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Opening the Closed Political Culture


Opening the Closed Political Culture

Robert C. Koehler

The headline, from the Los Angeles Times, hit me like a sucker punch: “Voters’ ‘Bernie or Bust’ efforts persist despite Sanders’ vow not to be another Ralph Nader.”

Actually, it was worse than that. When my brain cleared, I realized I was, once again, caught in a media straitjacket.


"Money and militarism rule . . . " What? No, we are a generous and peace loving people!



I am a patriot, and I love what my country could be. I am no longer a Democrat and sure will never be a Republican. After the chaos clears and the nation accepts it's fate of either of the two evils this time, we as patriotic Americans need to embrace the term and form a new Political Party to serve as a voice for us.
Let's continue to support the "Sanders Revolution" and permanently remove those bastards from power.
No More Bombs as diplomacy, No more to subsidizing Multinational Corporations, No More of Feudalism!
P.S. I have voted Green in the past so please don't send me comments on the Greens. They have the right ideas, but the myth of Nader rings true to too many of the Democrats who would join a progressive party to overcome. New is needed.


From the article:

"Dabashi writes: “At the heart of this imperial republic that effectively rules the world with its military might (not with any moral courage or political legitimacy), we have an electoral process that systematically bars any critical judgment of its own citizens to disrupt its mindless militarism. American citizens are as much trapped inside this corrupt system as people around the globe are at the mercy of its fighter jets and drone attacks.”

The above is EXACTLY how I view things; and it explains why I so vehemently challenge the WE-meme that pretends that the public supports these policies.

It's also a direct indictment of those posters who relentlessly blame voters as if voters have any REAL say in what's propped up as "choice."


"He adds that “Sanders’ fundraising throughout the primary process, completely independent of the two-party fundraising channels, has been nothing short of historic. In effect, the campaign has already created the skeletal fundraising infrastructure that is the backbone of any political party.”

"Gilbert also suggests that the campaign — that this newly emerging political party — “deliberately bypass the corporate mass media as a mechanism for spreading its ideas” and create its own permanent voice via the Internet, e.g., a 24-hour YouTube channel or something equivalent."


I tip my hat to you on this article, Mr. Koehler!


[“Gilbert also suggests that the campaign — that this newly emerging political party — “deliberately bypass the corporate mass media as a mechanism for spreading its ideas” and create its own permanent voice via the Internet, e.g., a 24-hour YouTube channel or something equivalent.”]

That is what's evolving. It doesn't take a ton of insight to see the obvious. The NSA et al can spy like hell all its wants but this fermenting, this metamorphising social/political change due to technological resources, younger unpolluted minds, older unpolluted minds are awakening people to the reality that actual real human beings and not just the usual human impersonators can effect the political system and in turn peoples' lives and well being. And this change is happening with its own inertia. That the MSM can't put a finger on it using the old analytic tools is not surprising. They see only the reality that they believe should be there. But it's a reality that would kill us all.

Impossible to make predictions in these areas. The movement is not a prediction but an observation of what is happening and some clear reasons why. Beyond that who knows. But we can say that the movement might well be our only chance. Climate change and insane behavior with nuclear weapons are only too happy to decide for us. Liberal western democracies by din of their imperial histories of creating and supporting dictatorial rule in other parts of the world make it all the more important that the residents in those liberal western democracies, who still have the freedom to act, do so for the rest of the planet as well as themselves. And the US is at the bulleye. So, thank you Bernie and all the others here and worldwide. Hollywood may even make a movie about it. Someday.


Sanders supporters can continue their efforts to promote the progressive agenda by establishing a #PeoplesPAC. 2


The problem of 'The myth of Nader' you referred to can be solved by implementing Instant Runoff Elections. It would also eliminate the 'electability' question, itself a self-fulfilling prophecy. The chief barrier is having to use the corrupted system that's in place to get progressive people elected in the first place, who in turn can battle for Instant Runoff Elections. The masters never willingly give up any of their control.


This is why we need a new party to take over and hopefully get closer to being a democracy. The Majority of Americans would be voting for Sanders if allowed to, but since it's not allowed by the powers that be, we need that majority of voters to form a new party. Then we can change the system to be more just with things like runoff elections.


Sign me up


So, was Bernie in the primaries, (albeit flawed and at least partially controlled by the Dem bosses) a "choice or not? Did "voters" have a chance to vote (within the system such as it is) for Sanders or Clinton? Does Sanders represent any real change? Does Clinton represent the reprehensible and corruption of big-money, etc? If the answer is yes, the "voters" did indeed contribute to the status quo and bear some responsibility! They contributed to the expected/controlled coronation of the Red Queen. That's all I, and some others, are saying.........I do recognize all the corrupt party politics, media control, talking-head shills and the role of "voters" perpetuating the system.......why can't you say that? Peace


Of course the accusation that bernie may be "another nader" is code talk for if the people have more choices, we're shooting progressives in the foot. i do wonder, though, if the donald as the republican nominee would influence voters right and left to hold our collective nose and vote for (ugh!) hillary?