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Opposite of Peace as Trump Accused of 'Kicking Hornet's Nest' in Middle East


I think you’re right. Dump is too dumb to come up with all this crap on his own. And why hasn’t anyone called out all these speeches he reads out loud, speeches there’s no way in Hell he could’ve written? He’s a fool and a tool and is so narcissistically deluded with all the attention he gets that he can’t see how he’s being manipulated… nutenyahoo, Kushner, AIPAC, ad nauseum.

Btw, where is this omnipotent god I’ve heard so much about? Cryin’ in his beer way down south in Rosa’s Cantina? Well, IMO, he shoulda stopped at the bonobos…


Man, that is one helluva lot of hubris to believe that out of the almost 8 billion humans on the planet, humans who are members of hundreds of religions, only the true Christians will be saved by Jesus when he/she/it gets around to coming here again…everyone else will be rotting on the ground? Dining with Satan? Shoveling coal for eternity?

Maybe hubris is the wrong word? Maybe we should look it up in the DSM-5?
How many barrels of Kool-aid must’ve been drunk to get people to buy into this hubristic belief and use it as a justification for killing millions of innocent people?


Would that eventuality wake up amerikans?


Well done Donald, you’ve managed to achieve something unique in history and unite such disparate countries as China, Britain, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, every country in the middle east, every country in the EU, more or less every country around the world, all of them in condemning you and your actions! It’s a first! You’ve really brought the world together, even if it is in thinking, ‘how the hell can we get rid of this moron?’


When Israeli right wing leaders began the “settler” movement after taking the West Bank by force in 1967, the statements made at the time by Israeli leaders was the “settlers” would “create facts on the ground that will be hard to change”. The lap-dog pandering trump regime now gives official sanction to that plan, illegal under International Humanitarian Law - The Fourth Geneva Convention. The city of Jerusalem was taken by force and the ethnic cleansing begun to clear the land to be for Jews only. Palestinians denied building permits, homes destroyed, families evicted by “settlers” with forged documents. Israeli extremists also ethnically cleanse the Negev of the indigenous Bedouin tribes.

Israel has and is being built on war, racism, ethnic cleansing, murder and contempt for International Law…of course with the collusion and support of their “special ally” with whom they have forged “unbreakable bonds”… forged thru spying, poitical subversion and the deadly 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, trump serves Israeli genocide and subversion of America - trump and the Israeli extremists/terrorists have in common the pathological inability to speak or recognize truth!

The Israeli extremist propagandists and trolls are out in force supporting trumps action peddling the typical “historical” mythology and propaganda supporting the continuing theft by force of territory expressly illegal under International Law.





The evidence here makes me think that the neocon Project for a “New Middle East" is back on the table. Given the reunion of monsters now onboard with Trump, we are seeing a throwback to the worst of the Reagan/Bush era. Expect the worst.


Agreed, but even more vital, as I wrote in a recent article, it is time for the civilized countries of the world to consider a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement aimed a the U.S.


One can only hope. An international boycott of this country is long overdue and could spark needed change.


Congratulations, you have the president you deserve.


An unprecedented US backed Israeli massacre of Palestinian men, women, and children, seems very likely.


Yes, and minitrue has been calling for a BDS aimed at the US for quite some time now.




Only have a few minutes so didn’t read all the previous comments (almost fastidious about that,) but I note with great interest a phrase used several times in the above article:

(take it to, or has been taken to) the next level.

Were not these the exact words used by Hillary Clinton when she sucked-u, er, excuse me, when she addressed AIPAC during the campaign?


Here we go, once again…
Apparently, the United States does not want peace in the Middle East, certainly Trash’s
handlers don’t…this will only bring BIG BIG PROFITS to the CORPORATE (a/k/a) U.S.
interests: shareholders in Boeiing, Lockheed, Grumman (Defense Industry)…break out the top shelf champagne boys & gals…
(that includes you, Trash…and probably the Clintons, Obamas, let alone those on the
Repulithug side)…
Many, many innocent people are going to die, including Americans, tourists and otherwise…
Very very sad
P.S. Note to Anderson P…per: yeah, Andy, past residents of the Oval Office didn’t recognize
Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as they were advised that was a very, very stupid idea!
So (1) stop being an infotainer for a change,and get your facts straight
(2) stop towing the corporate line and basically defending Trash for this horrible, reckless mistake!


I would suggest demand NYU divest…As an Alumni I contacted NYU to divest, and
I was brushed off…obviously, NYU is part of the ANTI-divestment movement…
I call on all NYU alumni to call NYU and protest their support of apartheid Israel…
and I am NOT an anti-semite…I am well aware that many Israeli people do not
support the Facist Netanyahu and his extreme right wing policies…


Playing his base voters? Don’t forget the baser than base voters and the baser than baser than base voters. He wants to be regarded as “he duh man.” Trump seems to be kicking the hornet’s nest in the Mideast and kicking the hornets nest between North and South Korea. He is desperate to become a war president.

And war presidents are supposed to tough guys in such places as Iraq and Vietnam. And unfortunately our addiction to wars on the other side of the planet accounts for a lot of our current $20 trillion national debt. And much of that coincides with our corporations associated with war getting rich off of huge military contracts.

I wish I could simply call Trump a bad president, but the words “horrific” and “nauseating” seem to be more applicable. He is a narcissistic sociopath not a real president.


"The database was scheduled for release in December 2017. Meanwhile, the Israeli and US governments have been trying to prevent that list — which reportedly includes at least 150 local and international companies — from becoming public. “We will do everything we can to ensure that this list does not see the light of day,” Israel’s UN ambassador Danny Danon told The Associated Press. US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said, “We just view that type of blacklist as counterproductive.”

The UNHRC has reportedly delayed the release of the list until ‘early next year.’”


Thank you for that explanation. Very concise, too. It is difficult to make sense of people who are really in a psychotic state of mind. In effect, right-wing Jews in Israel are siding with crazed Christian Fundamentalists who want them wiped out. Whether these particular Jews are being stupid or cynical is anybody’s guess.In any event, gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson (who pledged to spend about a billion against Clinton) has been made happy. That people will die is immaterial to these sociopaths.BTW, I was born in 1942, Colgate class of '64, and two-tour Vietnam vet. I hate to say it, but I think this country has gone down the drain. Trump is what we deserve.Warmest regards,Richey Hope, Humboldt AZ


“Right” on. The picture is beginning to come into focus. Thanks for your comments. What fastest growing American religion do we hear so little about?
Disproportionately represented for years in the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Fighting the American Indian Movement for gambling rights on the Native American reservations. Co-author of the “Left Behind” series and the man made Armageddon. There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.


Trump does not scare me as much as his advisers.