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Operation Divide the Left': Analysis Shows 2020 Online Disinformation Campaign Already Well Underway


Operation Divide the Left': Analysis Shows 2020 Online Disinformation Campaign Already Well Underway

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the pool of candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president continues to grow, so does a "sustained and ongoing" push to spread lies about them on social media, according to an alarming Politico report published Wednesday.

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Citing Facebook’s information integrity efforts without any critical comment? What bullshit. Facebook is NOT to be trusted to shepherd information integrity. Facebook is deeply complicit in corruption of information integrity.



I read this earlier at the Politico site and right away though of my favorite site Commondreams and some of the comments I have seen here as of late. Beware, be aware, “they” will be out in force until that final day. Doubt everything, become your own light~Buddha.



Bullcrap article. You get as much and more misinformation off the mainstream media then you do off “Foreign actors posting on facebook”. The NYT reporting on WMDS , the crap on Libya and troops armed with Rape drugs, the Bernie Boys crap from the Washington Post, the “Gabbard is a Mouthpiece fo Asaad” from the Washington Post and the New York Times . Need I go on?

The group POLITICO itself has ben caught spreading “misinfomation”.



From the article:

“Facebook noted its ‘massive investments to help protect the integrity of elections…’”

I feel SO much better knowing that Z-man is top cop on the electoral integrity beat. (sarcasm alert)

This was to be expected, but the piece leaves the impression that most of the meddling comes from outside the country. Experience teaches me that our domestic alphabet agencies—“ours” in the sense that we pay for them, certainly not in the sense that we have any interests in common—are the most likely sources.



Researcher Kelly Jones sez:
“The field is going to be so crowded that they say ‘OK: Operation Divide the Left.’”

What the USAn public could really use is an Operation Define the Left.



To all of the Born Again Democrats, or should I say, “Bern Again” Democrats, last time that party ramrodded the “Great and Powerful” Hillary down our throats while Bernie surged, filling stadiums, drawing many into the fold, waiting for the right moment, then unleashing their secret weapon, the Super delegates.

It’s disheartening to see so many excited again about putting all their trust, in a party posing as a party of progressive values, when in the end, they only use their progressive wing to draw unaffiliated liberals and progressives into believing that this is their best option to fight the Retribution Party.



Don’t fret. Stein is still destined to get her 1%.



Aside from the ‘misinformation’ we are bombarded with here’s a look at our increasingly fascist public discourse:



Like why is Harris in this picture?



At first I thought this was going to be about the DNC, my mistake



This article might hold some water if it included actual examples of the kind disinformation it claims is being disseminated. In the meantime, the d-party is divided as hell based on the actual positions held by those in its over-sized tent, no Russians needed.

But don’t worry, the d-party will reach a compromise position on the big issues. In fact, they’re busy asking their corporate overlords what those compromise positions will be right now.



In an article featuring former senator Barney Frank’s opposition to the Green New Deal, CNBC described the overall 2020 race for president with many now and soon-to-be Democratic candidates for president, … played its role as a Mainstream Media Bot by not including Tulsi Gabbard’s name on the list, even though she is a declared candidate, and has one the most unique positions on U.S. foreign policy among ALL candidates.

Good God, THAT could lead some voters to … THINK … about the practice of creating Regime-Change Wars to overthrow governments WE (the U.S.) declares as “non-democratic.” Over 60% of this nation has shown itself desirable of Medicare-for-All Healthcare, and our Congress will not even discuss it. Would you call that democratic? Hey, “Representatives”: Majority = 50%+1. Remember THAT?

True-to-form, our Corporate owned-and-run BW (brainwashing) Media sources TELL us what to think, rather than report on it.

Barney Frank: Green New Deal ‘would be a loser’ for Democrats



How does she differ from O’Rourke?



Wow. Just wow.

Common Dreams giving a platform to the voices calling for more censorship of Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook just shut down more pages that are against the coup in Venezuela. That should be being criticized here, not vaguely cited as proof that Facebook is helping to keep our democracy safe from foreign interference.


How about explaining what disinformation is being spread about Kamala and Beto? You mean things like she worked to keep in prison innocent people on technicalities? Or that he took lots of big oil money? Or that she let Mnuchin off the hook. Or that he voted with Trump against even centrist policies like bank regulation?

FIRST OF ALL. Harris and O’Rourke are not part of the Left. They are NeoLiberal Imperialist and they divided from us a long time ago.

I will not shut up about my criticism of these vile political hacks no matter how many articles are published telling me to do so. Or threatening in some subtle way to get me kicked off Facebook or Twitter.



Tulsi needs something like 65,000 individual contributors to be in the DNC sponsored debates. She’s asking those who can’t afford to really support her to send her a dollar.

I did today.



Good point! Also, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: " BECOME THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD." In other words, change your self and you will change thousands! Gandhi proved that statement.



Yes, here we go again! The Big Bad Russians! Seriously??? Who the hell needs the Russians when we already have had over 20 years of Fox “News” and 30 years of Reich Wing Talk Radio doing it with multiple orders of magnitude greater reach and effectiveness? Unless you’re a member of the Big Media Circle Jerk, you don’t sit around all day looking at Twitter and Facebook. How much of your feed do you actually see, let alone read and pay attention to? 1%? 2?%? Certainly not enough to throw an election. Not like Fox. Not like Limbaugh…



I trust Bernie and know his history of consistency on the progressive agenda. Elizabeth has credentials but she endorsed Clinton so I am leary of her. The other people just switched when announced bid for President so don’t trust them. I am not going to be taken in by another neocon like Obama turned out to be but he did throw crumbs at us women and people of America.



The opposition to progressive change or the “left” will try any dirty trick to divide any possibility to change the destructive trajectory of our republic pushed by R’Con and trump regime criminal minds - divide and conquer as always, and make us doubt ourselves.

The right, as ever, seek to divide us, and the “real left” and/or those posing as 'the left" also seem to want to divide any chance to actually defeat the right wing neo-facists and corporate/banker/wall street parasites. Always trashing any candidate that “doesn’t measure-up” to their political perfection or standards…like Bernie Sanders…even tho they mostly kibitz and kvetch from the sidelines, not from the political trenches!

Beware of Trojan Horses and messages of division, nay-saying those who actually labor in the vineyards!