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Operation Take Down Bernie

Operation Take Down Bernie

Ruth Conniff

Joe Biden’s long-awaited announcement that he is running for President—in a highly produced video with a distracting piano soundtrack—officially knocked Bernie Sanders out of first place in the Democratic field.

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Establishment Dems don’t care whether they win or lose. Do Pelosi, Hoyer, Perez, et al look like they’re suffering? Do we see Dems on street corners with dark glasses and jars of pencils?


I agree with this!!!

So far Trump has not made him a target because Bernie is outing the sick democratic establishment

But Sanders’ is challenging many of the far right positions and that makes him at risk now that Trump has made assignation a duty to protect the country

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A journalist who worked at Center of American Progress tells of the internal pressure to follow the money.

Bernie Sanders v the Democratic establishment: what the battle is really about: Sanders is sparking a debate within the Democratic party about whether courting big dollars is the only way to stay competitive


The attacks on progressive candidates are part of the larger establishment war on progressives. Articles on Biden have made it clear that the establishment Democrats are aiming at appealing to the “middle”. They portray progressives as either working with Russian trolls or over idealistic morons who are only helping Trump. Establishment Democrats have made clear that progressives need to shut up and fall in line to support the establishment candidate. They’ve made it clear that dissent will not be tolerated.


The Big Banks take down public banking where states try to form one and all these guys and the robber baron class will be out to get him with all their $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


We the people will loose. Dems don’t learn lessons and they have corrupt DCCC and DNC and powerful elites who don’t want change along with Washington Post, NYT,and I guess The Nation (I was surprised).


WARNING!!  They’ll do so again if the utterly corrupt DNC uses their “stoopordelegates” to foist another establishment stooge on us in 2020 . . .

AMEN!!  I’ll confess to falling for O’Bummer’s false message of hope in 2008, but by 2012 I had wised up enough to write in “Bernie & 'Beth”, and I did the same in 2016.  I will re-register as a DamnocRat to support Bernie in the primary, but will send donations only to individual candidates, NEVER to the party itself.

Endorsement by good ol’ chicken-shit O’Bummer is the Kiss of Death so far a I am concerned — all-caps proof of SOLD OUT To The ESTABLISHMENT written all over him!  Last month it was Bait-Oh, this month Buddy-Chick and now they’re thawing out six-year-old leftover Joe for another go, and with Booker waiting in the wings.  Don’t Be Fooled — Bait-Oh, Biden, Booker & Buddy-Chick = Bought By Big Business!

Authenticity — that’s just the point.  Sanders is not perfect – who the hell is? – but he’s been es­pousing the same message for more than 40 years.  Nearly all of the others – especially the estab­lishment’s four Bs named above – change their tunes hourly according to the fluctuating polls.

Like I said previously elsewhere:

Donate DIRECTLY to your own candidate — NOT ONE DIME to the DNC!!


I cannot vote for Warmonger Biden.

He is a Bigot and anyone that would attend a fund raiser on the first day of his presidential announcement with the Folks from Blue Shield is not a Progressive and should be running on the Republican ticket.

If Bernie cannot secure the nomination I might have to vote for Jill Stein again?



They sure have a good booty-gig to pump - and well connected to “move fast and break things” #uckerberg still flying high with the sleek infusion line algorythms model of Cambridge Analytica. And the press? … Eric Alterboy needs to get off his knees; Edsall (Edsel homonym) ought to know a failed vehicle of privilege when he writes one …


The article by Eric Alterman (which I just read and can’t recommend) is certainly not the magazine’s overall opinion and I assume that they will endorse Sanders this year unless something unforseen happens.

Alterman brings out in full force the trope that it was Bernie’s fault that Hillary lost. As if that fact that just as many Hillary primary voters voted for McCain as Bernie voters for Trump+Stein. As if there wasnt any ill will from the Clinton camp from the start. He claims voters won’t vote for him in the general. He and his type are to blame for animosity towards Bernie. Is Hillary going to endorse Bernie if he wins? Will she do 1/10 for him what he did for her? Why doesn’t Eric even mention one on one polling data on Trump vs Sanders? What about many examples of trump voters who specifically say they were duped and trust Sanders to have their back more than anybody else?

I’ll be skipping the next Alterman article.


Props to long-time Progressive writer Ruth Conniff for not drinking the Establishment Dem Kool-Aid regarding these (extremely predictable) slime-ball neoliberal Democrat attacks on the Sanders candidacy.


Great comment Fester, top to bottom.

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Now that Biden is in, he is gonna get more scrutiny. The one big thing most of these “pundit types” are blind to is Sanders supporters rabid support for him. I hate to make this comparison, but Sanders core supporters are as rigid as Trump supporters and they (we) will stick by him until the end. My guess is Biden will gradually slip to 2nd a few weeks from now and maybe further down if more shit comes out OR he gets too “chatty” and makes one of his famous gaffes.


Within the past few days, Jimmy Dore did at least the following two interviews with progressive California citizens who ran for Democratic Party delegate seats; but, were cheated out of the slots - JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!.

In the second interview below, Dore makes it a point to state that Bernie Sanders is doing/saying nothing about this cheating - JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!

Anyone who has Sanders’ ear, ought to ask him, “When you lose the nomination, this year, because of cheating, are you going to do absolutely nothing about it, JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!?”

Methinks too many progressives are putting too much faith in Bernie Sanders, imagining he will locate his balls; and, fight the cheating that is occurring now, and will continue throughout the primaries, rather than capitulate JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!

New Election Ordered After Ca. Dems Caught Cheating Progressives – Apr 26, 2019 - Jimmy Dore - YouTube

California Democratic Party Openly Cheating Progressives Again – Apr 26, 2019 - Jimmy Dore - YouTube


MSNBC and AM Joy today did a fantastic hit job on Sanders. Why? Biden? I love Biden, but the Trump cult has already branded him retread. And Joy Reid and “She” don’t have an answer for Anita Hill.

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Oh he already plans to support the Democrat nominee, even if it is Joe Biden. I fully expect he will get cheated and capitulate, and god help us all when that happens.


I’m definitely feeling the Bern
Over one who now feels it’s his turn
And if She of Three Names
Backs more DNC games
I will reject them all til they learn.

That’s actually not true. While not specifically attacking Sanders, Trump used his last SOTU speech to vociferously attack the idea of socialism. He’s going after the trend in the left in general, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that his target was Bernie’s 2020 run.

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Right. Sanders is not actually running to win. But the corporate Dems still want to sink his campaign as soon as they can. The Dems want to start a war with Russia, they don’t give a damn about domestic economic issues that the average American faces, their dismal future…