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Open Letter: Dump Trump, Then Battle Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/23/open-letter-dump-trump-then-battle-biden


Exactly, first things first, never stop afterwards… (No waiting on that Hoping and Changing Train–Be The Change!)


One would think Cornell West (and the rest) would have learned his lesson with Obama.



Battle Biden. We start at the roots, replace corporate Democrats by supporting all progressive challengers who would primary them. It will take patience. In the 2029-2020 season, small donors raised more money for Bernie than corporate donors did for ALL neoliberal candidates. That is our collective power.

We need a dedicated web site, smartly designed, and carefully kept from pseudo liberal control. I would use my modest resources to seed such an effort. Write me with your ideas, at shenzhenpin@yahoo.com


Did you read this piece?

Does it sound like these advocates for dumping trump are in any way, shape or form thinking Biden is going to bring “hope and change”?

No, they do not. In essence they are calling Biden’s policies “evil” that need to be fought after trump is removed. If trump can be removed.

Is trump a role model for you? You used the word “sad” in a way that trump does on a daily basis. As if the u.s. embracing fascism, death, brutality, lies, death of all life on the planet is simply . . . “sad”.

Your statement about Cornel West (and others) “learning their lesson with Obama” is over the top misleading.

Cornel West: “Our hope and change candidate fell short time and time again. Obama cheerleaders who refused to make him accountable bear some responsibility


Let me guess . … . . you are white, comfortable, most likely a man under no immediate threat from a fascist government.

What are you doing to help others who are the targets of the direct assault happening right now against women, people of color, poor people, the environment?

This is real, this is now. We will have Nazi Germany on steroids with trump . . . all compounded by environmental collapse.


Warm regards to another nose-holder. I’m holding my nose (and even spelling Biden’s last name correctly) out here in California where our votes don’t count for shite, purely out of solidarity with beleaguered nose-holders from states where it does count. States where they scowl at you for wearing a damn mask, in the name of holy cripes.

These are times which try writers’ souls, in which the wheat gets separated from the chaff, imho, both as regards published commentators, and our friends here in the Commons. It seems to me that many of us, in here, are simply not up to the moral challenge of seeing historical significance in potentially reaffirming indefinite dictatorship.

The benefit of the doubt I have for oblivious ones going on about “hopey-changey” is they’re too young, haven’t had years to form judgements about how our system works (and how it’s working today, relative to before). Young folks inescapably suffer the same lack of perspective on the climate, as well – they cannot sense as vividly as an older person, from hard experience, how wrong things are now.


Thank God, many dumbed-down people may learn about being undeer EMPIRE from this article by Chomsky et. al. ---- FINALLY!!

Chris (Hedges) [Article in “Popular Resistance”], I keep trying and trying, but unfortunately, most Americans have been deluded, ‘propagandized’, and ‘infantilized’ to the point that they have no idea that they are nothing but a powerless proletariat — fully ignorant of this ‘ruling elite’ Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE — but, HELL, I sure would like to see the progressive media ‘Wake TF’ up and help you and I to educate the propagandized people to their hidden condition of living in an EMPIRE they neither see nor can oppose!

I’ve been addressing what should be slightly better and partially ‘open’ media to jump in and help us:

I just this ‘mourning’ wrote this as a comment to C-Span:

Greta, you were a bit disturbed with the caller ROBERT because he was talking about the overall ‘Strategic’ problem in America, instead of just talking about the topic of today’s show – which is the very narrow and mere ‘tactic’ of how the Democrats should confront, block, or otherwise stop Emperor Trump from AGAIN getting his own violent and destructive “baby’s way” in ruling America.

I have to say that ROBERT was trying to do exactly the correct and effective ‘Strategic’ thing – which is to overcome EMPIRE in America, and which is exactly, and the ‘only’ overall way to educate, enable, and engage ‘we the American people’ in curing this cancerous “disease of Republics”, democratic republics, social democracy, and even democratic socialism – any and all of which Anti-EMPIRE cures would achieve exactly what our founders, framers, and farmers did – after living under the oppressive and tyrannous control of the British EMPIRE.

EMPEROR TRUMP and the lemmings of the Republican Vichy Party have deluded, ‘propagandized’, and ‘infantilized’ the scared and more easily led American people (lumpenproletariat) into following the first EMPEROR to steal the office of President. Although Emperor Trump looks to many people like a ‘leader’ (‘Fuhrer’ in German) he is only a nasty ‘Chucky-doll’ puppet of the real underLYING EMPIRE.

