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Opening Historic 'Possibility of Peace,' World Powers Clinch Iran Deal


Opening Historic 'Possibility of Peace,' World Powers Clinch Iran Deal

Sarah Lazare, staff writer


“However, Tuesday’s announcement does not officially close the deal: it must still be approved by U.S. Congress, where it faces stiff opposition from hawkish lawmakers.”


Will the Prez be able to veto the Senate’s anticipated rejection of the agreement or will AIPAC be able to rally a veto-proof majority?

Find out in IRAN SMACKDOWN 2015!


Buck up, Barack. You can sell this to the American people. They want peace rather than endless warfare. They are sick to death of the wars for money that have been foisted on them in the last decade or so. Make the Congress look like the bought-off minions that they are. You can do it.

Oh, you’re headed for a cushy job with the warmongers (Goldman Sachs, et al) after you are no longer the POTUS… Sorry I bothered.


Can Corker really have said that? That sounds so irrational that I honestly can’t help thinking he’s being misquoted.

“We spent more than 10 years carefully putting the screws to Iran so they’d do what Netanyahu wants. Now that they’ve given in, why shouldn’t we just keep the screws in place and demand that they do still more? Or keep them in place just because we want to?”


Israel and Republicans and DINOS: an existential pain in the ass to the world. Saudi Arabia and the GCC: more existential pains in the ass to the world. The entire field of 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates: an existential pain in the ass to the world. Former Sen. Joe Lieberman: an existential pain in the ass to the world. Sen. John McCain: an existential pain in the ass to the world. AIPAC: an existential pain in the ass to the world. International Arms Dealers: an existential pain in the ass to the world. The Religiously Insane Everywhere: an existential pain in the ass to people who believe in science, peace, diplomacy and true freedom from religion, as well as, of religion.


Not to split hairs, but the Iranian President is not head of State, The Supreme Religious Leader is the head of State.

Anyway, from what the Supreme Leader has said, no inspections will be allowed on “military” instalations, and a 20 something day warning will have to precede any inspections on other sites.

That and the whole government sponsored “Death to America” parades on the same day as the announcements don’t exactly leave me feeling warm and fuzzy about it.


Lets hope that sanity will prevail and not the likes of Netanyahoo and his ilk.


Death to America parades? I see you just suck up every morsel of right wing propaganda.

Quiz time…

Who was Mohammad Mossadegh?


Sanders didn’t attend Bennie the Net’s last bread and circus act for the Republican caucus. I heard Jill Stein’s against it. Didn’t here why, though, could you enlighten me? BTW- Did Jill vote for Nixon or McGovern in 1972? I’d like to know when she had her " awakening ", as would lots of other folks. We know about Hillary and Bernie, how about Jill?


Mohammed Mossadegh translates in American English to “Insane Communist Overlord.”


“This has made price of war higher than price of diplomacy, and that’s the victory we’re seeing today.”

  • Unfortunately, there’s the rub. The 0.001% that controls the USA Fourth Reich is 100% behind the “price of war” because that is where they make their obscene profits. More and bigger wars, more and bigger profits.The price of war has always been higher than diplomacy and that’s the way the Oilagarchy wants it.
  • Can We the People convince our alleged representatives to turn toward peace and diplomacy when it will reduce their profits by doing so? Virtually none of them have done so in this century.
  • “Sir, over a hundred million people have contacted the Senate and Congress demanding an end to our endless war policy!”
  • “Here’s a hundred million dollars for you to see that you don’t,” replies Raytheon, Boeing, et al., “If that’s not enough, just let us know.”
  • And that, children, is how the government works today.
  • Class dismissed.


The U.S.A. has over 7,000 nuclear warheads and the delivery systems to send them anywhere on the planet.

Iran has bupkis.

Where does the U.S.A. or any other nation with nuclear weapons get off telling Iran or any other nation whether they can have nuclear weapons or not?


Get rid of them all — http://nuclearweaponsfree.org/


It is truly pathetic when in this day and age saving the world is up for negotiation.


Except that Putin and other world leaders don’t want to get caught in the crosshairs of this endless war b.s. Yes, the U.S. has tremendous global power but it does not have universal global power. If you what to find out what happens when " push comes to shove " with nuclear capable countries, fine. You, The Lone Ranger and John Wayne will all finally get to meet each other. For the rest of us, we’d like to die in our beds, rather than end up in shreds.


With all the wars waging in every nation on all kinds of issues, and plain and simple… on all humans (see below) the perpetuation of this narrative that “peace” and the “peace movement” (!) are only tied to the prospect of this war, the product of the obsolete Vietnam war, or limited to nations that are, or have been directly involved in “armed conflicts” is the BIGGEST IRRESPONSIBLE NONSENSE, that is preventing activism to be cohesive. I can’t believe authors are still clinging to this obsolete notion of peace vs. war. Maybe the list of titles from current headlines will open your eyes wide shut? If they every quoted JFK, MLK, Jane Addams, MalcomX, they might want to go back and refresh the words of those who gave their lives to expand our inability to have a cohesive global activism.

•‘Business Elites Are Waging a Brutal Class War in America’ (here) [Google titles as such as links are inactive]
• There Is A Real War On Americans (here)
•Noam Chomsky: Austerity Is Just Class War (here)
•‘Report on the War on Dissent.’ (here and here)
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•The new cold war. It is here that Shell plans to drill for oil, pulling the detonator on a carbon bomb which eventually could spray 150bn tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.(here)
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I am a nuclear veteran (Operation Redwing, Marshal Islands, 1956) who nearly died from exposure. Many have died, believe me.

  • I am probably as anti-war, anti-nuclear, and pro-peace as anybody you will ever meet.
  • I have also watched the bought and sold government and its 0.001% puppeteers horn-swoggling not only the subjects of the USA Fourth Reich, but the people of the world and getting away with it.
  • I would like to see this nation turn back into the Constitutional Republic I grew up with in the thirties and forties, but unfortunately, Civics, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights are not even taught in schools anymore. Kids just give you a blank stare if you mention them.
  • They have no idea of what they have lost, and that is tragic, for they are our future!


This is US lead international agreement, why is it that Israel can have the right to make judgement about the agreement?
Israel is becoming a spoiled child and its time to discipline her.


This is a charade. It is “prevention” for a non-existent “disease”. Iran has no desire to build nuclear weapons.

This deal was pursued by the US to avert the insanity of war with Iran, which would not be in its imperial interests. The administration doesn’t give a damn about “peace”, with the immiseration and death produced by sanctions on its hands.

It will work with the Iranian government in the furtherance of those interests, and when circumstances change, it will drop this facade of diplomacy to continue to do so.

Is this deal better than war? Of course, but let’s not delude ourselves that it has anything to do with the prospect of a new era where reason trumps rapacity.


Didn’t Ghaddafi give up aspirations to build a nuclear program? Look where that got him.


“I believe it is peace for our time.”