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Operation Diligent Valor: Teargassing Nurses, Shooting Medics, Attacking Veterans Who've Seen Their Own Atrocities, Thanks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/24/operation-diligent-valor-teargassing-nurses-shooting-medics-attacking-veterans


OMG! Where do these pretend soldiers get the nerve to attack people who are IegaIIy protesting? Who are these thugs and how much are the tax Payers paying to have these thugs to beat peopIe up with tear gas and cIubs?
And again, they are supposedIy to be there protecting Federal buildings —not having a free for aII for torturing people!
And the second and ridiculous thing is the stupid name : Operation DiIIigent VaIor!!!
Operation HOME GROWN TERRORIST should be their rea! name!Where did America grow so many inhumane and disgusting peopIe in America? Some might say they were brought up with wolves—but wolves have a very weII ordered society-------Trump does however, seem to have an affinity for Iess_ than human BuIIies! They are so much Iike himself.


We may soon be looking back at Portland as the place that the American people took a stand against fascism rising in this country and said NO, we will not allow this seed to take root. Let’s be very clear, these are brave people going into the streets knowing what’s coming from drumpf’s thugs, bullies and goons.


I always feared it would come to this: our government attacking its own citizens. And what is it about that building? which they are “defending”. At the same time, I don’t understand why the protestors are attacking the building which just feeds the seige mentality of the occupants. Like a feedback loop, this is frightening in so many ways.


Operation Diligent Valor my ass! I am sick to death of these lily-livered, privileged boys playing soldier against the citizens for whom they are sworn to protect and care.

Donald Trump’s grandfather left Germany to avoid military service in his home country. When the smoke cleared and he tried to return to the homeland with his family, he was expelled for evading his military service obligation. Father Fred was eligible for the draft in WWII but was never called, nor volunteered.

When these two turned 18,they (Trump and Barr) would have been required to register for the draft at a time this country was drafting about 300,000 a year. We all know about President Bonespurs “deferments”. Don’t forget Donny Boy’s high school graduation in 1964 was from New York Military Academy. This would have given him special consideration for military service like specialty and officer training. He declined. Then there’s Billy Barr.

“I have not served in the U.S. Military. I was born in 1950 and was not required to register for selective service,” he initially wrote on a questionnaire released by the Senate Judiciary Committee during the confirmation process. When one of the Senators did the math and realized that wasn’t possible, he changed his story.

“I registered for the selective service at 18, as required, and was subject to the draft,” Barr wrote in a letter to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, the new chairman of the committee, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat. Initially he told lawmakers he was now too old for compulsory service.

And they have the nerve to call veterans and other citizens “a scam”, “anarchists who hate our country”. I call them cowards, leeches, thugs, bullies, and a**holes. Can’t wait to call them GONE!


The best thing about Trump defeating Hillary, (other than not rewarding Hillary’s manifest crimes) is that we get to see more clearly what government actually is. Trump uses Obama’s new “national security” provisions to trample citizens, while Democrats insist we don’t withdraw troops from the Bush/Obama Wars.

Sure Republicans are crazy, but the Dems use this not to bring change but only to take their turn at forwarding the same policies in service to the same masters.

Notice what’s going on, and see what happens when we have two parties ignoring ordinary people, while pushing an agenda which only serves Wealth. Nancy took care of Wealth 4 times with little for Us. She helped the Republicans achieve their agenda while helping her donor class too, and now she’s shocked and appalled that the Republicans, having got everything they want, feel no need to negotiate…again!

Barry was too suave for us to notice, Trump is too crassly racist for his supporters to notice. But what they both actually did was on the same evolutionary curve.

Trump’s fighting the class war now against the citizens, but he’s using the tools that Biden has worked for a quarter of a century to forge, and if Biden wins, it will just be Biden doing the same.


Our eyes are being opened… This is how we treat our 3rd world countries. Central america- hitler squads, africa-hitler squads, SouthAmerica, Asia, our Southern Border with Mexico…
We have done this so much that it is natural , no questions. This country was founded by exploiting people of color

These squads existed under Obama and Clinton, and Carter.


Operation Diligent Bully, more like. When you’re a coward so you pick on people who you know can’t hurt you so you can pretend to fight them off to protect yourself.


There is a difference between Portland right now and Germany in the 30s, and it’s a critical one. In Germany you saw crowds that size–supporting the Nazis, once they were well entrenched, and few people resisting because the brown shirts had people intimidated. But we all saw how that ended, and I think that’s hwy, today, we see serious resistance to the attempted imposition of fascism–it’s exactly this resistance which can stop it.


Yea, verily yea!

So he lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee but he was still affirmed? What’s wrong with this picture?..


Trump’s attorney general pick says he did, in fact, register for draft, Reuters, Jan 3, 2019, Andy Sullivan, Mark Hosenball

William Barr Senate Questionnaire (PUBLIC).pdf

"7. Military Service and Draft Status: Identify any service in the U.S. Military, including
dates of service, branch of service, rank or rate, serial number (if different from social
security number) and type of discharge received, and whether you have registered for
selective service.

I have not served in the U.S. Military. I was born in 1950 and was not required to
register for selective service."

In the interest of full disclosure, while searching out the references for my rant above to share with you, William Barr’s actual draft card registration in the National Archives came up in the search. What’s interesting is it seems to come from a FOIA request May 2019 four months after the Reuters article. So the question is, why would Barr indicate he hadn’t registered when he had? Either way it’s an unnecessary lie. Of course, there was a certain class of privileged men who didn’t give being called up to serve in Nam a second thought, unlike all the other young men biting their nails and praying. That would explain his “forgetting” he had actually registered. Then again, his first job was with the CIA.

archives .gov/foia/William Pelham Barr’s Selective Service Draft Card and Selective Service Classification Ledger

It is kind of amazing how so many Americans are shocked and suprised by any of this.
Just what did people think America has been doing around the world this past century?

Thanks for the reply. I still don’t understand how this jerk was confirmed as AG when he lied on the Senate questionnaire and also in his testimony.

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Hi Joey, I know Carter was drawn in to the Middle East, but I aways thought that it was Reagan and OIIie North who were the instigators with he undermining of Carter.


what is wrong w you guys. why do you think it is ok to destroy property, lives, w your communist agenda? why would i want to hire any of them, or why should i respect or agree w them when that is how they act. BLM, Antifa, i don’t care who it is, it is a crime to do such but hey the Dem Gov and Mayors tell Cops to stand down, It happened here in Colroado.

Hi Tarsus:
I guess everyone was thinking—that after Nixon—wouId America possibly get any weirder, but then came Reagan—and after that, it seemed ike things just kept getting worse, but I think no one wanted to believe that things would keep getting worse—simpIe and weird things Iike CIinton not keeping his pants up—and Bush, who evaded the draft, but going to war with everyone eIses body on the Iine. Obama made us start to go , “wait a minute–”--but then even he stopped wondering. BUT with 2 brain dead candidates now------have we reached the bottom …couId we get any peopIe who were more Iame? Maybe the comet Neowise kept fIying by because it couldn’t believe the insanity either—Neowise wIIi be checking back in 6,000 years—I wonder if anything wiII be here then? : (

Obama hired them. That’s where they came from.

Hi carouser:

Hmmm—maybe ------ where are the Hope and Change peopIe now?