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Open Letter to Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders


Open Letter to Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Ralph Nader

Dear Senator Sanders,

You’ve come a long way without my advice, but now that you are running for president, you may be interested in these suggestions:


This is good advice. I think Bernie should schedule a town hall meeting somewhere on the South Side of Chicago. Then he should go to Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, a Mexican-hispanic setting, I believe the response would be so great it could change the campaign, from Bernie gaining, to others trying to catch up. Bread and butter issues sell.


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Ralph makes some good points. One of the things I worry about is Bernie maintaining a high enough energy level. He is a couple years older than me and I can’t even imagine keeping up his pace!


World War 3 would be such a better deal.


You’re the same max who offered this jewel, Warren G. Harding, generally considered the worst of all United States Presidents. The GOP max? He talked to Debs, eh! You’re a first though max, the first to suggest the GOP.

“How about not wasting time on the Democrats who’re going to lose the White House anyway. Concentrate on either the Greens or the GOP. Surely some of them would be as good as we’ve got right now no matter their current rhetoric. Their talk is just that. What did Warren G Harding do in 1921 when he got as a conservative Republican? He got Eugene Debs out from behind bars and into the White House to talk with him. Not a bad bargain”. …maxbeaverbrook,


Nice to see Ralph extending his hand to Bernie. I went to a couple of Ralph’s events in Portland (OR) when he was running and tomorrow I’ll be attending one for Bernie. Bernie is already getting more traction and I hope that continues.



Connect the Black Holocaust to the War on Drugs.

Pick Elizabeth Warren as your running mate.

Reach out to Greens.

Have a website for voting on issues to let the people decide.


By “DPA” do you mean “PDA” (Progressive Democrats of America)?


Which Clown gives US a better deal? I think Bernie is going to beat the Hill and then WE win!


Mr, Nader why take an accomplished and effective lLegislator away from setting the rules by which our country operates and move his aged body into a cockpit of a plane he has never flown before that is flying at the speed of rumor, innuendo, and so forth and so forth and so forth?***

*Our president ADMINISTRATES, the rules Senator Saunders is gifted at creating. Would he be effective at running over 500 government agencies run by employees working under civil service protection through ten cabinet members.???

The administrative process is not a game to put into the hands of an Aging man who may not finish his term or suffer the consequences of senility. Ms. Clinton has the experience through her husbands term and through her experience in Foreign Policy as Secretary of State. There is no person on the planet that has as wide an experience on National Administration. Especially die our country.

You are good at what you do. But you would be ineffective as a Legislator. It is not a simple skill. We need Mr. Saunders in the Senate. That is where change is made. He does more good things there than many will ever do in their lifetimes. Don’t take a super “Round” thing and push it into a small "Square Hole."

Learn something about “GUVMENT” before you try to fix it. It is built on three legs and it doesn’t wobble. Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial. Think about it. None of these legs are simple.


“Being a successful lone ranger worked in Vermont, but campaigning across
50 states – and you must be the only one to go to every state as a
presidential candidate – requires more congeniality and openness to the
problems of many different constituencies.”

Nixon made and kept that pledge in the '60 election and he lost–the electoral college demands a different approach for somebody to actually win the election.


Some nerd brainiac is talking about some mysterious DPA and Ralph Nader is merely off on another ego trip.

“The media coverage of these events will be very helpful during primary season.”

Ralph, who the hell gives a fart what your pea brain concocts as advice?

I am no Bernie fan. He is far too religiously devoted to the F-35 boondoggle for my taste.

But Ralph Nader never misses any opportunity to strut his ego-fallaciousness. That is radically anti-democratic.


The ‘guvment’ you so adore is wobbling all over the planet.

Wake up and smell the “new world order.”

Disorder is normal for such nonsense.


Democratic Party of America


Mahalo for the generosity and wisdom Ralph continues to offer us.
When he visited Hawaii, and endorsed the advent of Hawaii Farmers Union, I had the gift of meeting him and learning from the mana’o he thoughtfully offered. The book he recommended for my work in Community development, “The Small Community” was as inspiring as this necessary list is for candidate Sanders.

While I’m among the thousands of citizens who’ve already been compelled to contribute ‘micro-donations’ to his campaign, I love the idea of time donations which usefully supplants our unsustainable dependency on a limited, capitalist-imperialist view of economics. And even though I’ve donated, he doesn’t yet have my support for 2 main reasons which Nader has addressed: lack of acknowledgement of domestic race/human rights issues and silence on the quintessential issue of our time- Food Sovereignty.

I love what the women Black Lives Matter# activists did last night in Seattle. If Sanders doesn’t soon show even the capacity to respond to those who offer him the opportunity to acknowledge the egregious injustice that is finally in white faces - he doesn’t deserve to waste the energy time (or money!) of those on Planet Earth who know and see and are working for another world that is unstoppable

Imua no ka Aloha Aina!
Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono


For a couple of years prior to Bernie announcing his presidential bid I was regularly receiving BERNIE BUZZ email newsletters. They stopped as soon as Bernie started running for president. What happened to the BERNIE BUZZ ?


Yes, we the people.


Senator Sanders is being marginalized just like Mr. Nader, or any other patriot. There are just two classes now in the US. There are those who make it by robbing from the citizens, say a company that makes a military jet for 25 M and sells it for 100M, or a politician that gets a daily diet of bribery cash. All the corporations that “make it” are successful because of boat loads of cash invested by society. For example, it is true that the BNSF railroad makes money, and is privately owned. However that railroad runs on land that were given away by the government, for the good of all, not just a few. Airlines make money, but they use publicly funded airports and fly with Federal flight controllers. UPS drives on public roads. Easy to make a buck, when the Feds give you ninety nine cents in subsidies. And then there are the rest of us. Those folks that cough up the dough that the one percent harvests. So, we will continue to hear that Hilary has a huge lead, and Senator Sanders is just wasting his time. Indeed, Senator Sanders is the sole candidate that has the courage and wisdom to change things. Can he get elected with volunteer labor? No. But probably with some funding like $ 25 Million he can easily out think and out campaign the cash cows like Bush and Clinton, shills for the big bucks. And that sort of funding seems possible. There are 330 million people in the US. Send him fifty bucks/month. We can do this!


I think Bernie should have a sitdown with Black Lives Matter to come to some kind of understanding, so they don’t keep shutting down his public appearances. I think would be of benefit for both his campaign and BLM.

From Bernie’s standpoint, he and his campaign need to continue to listen more to these and similar folks and integrate and regularly incorporate their message into the campaign. His campaign has obviously learned something since Netroots as evidenced by the information on his website - www.berniesanders.com

From BLM’s standpoint, though their confrontational tactics get their voices heard, there are turning a lot of people off to their message, especially those who are having trouble digging deeper when it comes to examining their own position and privilege in society. I wonder if BLM even realizes that Racial issues are prominently identified on Bernie’s website, including articulation of detailed positions and proposals. The one area I did not see there was advocating for white people, males, straight people, and the economically well-off to carefully examine the advantages they gain in society simply by being a part of one or more of these groups.

BLM is an important movement. But it does not represent the entirety of progressive issues, many of which Bernie has been speaking about. I get that it is important to force Bernie and all progressives to address the BLM issues. Sander’s campaign would be foolish not to if they want to be part of the movement Bernie himself calls for and not just another presidential campaign. Of course, maybe Bernie would like to address these issues and as well as talk about other economic, environmental, and social issues. But he can’t, because BLM won’t let him. So let’s settle the differences, come togother and march the movement forward.