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Open Season On Black Boys


Open Season On Black Boys

Abby Zimet

Amidst ongoing rage and sorrow at the acquital of George Zimmerman, the Justice Department will again look into bringing federal civil rights charges against him. Two petitions demanding just that have already collected a half milion signatures. Meanwhile, thousands turned out nationwide to protest the verdict, that "dull and predictable thing." A furious Charles Pierce has more on what it means - and on what all the George Zimmermans in this country can do now.

"George Zimmerman can load his piece (and) drive around looking for assholes and fucking punks who are walking through neighborhoods where he, George Zimmerman, doesn't think they belong. Hunting licenses are now available and it's open season on assholes, fucking punks, and kids who wear hoodies at night in neighborhoods where they do not belong, according to George Zimmerman, defender of law and order, crimebuster, and protector of the peace, because that is what American society has told George Zimmerman, and all the rest of us."