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Opposite of Peace as Trump Accused of 'Kicking Hornet's Nest' in Middle East


Opposite of Peace as Trump Accused of 'Kicking Hornet's Nest' in Middle East

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Declaring Jerusalem the capital shows "yet again his blatant disregard for international law"


Peace of Shit from:


Trump and Kushner were played by Bibi. And now the United States will have its teeth knocked out for Israel’s apartheid pathology.


"Peace of Shit from…"

Shame! You forgot to finish: "…an orange piece of shit."


BDS NOW is the answer.


Hope you like spending your tax money on endless occupation of the Mideast.

And that’s a rosy depiction of the possible repercussions.


Or Simply Sucking Up for the “Foh Pah” Donald Trump made by Revealing Israeli Intelligence Sources to “Tsar Vladimir the IV”…


Lets make the Middle-East look like Southern California shall we? This is dumb beyond stupid. All it takes to start a war is to light a match in the dark and so it began.


The deranged demagogue prefers chaos because it makes him feel oh-so-very-powerful. His insanity may just well destroy our planet (let alone our nation). Yet the Congress remains unconcerned. The proposed move to Jerusalem is reviled worldwide, including by the Saudis (DJT’s bromance #2…Bibi is numero uno) yet the mentally ill monster in the WH prevails. Was this an anniversary present to his daughter and son-in-law, conservative orthodox Jews? If so, the massive loss of life along with untold destruction/devastation is one helluva price to pay. One would hope that AIPAC would threaten to withhold “donations” to any number of campaign coffers/PAC’s in order to stop this madness and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews (I would include Palestinians but do not think AIPAC gives a hoot about them…). Perhaps the Saudis could threaten to put a hold on all the Trump construction projects in their region (including Dubai…not their country but within their zone of influence), which would make DJT stand to attention.


While the leaders of allied countries all over the world denounce this provocation, what do we hear from the US Congress? Listen closely. I think that’s crickets chirping. Throughout our government, the full range of opinion is more or less abject obeisance to Netanyahu.

Our two countries originate from the same racist doctrine: a land without people (who matter) for a people without land. Manifest destiny and Zionism.


We have long been a pariah state due to our allegiance to Israel. Now we have become a kakistocracy, so this announcement is not surprising. Like bumbling Bush he wants to start a war to lock in his power as his ratings tumble. South Korea won’t let him start one there, so all that is left is the old tried and true standby the ME. That is if he doesn’t start one right here first.


Trump is always playing to his base. I can’t understand it, but there is some sort of alliance between Christian crazies and Israel. It involves “The End Times”, and Jerusalem plays a role in it. It is all too crazy for me, but that is why Trump did what he did: to please religious nutjobs. I’m surprised that nothing in this article really expresses why Trump did this stupid thing.


IMHO, it’s not Tweetle-Dumb so much as his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Sheldon Adle-Brain et al who are pushing this move. Of course the biggest beneficiaries will be the arms manufacturers, contractors like Helli­burton, and maybe Eric Prince’s mercenary army.  A LOT of people profit when there’s a war, so why should “christians” like Tweetle-Dumb worry about a few hundred thousand casualties — especially if they’re mostly just Jewish or Muslim.


Conservanazis of a feather stick together.




In revelation there is a promise for the end times to come. For that to happen, israel is created and jerusalem is the capital. Then the anti-christ shows up and a war centered around Israel will start all across the world. That is when Christ comes back to save the christians. When that happens everyone will be converted to christianity or die. Peace will then reign and the christians will be happy.
Which is why there is a group of christians who want Israel and jerusalem to be the capital. As they put it, the jews will either convert or die. So will the muslims and everyone else. That makes these christians happy because now they see the end times coming and for them to be saved for all times. So this is why they push for support in all things israel, not for israel or the jews, they wind up dead and destroyed. The jews are only useful to get what those christians want.


BDS! BDS! BDS Israel and all the warmongers and war criminals that keep this shit flowing to fatten their bankrolls.
*That definitely includes the US Fourth Reich!


Only a god, any god, can help us.


Beware of BDS, as very likely in the future, it’s target will shift from Israel to the US and seeing as very little is made in the US, just branded, the US will lose a huge chunk of profits. The US is already losing global market share due to growing global dislike of the US government. Things have to start changing pretty fast, else the US will find itself a BDS target.


An extremely dumb, orange piece of shit, would seem to be a bit more accurate.

With plans to move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem added to the cost of building an expensive border wall with Mexico, it would likely be a reason to increase taxes to offset the phony short term tax cuts he’s promising to the people on the lower end of the income scale.

The increase of tensions his actions will create, will require more expenditures for the military budget that Israel will need for protection in the near future.

This man is proving to be a disaster for the USA and the planet, continually saying or doing things that make no sense, or going in a direction 180 degrees opposite to what would result in improvement for the country. Trump’s actions and decisions benefit only his life, family and friends, not anyone else.