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'Operation Endless War': US Could Leave 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan After 2016


'Operation Endless War': US Could Leave 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan After 2016

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. is reportedly considering a plan to leave as many as 10,000 troops in Afghanistan "beyond the end of 2016, " the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The paper reports that the option was one of five that the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Campbell, offered the Pentagon and NATO officials in Brussels. From the WSJ:


Hey, we have to keep enough troops there to guard our, ahem, pomegranate crop.


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Dear Uncle Po,

You do realize the reason for our "war". Bless you for speaking truth to power. So few will even be able to read what you wrote.



You mean like: " we tortured some folks .


Yeah, the military brass must have figured out that 10,000 troops are about the number needed to protect the poppies!


"It means some folks are going to be rotating back into Afghanistan for a
few extra months," Obama said during the press briefing.

Gee willikins, Delilah, you gunna rotate fer me?

"some folks rotating back"; what a thoroughly DELICIOUS phrase, so exquisite in subtlety and depth of meaning. .


Well, I suppose there's really no reason for illegal wars of aggression if you don't get to occupy your victims land for a few decades. There's probably tens of thousands of victims to radicalize against America yet. And there seems to be less blowback for murdering Afghans, which is good practice for future atrocities. If only there was an effective war crimes tribunal to save the World from US...


This is our empire. Not so great as far as empires go but typically measured in military pluses and minuses as most empires were. People usually think of the later British Empire whenever they say the word empire. A romanticized empire which continued to exist past the military conquest stage in its creation to form a corporate commonwealth that exploited resources and labor and exported culture and language with the military relegated to a policing role. Bag pipes and cricket "Eh wot" - the sun never sets on the British Empire and all that?

Well mostly! We never use the word colony anymore and the sun did set on the British Empire.

What would an American Empire mean? Well the military stage is certainly there but would there be anything else? Or would we be creating the first Un-empire? A sort of reverse empire where we pay the costs of our troops in their country and extend financial aid to the supposed 'colony' (that we promise will never be a real colony) and so forth. An un-empire where our colonies exploit us through military aid and foreign bases on their soil that we pay them for etc.

This is not your father's empire, by any definition. We create enemies not friends, support corrupt quisling governments rejected by the population and as we see in Afghanistan, we have no solution for the situation except to leave but we can't leave because as yet the only thing that we have accomplished is that the population hates us for our military intervention.

The American Un-empire - a reverse colonization/exploitation where we expend treasure rather than gain treasure.

America's empire costs us men and money and doesn't accomplish anything (at least not for America) except achieve a destabilization and polarization of the world which continues to worsen.

Was the regional and cultural destabilization worth it?

Endless war is a war that can never be won. Forever war is an acknowledgement of a continuing failure and a reckoning of costs in the lives being lost needs to be made. Leaders and allies may spout their rationales for perpetuating an endless expenditure of American lives and money but we all see that is not accomplishing anything for us or the world.

Endless war is a lousy way to run an empire.


The fact that 10, 000 troops will remain in Afghanistan to train and advise Afghan troops or whoever is disgraceful...and disgusting, to boot, but not surprising. For that matter, the same can be said for Barack Obama's "Some Folks" BS crap.

Since we've still got about 50, 000 troops in Iraq, it's not surprising that some of the U. S. A. troops will remain in Afghanistan as well, and it wouldn't be the least bit surprising if it turned out to be more than 10, 000 American troops remaining in Afghanistan.



"Endless war is a lousy way to run an empire."

is a real understatement, which also succinctly points out that the United States has been run precisely that way for over half a century.


Actually a case can be made that the USA has been engaged in a military conflict of one sort or another for more than half a century but those were hop, skip and a jump conflicts that eventually ended. Yes we remained in situ after WW2 in a lot of places, we are still in many but not as active participants like in Korea and Japan or Germany etc.

We face a different scenario where we more or less establish a wartime footing where our troops remain armed and active. Places where although not always in combat they are combat ready troops. Troops stationed at bases in Germany do not wear full combat gear and carry loaded rifles while walking down a German street but they do in the Middle East.

In the Middle East we do something different. We wage >>> Endless War/Endless Defeat. We neither win (we cannot leave as in Iraq) nor do we actually lose (and leave that way as in Nam).

We wage an unwinnable war in which we cannot be defeated.

It is a shameful incompetency that willingly sacrifices men to fight as targets rather than to fight to achieve success or at least admit failure and spare future losses.

Endless war... only cannon fodder need apply... we do not fight to win and we do not admit defeat.

Endless war isn't a war... it is a policy.


The Oilagarchy that owns most of our government, the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Surveillance-Complex, does not care if we win or lose. Actually, if we lose, the profits soar. If we "won" and the war ended, the profits would drop precipitously, as they did when the CCCP turned flukes up. All of a sudden we had no enemy and munitions sales went through the floor (dropped from billions to millions). In a panic, a new enemy had to be created, this time Islam. Boy did that work!
* Everywhere they find a Muslim, they can send in a drone (and a whole lot more).
* How easy it was to start a new Crusade, promote Islamophobia, and start a global witch hunt. To the US Fourth Reich, every Muslim, whether foreign or domestic, is a terrorist or a terrorist supporter, and therefore a target.
* Since Islam is a religion, there are devout Muslims around the world. What a target rich environment for the MICC. The profits are soaring and they have no care or concern for the people displaced or killed, anywhere, including at home. Just the profits.


You left out the most important part. The endless, ever-growing profit for the MICC. (See my comment below.) Ike and Butler were right on the mark!


"Some Folks", are going to die that IS the bottom line.


I recently read a published letter from Fletcher Prouty where he very impressively described how our military uses heroin as payment method for some of its sub-contractors of course I was shocked by that, being naive about drugs, then I thought Sure, makes perfect sense.
Our government is so entangled in stupid foreign relations that they can no longer recognize right from wrong... So sad.


How about the first squad be made up of the signators of PNAC plus President Obama as squad leader. I could really get behind that.


Sorry, I can't help myself... Welcome to GWOT. Where do they come up with this stuff?


No doubt that the military and especially the CIA was involved in the illegal drug business during the Vietnam war and nothing has changed since. Gary Webb tried to expose the CIA's involvement in the illegal drug trade and did succeed but alas, to no avail.

Yes, you know our government has absolutely no conscience or morals because they allowed 55,000 American soldiers, most of them very young, to be murdered for a lie.


" Endless war isn't a war... it is a policy ".

And I would add that it is a policy that is one of best policies, cons and rackets ever devised by man because the Amerikan Empire has been able to brainwash so many of its citizens that it is not a racket; it is not a con! All they have to do is wave the flag of false patriotism and the sheeple will fall in line and buy the con every time.