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Open Letter to Donald Trump's Campaign


Open Letter to Donald Trump's Campaign

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Dear Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump,

Your campaign, like the leadership of our Legislature and Governor, does not represent the politics of Lincoln, the call of justice, or the ethics of Biblical evangelicalism. Instead, your campaign presents an extremist philosophy of hate, greed, racism, classism, and xenophobia.


From Jake Johnson's article on CD yesterday:

"The Democratic Party's adoption of identity politics as an agenda entirely separate from issues of class exploitation has only served to obscure this reality, allowing the economic order that produced these trends to persist.

The point, as Walter Benn Michaels has put it, is "not that anti-racism and anti-sexism are not good things." Rather, it is that, as a "substitute" for a broad progressive political project, they fail to address the "increased inequalities of neoliberalism."

Of late, Democrats have gone far beyond failing to address these inequities; they seem bent on perpetuating them.

Unwilling to fight for an ambitious social agenda in the name of "pragmatism" and eagerly receptive to floods of corporate money — these two things are not unrelated — Democrats have lost both the language necessary to fight systemic economic and racial injustices and the platform necessary to resist the class war being waged from above."

Framing arguments of economic inequality in terms of identity politics seems to be counterproductive.


"So far, your candidacy. ...offers an eerie representation of hate, meanness, and xenophobia that has not been so blatantly broadcast on the national landscape since George Wallace’s Presidential campaigns of 1968 and 1972."

That pretty accurately sums it up. No wonder Bernie Sanders says Trump must be stopped.


Lesser evil would have been senator Cruz, Clinton is running from the same party as Sanders.


I am with Sanders who will vote for D.


Dr. Barber's eloquence, knowledge, and wisdom in this letter to and assessment of Trump are absolutely superb! His compassion for all human beings is heartwarming. Rev,. Barber's congregants must look to every Sunday he is in the pulpit as reason for celebration...how blessed they are to have him leading their church. He is decidedly more Christ-like than so many other religious leaders calling themselves Christians while objectifying any number of classes of people (not in a social class sense). BRAVO!


I find it unbelievable that Trump is even taken seriously. It's like living in some parallel dimension. Wtf. That movie idocracy was supposed to be like a few hundred years in the future- not 10!


I suppose it depends on what dimension one lives in. Parallel Utopias are thriving as well. That's why trump is such a surprise to me. I find it strange anyone would take him seriously.


Trump is all Barber says and more. But what is really depressing is that he is the lesser evil when compared to HRC.


This will be the first presidential election since I started voting in the sixties where the GOP candidate is to the left of the Democrat on ANYTHING.


This well-intended article makes several mistakes:

FIRST, TRUMP-THE-FRAUD IS NOT YET THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE, AND MIGHT STILL BE STOPPED VIA SEVERAL STRATEGIES NOW UNDER CONSIDERATION. Therefore, he ought not to be addressed as the Republican nominee when that is not the case, at present.

SECOND, signing off with YOURS IN THE STRUGGLE is most unfortunate, as TRUMP-THE-FRAUD is in no way part of the same struggle for social justice in America as is the article author. Why dignify this arch-enemy of truth, justice, and progressive values in any way?

FINALLY, an Open Letter to TRUMP-THE-FRAUD treats him as a rational person, which is not appropriate to this narcissistic megalomaniac who would be an unmitigated disaster for America and the world,


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


"...where the GOP candidate is to the left of the Democrat on ANYTHING" -- which almost certainly explains why the MSM and elite Republicans are bashing Trump for statements and actions that if made or done by the standard Republican, and particularly by George W. Bush, would have drawn silence, excuses, or even praise.


Except for Brave New World, which seems so tame compared to the way things are working out.


Thank you, Dr. Barber, for resurrecting my respect for the NAACP. As a white southerner of late middle age, I remember segregation's end, and I have always been grateful to the NAACP of the past for raising my quality of life so much every day. I can't imagine not knowing half the kids I went to school with, or never getting to live and work side by side with some of the men and women I admire most, but...
...but I did not believe the NAACP had leaders like you anymore, and I am very glad I was wrong.