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Openly Threatening a War Crime, Trump Says US Prepared to Strike '52 Iranian Sites'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/04/openly-threatening-war-crime-trump-says-us-prepared-strike-52-iranian-sites


Speaking of crimes, the NYTimes offers a pretty interesting op-ed:

I know lots of us don’t trust the NYTimes – but they break down the deal on impeachment pretty well.

As for Pelosi slow walking the process, the House can open more investigations, wait for more incriminating evidence to surface (it will), and make it harder for Murkowski, Collins, and Romney to not vote to call witnesses in the Senate trial. From the op-ed above:

“I would love to have Mike Pompeo. I’d love to have Mick. I’d love to have Rick Perry and many other people testify. But I don’t want them to testify when this is a total fix,” Mr. Trump said last month when asked why so many of his top administration officials — including his secretary of state; his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney; and his former energy secretary — were not testifying in impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives. “I want them to testify in the Senate where they’ll get a fair trial.”


This is a combination of distraction and fulfil his promises to Israel and Saudi Arabia for all the money they gave him.


Who will protect Trump’s properties around the world? The American taxpayer?


And most of them are nothing more then money laundering operations.


As if it couldn’t get any worse, I am reading about people who actually worship trump, like he’s Jesus or Moses or something. Tell me it’s not true.


Clinton bombed Iraq amid his impeachment process. Congress said we can’t let impeachment interfere in a war … The impeachment was suspended until that round of killing stopped. Albright still got her 500,000 dead Iraqi children as a prize.


“Iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain USA assets as revenge,” Trump tweeted. "Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets,
You can redact Americans, the narcissistic, war mongering, coward, who had his daddy get him out of serving in Vietnam on bogus bone spurs could care less about Americans, but we do know for sure he does care about his assets!


Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, says Trump was sent to ‘save’ us. Paula White, TV preacher, adulteress/fornicator and Trump’s personal ‘Pastor’, has been laying hands on Trump or the other way round.


It worth pointing out that there still idiots advancing the notion that Trump works for Putin. Rachel Maddow no doubt will insist Putin behind these attacks on Iran.


Well that is true, if by save us, he means Franklin and his fellow CHRISTIAN FASCISTS!


Hm…speaking before a group of evangelical christians…that’s the tell right there. According to their twisted religion, Iran somehow is referred to as one of the parties to Armageddon. If Mohammed(blessings on him) won’t go to the mountain, the mountain will come to him.
This will be The War that will bring Yeshua’s Second Coming, with lots of blood and guts, enough to turn the hem of His robe blood red. All non-believers will 1. either be destroyed right there and then and a thousand years of good times will roll, or 2. the righteous will be Raptured, leaving the rest of us to clean up the mess for a thousand years.
Will someone with both sense and intelligence rise up enmasse and stop this madness? Otherwise, the 21st Century is on track to outdo the bloodletting of the 20th century by a magnitude of 100.


Trump and our military can not stop simultaneous attacks on US troops in five countries at once.

Iranian paramilitaries are all over the place. They are asymmetric warfare experts. Trump is sounding like Bush on the deck of an aircraft carrier declaring victory. Like Bush, he’s full of shit.


“No working class Iranian ever took food off my child’s plate, or denied me healthcare, or served me an eviction notice. So why in the hell would I support a war that’ll kill hundreds of working class Americans and hundreds of thousands of working class Iranians?”

Statement from the Iranian Anarchists


In all of this the US needs to be reminded of the countless thousands- hundreds of thousands in fact- that have died in US instigated wars in the Middle East. All in pursuit of an opportunistic foreign policy that protected oil over human life. Yemen is a case in point. The unnecessary Iraq War II. And even Iraq I- while ostensibly started over an invasion of Kuwait- clearly had other agendas and interests in the forefront. Further our blind support for Israel- has encouraged Palestinian suffering. Out blanket support of the Saudis- made blatant under Trump- has earned the US justified hatred in the region. And the destabilization and deaths in Syria- encouraged by US wars- makes the case even more clearly. Perhaps we should do what the Iranians want and get out of the Middle East- entirely.

There were signs throughout this Administration that war with Iran was their objective- not dissimilar to George W Bush’s aim of going to war with Iraq- completing his father’s “job.” Fools and pundits thought that Trump- while authoritarian and stupid- wanted to avoid international conflict- even as he and his Administration laid the groundwork for such conflict from the earliest days of the Administration. The “Rally to the Flag,” and Reichstag Fire concerns over Trump were always well grounded- but I believe they weave into a wider conspiracy.

A hint of this is when Mad Dog “Mattis” defended the Iran deal while Defense Secretary and urged diplomacy- but finally felt compelled to leave when we abandoned our Kurdish allies. Trump never had the intention of listening to him. And while his ego wouldn’t suffer Bolton- it is people of Bolton’s ilk that laid the groundwork for war.


Hi Shantiananda:

Hmmm YOU say Son of Billy Graham says trump was sent to ,“save, us.”

I think Mr Graham is hoping that Trump is meant to SLAVE us all, as mere creatures without godliness are unimportant to so many of the people like the son of Graham. That would be all of us who are horrified at how Freedom of Religion or choosing no religion seems to be in erasure mode. sigh—creating a religion of hating other nations and their religions does seem to be a “thing” for many of those with their retentions in godliness. of self. : (
I am also wondering if Modi, in India , is using Trumpist tactics


Were I an Iranian strategist, first of all I’d have to be lots smarter, because we’re talking about the people who more or less invented chess:

The earliest evidence of chess is found in the nearby Sasanian Persia around 600, where the game came to be known by the name chatrang . Chatrang was taken up by the Muslim world after the Islamic conquest of Persia (633–44), where it was then named shatranj , with the pieces largely retaining their Persian names. In Spanish “shatranj” was rendered as ajedrez (“al-shatranj”), in Portuguese as xadrez , and in Greek as ζατρίκιον (zatrikion, which comes directly from the Persian chatrang), but in the rest of Europe it was replaced by versions of the Persian shāh (“king”), which was familiar as an exclamation and became the English words “check” and “chess”.

Where was I? Obviously not focused enough to be an Iranian strategist, but if I were, I’d have an ambiguous feeling about the costly paranoia USA has imposed on itself, for the foreseeable. All the manic security precautions are up the quite pricey wazoo, all over the place. One way to strike back would be to do nothing, at least for awhile, and let USAmerica just stew in its own paranoid juices.


In a speech Friday following Soleimani’s assassination, Trump proclaimed that the U.S. is “a peace-loving nation” and said his “administration remains firmly committed to establishing peace and harmony among the nations in the world.”

Oh my GAWD!!! INSANITY PURE AND SIMPLE! White is black; up is down; left is right!
“We the People” are going to be collateral damage from the MURDEROUS government that is going out of its way to be the most hated country on Earth!!! Where is John Wilkes Booth???!!!


What do we expect from this orange narcissist? Not only did he not withdraw troops from the Middle East but now he is sending more troops there. Of course he was lying about withdrawing troops. Everything is always about him. He couldn’t care less how many people get killed. All he wants is to distract from the impeachment. He knows that his cult will enjoy his behavior, and his disgusting tweets. We must get him out of office. Bernie Sanders 2020.


I kinda hear the words “war crime” every time I hear about a drone strike… is it just me?