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Opponents "Incensed" Nebraska Panel Won't Consider Latest Spill in Keystone XL Decision


Opponents "Incensed" Nebraska Panel Won't Consider Latest Spill in Keystone XL Decision

Jon Queally, staff writer

"That the Nebraska commissioners won't consider safety in their decision on Keystone XL should alarm everyone."


Big bear-hug to Nebraskans and folks of Standing Rock. I sure hope that sometime soon an ethically inspired team of psychologists/psychiatrists digs in and presents a formal analysis and then dovetails that with some ethically concerned anthropologists on the social pathologies that are presenting in the public sphere.

Think about it for a minute: Look at governance structures. The sheer scale of fraudulent endeavours and the consequences they generate are - quite literally - criminal and fraud. The body politic is being subjected to criminal activity designed for perpetual growth. Think about it. We in civil society quite naturally, happily and readily function according to long standing practices of equilibrium, accountability, long range vision and just plain love and respect. We don’t spend our time trying to root through the distortion vats of constant grabbing of opportunism that twists, distorts, lies, cheats and steals.

The system leaves no option but collective community resistance and extra sharp eyes kept on local regional and state representatives. Insurrection? There is a good healthy range of organizational legal civic balance that is well within the frame referred to as insurrection.

Link to the PSC page on the Keystone XL


Bold Nebraska should really look up what we use energy for. “These clean energy projects will provide more power to Nebraska’s grid than the keystone pipeline ever will”. Well yes that’s correct, but then again crude oil is not used for electricity generation. Oil is refined into products that we use for fuel, heating and other chemicals. Less than 1% of every barrel is used at a power plant. Congratulations for comparing apples to oranges.


The map included shows the Keystone XL new section of pipeline is clearly not needed and only to produce profits from export oil, not local or even US use! Aren’t the existing numerous threats to priceless water, wildlife, and other disturbances enough for the oil-pollution perpetrators of crimes against Mother Earth?? The decisions are of the perps, by the perps, for the perps and have been corrupted and bought for decades, especially under this criminal trump regime!


"Oil is refined into products that we use for fuel, heating and other chemicals."
How is the fuel and heating section of this statement different than using fossil fuel in power plants, aside from the undeniable fact that much of this fuel is being used in smaller inefficient and polluting sources? As for the other products created from petroleum, they also have their environmental issues.


Drinking oil has never been a popular idea.


Once again, Mr. Swanee leaps into the fray to convince us that oil is good. While I do not object to your ‘factoids’ (it’s always better to know more) why do you insist on deploying them when that is NOT THE POINT of the article?

The POINT is, laws have been written and/or undermined to allow private companies to despoil the environment for their gain and everyone else’s loss. It’s ‘legalized’ corruption, as well as criminally stupid.


Public Service Commission ? more like Oil Service Commission. 210,000 Gallon Leak ignored? Bribery and Corruption. Will the Last, Honest American Public Official please turn out the light.


Apples, we live. Oranges we die. It is that simple. Renewables we live; fossil fuels, we die. Simple enough!


Our government officials and the fossil fuel industry which pulls the strings from which they dance are taking us down the path to complete destruction. Are we shrews, or will we use our superior numbers to put a stop to the insanity?


There are none remaining. At least none who are effective.


Spill is 1/5 the volume of 1 cattle pasture watering site know as a dugout, which is usually 1 million gallons.


Related: It is (1) legal in California (the country’s third largest oil producer) for the industry to sell oilfield wastewater to farmers, and (2) it is legal for farmers to use said wastewater on their crops if they so choose. This occurred (to a yet unknown degree) during the several years of extreme drought there prior to the rains of last winter.


Of course they won’t consider the spill. Because to these vultures, it’s the “cost of doing business”. These heartless “capitalists” only care what their account looks like, the earth be damned. I hope they all choke to death on the very same oil they profit from. Sorry but that’s how I feel at this very moment.


Not to worry. my fellow Huskers have put up one of the longest and strongest fights against Keystone, with much of that struggle being led by the western ranchers (who are still politically quite powerful in the unicameral).

The fight will continue, regardless of what any bought commission has to say.

Ranchers and greens. Oddest of bedfellows.


The evil regimes have been around since they discovered oil and all the products, mostly, if not all toxic, produced could generate huge ongoing profits. There wasn’t any concern that it murdered Earth and her children in the process. The current Trump regime and murderers have just given the industry a huge shot of steroids with a side of crack and a jigger of speed. The murdering will continue until nothing’s left to murder. People and any other lifeforms matters not, all in the name of profit, profit, profit… Kill the arctic, profit, coral reefs, profit…


It ‘clicked’ in the distant past, sorry.


Well yes, that is correct for probably most but not all people assuming you mean the US. Equally correct is that if we continue using such the health and survival our ecosystems, or climate and our children’s future are in serious doubt.


"How is the fuel and heating section of this statement different than using fossil fuel in power plants,"
Well actually its quite different. Power plants turn a turbine which transfer mechanical energy to a generator which produces electricity. Heating is simply the burning of petrochemicals like butane or propane which emits heat energy. Different petrochemicals are used, and there is no turbine generator. Its also quite interesting that you think that this process is inefficient relative to other energy sources specifically solar and wind. Commercial solar maxes out at abou 22% efficiency and onshore wind turbines are about 25-35% efficient. Fossil fuel power plants typically range from 30-45% efficiency. The only renewable source that has a greater efficiency than fossil fuels is hydropower.

Yes burning petroleum creates GHGs, but we also demand petroleum for the production of goods and services so that society can exist as a developed country. Some of these goods produced by petroleum are even used to manufacture your solar panels and wind turbines

Why would a petroleum organization brag about supplying materials for wind and solar? Maybe because those industries are just as reliant on petrochemical development.


Wind, solar, hydro and geothermal are not substitutes for petroleum as they do not produce hydrocarbon chemicals. Come back when you actually provide me with a legitament alternative.