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'Openly Declaring Their Illegal Whaling Activities,' Japan Abandons Global Effort to Protect Whale Population


'Openly Declaring Their Illegal Whaling Activities,' Japan Abandons Global Effort to Protect Whale Population

Julia Conley, staff writer

After denying for several days reports that they were planning to leave the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Japanese officials said Wednesday that the country would withdraw from the 89-member panel in order to defy its ban on commercial whaling.

The move will eliminate the country's long-held "pretense" of hunting whales only for research purposes, said the conservation group Sea Shepherd, as Japan officially declares itself a "pirate whaling nation."


Japanese are cannibals. BDS Japan.


From the article:

“In fact, demand for whale meat in Japan has plummeted in recent years, with the industry depending on government subsidies to survive.”

So the US isn’t the only government that props up dying industries with its people’s tax money? Who knew?


We keep hearing how we should respect the ‘rule of law.’ Well why should we, when right wing government all over the world openly disregard it. Justice is more important the rule of law, especially when the two do not coincide.


You mean people are gonna eat whale meat from the waters around Fukushima??? Not me!!!


Do you know the meaning of “cannibal”? I lived in Japan for three years and can’t recall ever seeing any human meat for sale or offered at any of the parties I attended. Must be a well-kept secret.


“So the US isn’t the only government that props up dying industries with its people’s tax money? Who knew?”

In actuality, the Japanese government makes US government efforts in such endeavors look like amateur hour.


Japan has been moving hard-right for a while under the thrice-elected Shinzo Abe’s Liberal (in the classical sense) Democratic Party government. No doubt the election of Trump is making a lot of world leaders more comfortable in pursuing nationalistic “screw the world” measures. Japan will probably leave the Paris Accord next.


Looks like Green Peace and others may have to arm their drones to discourage whaling.
We don’t want to have to make yet another “Star Trek” movie about saving the whales.


Killing and eating a being more intelligent than humans is cannibal in my book.

Killing such a being for sport is disgusting and barbaric.

BDS Japan.


"“As a country surrounded by oceans where people’s lives have been heavily reliant on marine resources”

It would be smart not to surround our island with nuclear power plants. Oh well water over the dam.

“it is essential for Japan to work towards healthy oceans.”

To late as you have poisoned the pacific with your Fukushima toxins and we request you not dump stored toxin water into the ocean. Hope your whale meat is filled with radioactivity and you quickly die.


I hard of one Japanese cannibal,


Actually, you bring up an interesting point. Most people in the know hypothesized that humans would go in one of two directions when faced with their pending mortality due to the global climate crisis. Some would choose to change. Dedicate their lives to mitigating the coming climate upheaval by changing their lives. Then there would of course be those who, for one reason or another, have just given up. There’s no saving the earth so we may as well just go down in a blaze of oil fueled, over consuming narcissistic glory.
The Japanese are a bit of a conundrum, as they are clearly the worlds leader in recycling technology and seem to have fully embraced the “green” lifestyle. But then they go and do completely idiotic things like overfishing and whaling (by almost any measure fish stocks are depleated by over 90% now. It is estimated that most fish in the open ocean will be gone by the mid 2030’s)
Modern fishermen are akin to loggers. Most don’t realize that they are literally putting themselves out of business. Most of them tend to fall in to my latter catagory from above, and are just going to keep going until it’s all gone.
It seems that we are all Major Kong at the end of Kubricks masterpiece “Dr Strangelove” (adeptly played by Slim Pickens) Riding the Bomb to ground zero, shouting “Yee Hoo” at the top of our lungs.


I believe Ghandi May have once said that many humans will some day face the realization that they cannot eat money.
We seem to get closer to that point every passing day.


The Japanese are pretty stupid if they’re killing pregnant female minke whales. The various state agencies in America regulating fishing and wildlife don’t allow the shooting of female game birds and/or limit their taking. Endangered whales vs. pheasants, deer and ducks- well, duh!
And, as for declaring themselves pirates, I can think of a few other words that might be more apt, here.


Sea Shepherd’s Statement on Japan’s Decision to Commercially Slaughter Whales (today):

Captain Paul Watson issued a statement saying, “We are delighted to see the end of whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. We are delighted that we will soon have a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary and we look forward to continuing to oppose the three remaining pirate whaling nations of Norway, Japan and Iceland. Whaling as a ‘legal’ industry has ended. All that remains is to mop up the pirates.”


When right-wing 1%ers and their government lackeys disrespect and violate the law – the common people increasingly lose trust and respect for the law, leaders, and government!

My personal experiences and decades of observations and readings have forced me to lose trust and respect for the Supreme Court (and all lower courts), Congress (about 80% disapproval rating among U.S. citizens), the Presidency, the FBI and DOJ, the CIA and NSA, the Defense Department, the State Department, and so on.

When the ruling class alienates and enrages the citizenry – both are endangered!


We need to organize to boycott all products made in Japan until they stop whaling altogether now. I’ll bet if we all do this, including boycotting buying their cars, that we could get them to stop whaling in less than a year. A year without Japanese products is not too much to ask anyone to do. I’m ready. I’ll stop buying anything made in Japan myself until they stop whaling as long as it takes. It works better if more people join me and they know that we are doing this. Please join me and let’s get a website and send them a letter promising to do this. We must act quickly, the lives of precious sentient whales are at stake!


BDS Japan!
BDS Japan!
BDS Japan!
BDS Japan!


Eat the Ruling Class!