeo, Trump, or Bolton flying anywhere soon?


Prince Justin de Trudeau is disgracing Canada by playing Tony Blair to Trump’s Bush during this imperialist adventure.


Look. i get the cynicism but this letter appears in a context in which there is almost NO opposition - only bipartisan support for regime change. Even the self-labeled “Resistance” ™ can’t be bothered to resist anything more than Trump personally or his partisans, apparently interested in no more than changing the color of the banner over the White House and perhaps making Schumer the Senate President.

All change happens in movements. It’s like a bell curve; and it starts with a few perceptive thinkers who plant the seeds, expands to include other opinion leaders, then to a sizeable enough part of the populace…before a critical mass is reached.

So someone has to plant those seeds. Our cynicism does nothing to nurture or help spread them.


Yes, I suppose many of the more aware Canadians expected no better from him, but it’s my guess that just as Obama’s polish charmed and misled so many Americans, so was the case w/ Trudeau. On issue after issue he is proving himself to be a man of the corporations - a wannabe member of the oligarchy.


He was born into the oligarchy; he’s not a wannabe.


Yet another reason to get fascist, deranged, rump off the throne!


Gotta be positive and go forward…Together! We shall overcome!


I am so ashamed that Canada, my country supports this foolish intervention, in yet another Latin nation’s internal affairs. I knew that our foreign minister is totally inexperienced and completely out of her league, in international matters from the sanctioning of Russia, through the incompetence with Beijing and now this lockstep with a cruel and indifferent empire south of us. If the Canadian government can’t play in the big leagues, then it should be removed and one that can elected.


My sentiments exactly. I’m sending lots of e-mails to our politicians but, unfortunately they don’t read them.


The point I was trying to make is that complaining that this is equivalent to “Kumbaya” is wrong…and yes, IMO overly cynical and unfair.

Someone … even this group of mostly academics - must take the lead and point out the problems before enough others even bother to pay attention, much less take the needed actions. It’s a process. Having them strike against their institutions would be brave but probably do nothing. Now if their letter inspires some bigger groups to do it, that would be another. Kent St & SF St. are in fact good examples … the numbers of students who took part were inspired …by thinkers & advocates such as these letter-writers. It’s up to you and I and every other person w/ a conscience and a legitimate cause, to take action, and not to wait for people like Chomsky et al to set themselves aflame before we do.


Mexico has got the right idea when it comes to Venezuela.


Economic elite, to be sure… but generally the oligarchy prefer to be / remain behind the screen, pulling the strings . Those whose strings are pulled typically go along in expectation of more power & wealth. Hence, wannabe.


Why didn’t I think of that first! It is perfect.


We can debate the abomination called Trump until the cows come home as the world’s economic and planet conditions worsen. Our country has been hijackef by Hitler 2.0, threatening our Extinction one way or another. His violent nature is never met with the same counter force, so naturally we get pushed back and lose on everything he and his masters dredge up. Over the last 2 years we have had no peace. Scandal after scandal, he’s always front page news. How can we as a Nation continue to live like this when every day is more Bad? I have said we have the fight of our lives at hand yet people don’t want to get involved. Revolution is too violent, so peaceful protesting is the people’s choice. How’s that been working so far? Every civilization comes to an end. I see ours around the next corner as we continue to do nothing about it.


You think it would have been different with Hillary? You’ve not been observing our Latin American foreign policy over the last century.