The accurate diagnosis of America’s ‘turn to Empire’ occurred, quite naturally, within the academic community after the fall of the ‘next to the last Empire in the world’ (the Soviet or “Evil Empire”, aren’t they all Ronnie?) and this intellectual ‘Exposure’ that America was on a path to Empire was documented by the 2000 and on, American Empire Project, including Chalmers Johnson, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Andrew Bacevich, et. al.

This well camouflaged Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE has now installed their faux-Emperor Trump with the resulting success of the Empire quickening it’s metastasis.

The only cure is a ‘Strategy’ of overcoming this meta-causal Cancer of the Empire — NOT any ineffective and mere ‘tactical’ efforts of the Democratic Vichy Party (which is also coopted by the Empire). Bernie Sanders would have confronted the Empire – but was torpedoed twice by the DNC, just as FDR’s 1944 VP, the brilliant and socialist, Henry Wallace was torpedoed by the DNC (which existed, as a racist organization even then).

“The bottom line”, to put it in Crony Capitalist Empire language, can only be overcome by a Second American people’s peaceful “Political/economic, social, cultural, racial Revolution Against Empire” by ‘we the people’ firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in the streets’, but totally Non-violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” Strategically against EMPIRE.

“Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” translates politically now in 2020 into
“Can’t see the Empire for the Issues”

A varied popular street chant could be:

“Show me what democracy looks like”
“This ain’t what democracy looks like”
“This is what EMPIRE looks like”

“Our Revolution”


Best to C-Span, Greta, and all,

Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine

What the Hell, folks may start waking up to the cancer of this EMPIRE

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Oh please, get over yourself.

NOTHING will change UNTIL people stand up and reject the two part system in this country. Your are delusional if you think otherwise.

Day one of the Biden Presidency and the Empire will continue to reign hell on all parts of the world; but only with a gentler approach. You okay with voting for slaughter? Well, I’m not!

And you will go back to bed for the next 4-8yrs as you probably did with Obama.


I’m really thankful to Orangeman (actually to his Nazi svengali speechwriter, of course) for boosting Howard Zinn’s booksales, and prompting people to look up the phrase “critical race theory” – If it irritates the tumor, there’s a good chance it’s good for me!


Dear Letterwriters and Seers, I get that you’re using logic & everything to get your point across. ‘S’long as you tend to go back to earlier human achievements to bolster your worldview, what roiled role has logic played, time-to-time? That’s not a rhetorical question.

Speaking of Colossi, all achievement thus far, theoretically + in-reality, can be broken like matchsticks by fingers just like the one Joe Biden points in the photo, n’est pas? Spare us any more political charlatans.

Since that’s not likely to happen anytime soon (barring world-shaking catastrophic event(s)), ‘scuse me while I sully my hands to make my pitiful mark not for him but against the other guy.

So we can’t ever change anything, because first we have to change everything. That makes sense to you?


Listen closely and you can hear speechless angrily stamping his wee feet.

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This article is a refreshing and accurate display of common sense and is good to read. Remember, those who advocate for abstaining from voting are either right wing tools or left wingers, misguided and unaware of how progress is made.

Vote for Biden, oust Trump, see him off to prison, and then knuckle down and work in the best interests of this nation after our governance is free of the fascist aholes Trump has polluted it with, Bye Barr, on to being disbarred, bye Pompeo, bye Stephen Miller, you blatant racist pimple on the ass of America, hopefully off to an institution, bye DeVos and DeJoyless, bye to all who work only for themselves and not for the people.

After fumigating our govt offices and depts we can get down to whichever path we choose or believe more effective; reforming the democratic party or building third party presence in our governance.


Considering the track record of both parties, what other option is there? They’ve morphed in to one Party a long time ago.

How many more years will people just cling on to false hope, err, I mean, lies?

What leverage do people have always acquiescing?


Agree and some of the signatures really illustrate how far gone the country is.

There are some huge issues with Biden that have NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS CORPORATISM.
The man has been lying for literally of decades - to the public, openly. Lying about everything since he
was forced out of his 2nd presidential bid for plaigirism of another’s speech, lying that he had multiple degrees, that he was in the top half of his law school class (close to the bottom), lying about being a recipient of an school honor. He has repeatedly lied by suggesting the now-deceased semi driver who collided with his first wife was drunk, when in fact police found he was not
drunk and that Biden’s wife caused the collision. Repeated family entreaties of the truck drive that
Biden quit destroyed his reputation with a lie were ignored. He has made blatantly racist statements, none more than the ‘racial jungle’ comment - a common phrase bandied about i the South in the busing
years. He let Anita Hill be subjected to humiliation and degraded and forebade those with similar experiences with now “Justice” Thomas to testify, All of which imposed on Americans the worst excuse for a lawyer/judge ever to grace a Supreme Court seat. (Apparently he finally apologized to her earlier
this year, as good centrist that she is, Hill plans to vote for him.) He was the apparently ‘administration photo person’ has been repeatedly photographed groping very young children, as he photographed photo and photo of new federal appointments with their families`. .

