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Open Letter From Moral Activists To Senator Mitch McConnell In Regards To Tax Reform


Open Letter From Moral Activists To Senator Mitch McConnell In Regards To Tax Reform

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Today, we are serving notice that we will not remain silent while the basic institutions of our democracy are undermined.


It’s official. The USA is now fascist, controlled by huge corporate monopolies by bribed/bought-and-paid-for Congress with blessings of the Supreme Court and executive administration’s approval. Yet this morning on the “Today Show” I didn’t hear a damn thing about the latest tax scam. We did get a news flash on a high school shooting in my state of NM. Taxes and the latest windfall to corporations; nada. Of course NBC is part of the Universal Comcast media empire; after all don’t crap on your employers right? They’re smoking Cuban cigars and eating lobster cooked in Cristal Champagne and we eat frozen dinners and are glad that’s what we get to eat; now anyways. Give it a few years, I can’t wait to see whats coming, I’m sure though it’ll be a doozy.


I really do not want to live to a very old age. Also, many of these “environmentalists” will say things like " I want the animals around for my grandchildren et al. Really??? Just the fact that these people had kids and grand kids is part of the problem- we need population stabilization pronto- so that people are not wiping out other species and competing for scant resources that go to the top. Let’s stop pussy footing around this issue. No, I do not have two legged kids for that reason!


Same here. I also saw that to raise children in an enlightened state in today’s day and age is almost punitive to said children–they would have so few peers with which to commiserate leading to a tremendous sense of alienation, much like many of here on this site feel.


Rarely does a day go by when my wife and I don’t say something along the lines of:

“The smartest thing we ever did was not have kids.”

The gravity and responsibility of existence seems to be lost on a lot of people.


Love your nom de plume.

It’s a shame to not want to bring more life to the game, but the game has been so polluted. Pacha Mama bats next and will hopefully do better than this:


For what it’s worth, the owl is my favorite animal.

I’m present at several brand identity workshops each year, and one exercise the stakeholders participate in is dividing into teams to choose which animal best represents them.

They rarely choose the owl.

And, in terms of bringing new life into the game, I notice that there isn’t a shortage of supply. If anything, we’ve experienced an outbreak of such magnitude, we’ve had to christen our epoch the Anthropecene. Sadly, this era will be marked by mass extinction akin to a meteor strike–it’s already well underway.

A very cool video, thanks for sharing. My wife is a microbiologist, her work with microbes is based entirely on genetics and evolution. Ironically, the drug therapies emanating from her research and that of others save the lives of people who view evolution as a myth. Good times, good times.


Thanks for the good words and thoughts. It is contributors like you that make me realize that the gifts of Voltaire, Twain, etc. still flow through humanity.


Not only is the tax bill immoral and unethical it is also treasonistic…yes, I made a new word…

The rise of Trump shows that “inequality has a real tangible effect on voter behavior, just not necessarily what you’d expect”, says the Stanford historian Walter Scheidel, the author of The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century. Scheidel’s book shows that historically, the only way high inequality has been flattened has been through catastrophe: disease, famine, world war, societal collapse or communist revolution.

I really would like to thank the Guardian for this very important piece. Something like this can only come from the outside.


Do you ever wonder why few people choose the owl?


Thank you Dr. Barber, for your eloquence, passion and commitment to the least among us. Unfortunately, this letter will fall on blind eyes. This is nothing that these soulless eugencists are ashamed of; this is what they believe in. These GOPers are social Darwinists, and though they know that their destruction will result in massive suffering and death, they say amongst themselves: “Do not comprise. Let the chips fall where they may.”

To anyone who has yet to read Nancy MacLean’s “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of The Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America,” it cannot be recommended highly enough. It unlocks the code and traces the roots of the radical libertarianism that we are witnessing, to an economist named James Buchanan, who helped Pinochet rewrite Chile’s Constitution, such that the majority has little ability to effect change, and all the power rests with the plutocracy. This is their inspiration for the USA, and we are perilously close to the Constitutional Convention that’s they plan to convene.

The time is now for us to revolt, or it will be entirely too late. It may already be.


Excellent article. Scarcity is another factor and can be even more violent. I liked the comments too. Thank you.


Hey there Fern…I would put the scarcity under famine/global warming/climate change aggravating the situation. I examine the issue on my site further, I invite you over there and see. :-)…You are welcome :slight_smile:


I don’t have to wonder. Mostly they prefer the golden retriever and tiger.

Ignorance of the traits of owls–quiet, adaptability, keen sensory awareness–and birds in general plays into it, too.

Once in a while, a stakeholder puts forth an argument for choosing the owl. As a facilitator, I can’t participate. The owl’s association with wisdom is countered with the loyalty of the dog and the tiger’s reputation for killing…and the owl is disregarded.

Well, they’re clients, and they can view themselves however they like.


I agree that is a good placement. There are others too. I grew up with stories about the economic depression here in the U.S. My grandparents never threw anything away. It shaped our behavior for a long time. Interesting that we are exactly the opposite now. Thanks for the invite. :slight_smile:


Sure, perception shapes understanding. Owls are a protected species in my state, not all owls but several species. One thing that occurred to me is that probably more people hear owls than see them. Interesting.



Rev. Barber, along with Gina Belafonte, (daughter of Harry Belafonte), and others - have announced December 4, 2017, that “A Poor People’s Campaign - A National Call for Moral Revival”, has begun. A continuation of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy of non-violent resistance to the ruling class of our America. The call went out for thousands to take to their Congressional representatives’ offices and remaining there to be listened or risking arrest if necessary, to protest rampant poverty and greed. The Press Briefing is here:


A kick-off, inaugural event took place that evening at 7:30 pm ET, at Howard Theater, Washington D.C. here:



My calculation is that he corporate banksters, eat only organic, (but ignore whether it has been locally grown!) (The corporation’s closest advisors and confidants, “its” “its” - are given the truth. Yet, I believe, thousands of "its"employees have not been clued-in on the commercial food scam!) We the People get gmo’s laced with tasteless, odorless weed and pest poisons.

If I had one or two Christmas wish(es) come true, it would be that N.I.M.A. (HR 676) would quickly be passed - while simultaneously, a warning would be carefully crafted to we-the-public, about our commercial restaurant and grocery store foods ubiquitously sold every-effin-where! Corporate-farmed and industrial-raise veggies and meats - do not trust!

I EAT ORGANIC Only - on a disability income - $9,000/yr! (First thing when I make it big is to donate to COMMON DREAMS and Reverend Barber’s “Poor people’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival”!) It took me years to get over the self-censorship that caused me to refuse to change my eating habits! lol I began to see a big difference in maintaining weight loss. My energy increased, compared to pre-stroke days. Within only a few weeks to months (or for some who have really effed-up a year or two! lol) I felt as though I might live past 65. I’m now almost 72, in two weeks!


The repub congress is impervious to public opinion. They only listen to their rich benefactors and their crazy ideology.


I want to believe…._