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Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from a Young Palestinian Feminist


Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from a Young Palestinian Feminist

Layali Awwad

Dear Secretary Clinton:

As a young Palestinian girl growing up in a patriarchal society, your speeches about women's rights inspired me to imagine a world where gender equality could exist. As first lady, you famously declared, "Women's rights are human rights." That's something I strongly believe, too.


I congratulate you on this clear, powerful letter, Layali Awwad. As I have been recently sharing with my U.S. students from Ibtisam Barakat’s Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood, which you likely know traces the formative experiences of one of your Ramallah homies, one might say, I now can also share with them this open letter of yours. Whether or not Ms. Clinton reads your letter, many U.S people will, and awareness is the beginning of change. I look forward to a day when human rights become human: lacking borders, possessing not strictly pink skin, including the mothers of all humans as much as the fathers–and the sisters and daughters along with the sons and brothers, and also those humans who simply call themselves human. Some day the recent Paris bombings will be understood as no more a violation of human rights than U.S. foreign policy every hour and day at this time, and wisdom and compassion will be cherished as the essence of humanity.


I really tire of these essays that take the form of “open letters” do such “open letters” really get sent to the person they claim to address, or are they only read by those of us in the tiny cloisters of the left blogosphere?


If Killery read her letter, she’d just throw it away. People like her say brown skinned people & Muslims mistreat women but they don’t care about Westerners mistreating them regardless of gender or sexual orientation.


What is worth congratulating with this so called open letter? All it contained is blaming Israel for incidental events and a narrow perspective that does not represent the truth. Hillary Clinton is a strong advocate of human rights throughout her career. To claim that she is overlooking specific events is stupidity. To call her to “do better”. Seriously. That woman has done more for our country than you can imagine. Rather than pointing a finger at Israel for stealing your land or gunning down a woman, take responsibility for the situation you are in. It has been over 60 years since the British left that land with a plan and to date things are the same. Change your way of being, your way of seeing your Jewish neighbors and peace will be made abundantly available. Hilary has never forgotten about you nor she will. If there is anything she would like, just like her husband, is to bring peace to the middle east.


What world are you living in ? The ‘illegal’ settlements continued unabated during the reign of the Clintons. Who do you think funds the Clintons and has made them rich ? Wall st led by Goldman Sachs. Please, how naive or ignorant do you believe us to be. The zionist media NYT, Wash Post will never allow the truth of the genocide of the Palestinians to be told.


Hillary is not a psychopath, just a garden variety sociopath. The difference between them, a forensic psychiatrist once explained to me, is one of commitment to intent. A sociopath would be your spy assassin or your organized crime hit man or your burglar who doesn’t mind killing you to, say, eliminate a witness. A psychopath WANTS to kill you, lives for the thrill and joy of killing you. Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Daumer were psychopaths.

I doubt if Hillary would have the guts to push the button without a coterie of advisors to assure her and provide her with reasons why it, regrettably, has to be done. Sociopaths are often very successful. Their minimalized consciences gives them an advantage in business and financial dealing.


Sorry kid, Clinton’s already been bought and paid for. She barks on command.


So this “open letter” was not actually sent to Hillary? I was not asking a rhetorical question. Are “open letters” to this or that “world leader” actually sent to the leader of not?