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Operation #OneMoreVote: With Future of Net Neutrality at Stake, Major Websites Mobilize for Internet-Wide Day of Action


Operation #OneMoreVote: With Future of Net Neutrality at Stake, Major Websites Mobilize for Internet-Wide Day of Action

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With FCC chair Ajit Pai's net neutrality repeal plan officially published in the Federal Register, the future of the open internet is in doubt—and a coalition of major websites and advocacy groups is mobilizing in a last-ditch effort to save it.


People, It’s your voice at stake here; your opinion; your means to affect the status quo. This has value to “we the people” beyond the concept of mere money. Mass participation in this struggle at this crucial time, please!


We face critical shift from deadly legacy of the industrial revolution. Understanding underlying premises [Newtonian] that are obsolete and increasingly, exponentially regressive - witnessing the climate chaos. “The Internet of Things” that is emerging MUST HAVE NET NEUTRALITY GUARANTEED… NOW!!

Jeremy Rifkin - internationally recognized economic adviser - explains with cogent argument why we are facing what we are facing and in Chapter 3 explains why the Internet of Things is KEY.

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy


The net has largely been ruined by advertising which has let to personal data gathering on a massive scale but even in the poor state it is in the internet needs net neutrality. In other words, the internet could even get worse than it already is. At this point there is probably little hope of saving the internet from being a tool for destroying privacy but at least net neutrality levels the playing field with regard to speed.


Up against the wall, your opinion will be held against you by an all encompassing hyper militarized police state set to weed out unpopular speech. Free speech is the enemy of the overseers.


Yes … but how is anyone here approaching this – ?
Presume we have all called to support net neutrality a few times already …

Are we calling Repugs?

And who might be the most likely to break with the GOP.

My guess is NONE…?

Women in the US Senate 2018

Women in the U.S. House of Representatives 2018

Current members of US Senate

Current members of USHR


Maintaining the freedom of the internet should be everyone’s business regardless of party affiliation. Another word for freedom is liberty. How hard did the founding fathers of America have to fight to gain liberty? If it is mainly Republicans who choose to choke the flow of facts important to the country as a unit, surely even they will ultimately suffer regret.


I say Repugs cause controlling media became very obvious about the time of Nixon
and it is, of course, Repugs right now threatening net neutrality …
But the Dems have long been junior partners in all of this, increasing as corporate control
over DP took hold.

But what I’m asking is … does anyone know WHO might be the most likely we might call
to try to move them to protect net neutrality.

Can be either Dem or Repug – female or male.