The list certainly goes on and on and on, but its topped with his obvious cognitive deterioration. Do we remember the candidate years ago (Eagleton maybe but haven’t thought about it for awhile) -who effectively got written off as a candidate for - gasp! horrors! - the fact that he had had issues with
depression and had - oh my goodness! - undergone treatment for it. And that would never do because
how might that play out in a tense/volatile moment on the job.

Well, hey, how would it go over in a simililarly tense/volatile moment on the job for Biden - maybe he gets
annoyed with his foreign adversary - and instead of deeming his adversary a dogface pony soldier
issues some kind of off the cuff threat about using nuclear weapons - you know, the ‘things’. What do you suppose would be the fallout of that?

CORPORATIONS. And the fact that he is basically working with corporate interests as his ‘day job’
may be the least of his chilling inappropriateness to serve in ANY POSITION IN THE US GOVERNMENT.

There is a time to stand up against the kind of insanity that crushed all of America’s hopes of a better future last April when the DNC ‘installed’ Biden. And as the DNC appeared to have an immutable pattern
of repeating any conduct, however absurd, unless there are ‘dues to pay’ for doing it, no reasonable person who willingly participated in perpetrating that insantiy should know its a guarantee that more of the
same will follow. .


“Do you want solitary confinement or work for ten cents a day on the prison farm?”

Of course I’m going to check the box for the hoeing job.

Thank you Debbie Wasserman Shultz for giving us the orange tower of power.

I’m absolutely sure that she’s going to “fight” Biden. Yea, verily. Why are people still reproducing?


according to this news source ppl aren’t reproducing


Fertility rate: ‘Jaw-dropping’ global crash in children being born


We do not have to wait until after the election to battle Biden.

Whether or not you vote for Biden, you can send a clear message that you are fed up with big money controlling the candidates and are prepared and willing to do something about it.

Even in battleground states for the presidential election around 90% of congressional and senate elections are not competitive, they are already decided.

Just 5-10% of voters that vote for Biden and/or Trump joining with those that will not vote for Biden or Trump could register at the One Demand website that they will only vote for small donor only candidates for Congress and will cast a write in vote if there are no small donor only congressional candidates on their ballot to create and demonstrate demand for small donor only candidates in the 2022 election.

!0% or so of 2020 voters casting a vote in this manner would send a clear message backed up with votes and get more citizens to make this commitment in 2022 which would inspire candidates to run small donor only campaigns to get these votes.

Basic democracy.

Make a demand and enforce that demand with your vote.


Dump Trump– then challenge Biden and neoliberal capitalism. But there is more to it – there is roughly 40% of the population willing to vote for the madness that is Trump, McConnell and the Game Over Party.
They are in thrall to Fox Spews and self-righteous anti-abortionism, conditioned to be suspicious of Science and Truth. Their leader can say Covid “affects virtually nobody” or of global warming “Well, I don’t think science knows actually,” and they still will vote for him.
Arctic temperatures, and the apocalyptic fires and floods on our doorstep are showing us how little time we have left to act – yet we will soon have a Supreme Court that will protect the rights of the fossil fuel industry (who must surely love Fox and the anti-abortionists).
The question is how do we reach, break through the conditioning of, people we all know who have shut out Science, Reason and Truth itself.


I applaud your idea and might be interested. In a sense, my Climate Justice or Bust blog–though new and little read–is ALREADY such a website: ~https://climatejusticeorbust.blog/blog/ But I’d be inclined to contribute to one specifically dedicated to “battle Biden”–after we face the grim, disgusting necessity of electing him.

Generally, I like the open letter, but the slogan “Dump Trump, Then Battle Biden” strikes me as incredibly lame. These are APOCALYPTIC times, and a slogan that reflects that would treat this as a “shithole election” where the true choices are between fascism and hypocrisy. I say all of that and more in my most recent article, where I sketch the movement REALLY needed to take on our whole disgusting system under Biden: ~https://readersupportednews.org/pm-section/78-78/65285-announcing-bidens-worst-nightmare-the-justified-outrage-movement

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