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Opposition Amassing to 'Outdated and Unsound' Trade Policies


Opposition Amassing to 'Outdated and Unsound' Trade Policies

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With dissent fermenting on both sides of the political aisle, more than 2,000 civil society groups are urging Congress to reject Fast Track trade authority, warning that the legislation would pave the way for approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the 12-nation proposal they say "replicates and expands on the most damaging provisions of past U.S. trade pacts."


This deal stinks on ice. That a Democratic President should drag this abomination out of the cesspool of multinational corporate development is appalling, especially since he ran on the promise of change we can believe in and transparency.


"I have to remind them of who I am and what I’ve been doing for the last six and a half years —"


Tuesday kill list for unlawful drone assassinations;
NSA spies on everyone without court order;
No protection under due process and/or jury trial for those
labeled "supporters of terrorism."
Unparalleled use of the Espionage Act against whistle-blowers;
Bailouts for Wall Street, massive student debt for Main Street;
Bailouts for Wall Street, massive foreclosures for Main Street;
Obamacare, while helping some, is the Nixon/Romney Repub. Plan;
etc., etc.


President Barack Obama is a pathological liar.

“And I’ve met with all of the opponents and my team has met with all the opponents.” Who has he met with AND LISTENED TO?

He has not met with me. And i have opposed this pile of more secrecy than the NSA hides from the beginning.


He does not care what he lies about.

He has been sucking up to Wall Street for the last six and one half years.

None of us need to be reminded of that. We can see it every time we purchase anything, or make
a monthly payment or shop online. We see his influence against us and on behalf of Wall Street every time.

Just like his insistence he has to hide the truth about his need for fast track authority. He needs to hide the
truth so it will be harder to vote down the ugly lies he has been telling all along.


Mr. Obama does not qualify or deserve Fast Track authority, nor does he actually deserve to
remain as POTUS. He has made a shambles of this nation. FDR or JFK yes, Oboma definitely
no. With the exception of a few, we need a completely new Congress and honest Party.


Bernie Sanders is against Fast Track and free trade. He is for jobs in the US and he is running for president.
And he is taking no corporate money. He is running on our support. Get out there and support him and bring friends.


The Constitution is not an authorization. It is a blue print of the structure of government. It is a document that LIMITS the power of the central government in order to prevent a coup d’état. Just because the federal government is functioning outside of its Constitutional limits does not constitute legitimacy.

The fact of the matter is the federal government has, without any legal process whatsoever, suspended the Constitution and imposed a seditious, anti-American document called USAPATRIOT Act. The federalés cannot legitimize itself. The Law requires an amendment to the Constitution, which has not been promulgated by the states nor the citizens of the United States. Consequently, the doctrine of force majeure rules and citizens are not bound by an illegal, rogue, political body.


Alas, that’s what Democrats DO.

It is not what they SAY, but it is what they DO.

A Democrat who TALKS a great game, Warren, is all out against it. But she’ll have nothing to DO with the final outcome.

The one Democrat who should be all out against it, Hillary…the best CD can say is her “enthusiasm appears to have waned.” WTF? She’s not coming out publicly for it, because her 200 advisor focus groups have told her not to. But she also won’t publicly call it what it is.

The Dems are getting ready to sell us down the river AGAIN.

There are plenty of alternatives to both parties.


Dear Representative Johnson: (US Representative Bill Johnson)

I am a resident of Jefferson County, Ohio and I did not vote for you because I object to most of what the Tea Party faction or the greater Republican Party claims to represent.

However, you have a chance to live up to what all those ordinary citizens of a tea-party mind – those who did vote for you – would expect you to do. If you do not oppose fast track approval for the TPP trade deal you have no claim to be the representative of the citizens of your district, nor as a responsible officer of the United States Government.

Acceptance of this trade deal or of the TTIP will amount to nothing less than the abdication of our National Sovereignty, and those in government that would allow this to happen will be marked for their treasonous treachery for all time. These trade agreements will allow multinational corporations to sue our municipalities, our states, and our federal government for any action, regulation, or law that exists for the benefit of the citizens of this nation if it interferes with even the expected profits of those corporate interests. And we, the taxpayer-citizens of this nation will be liable for paying those settlements. On that day I swear I will stop paying taxes.

That our elected representatives would even consider signing away what this nation was founded on, is a betrayal that would enrage the REAL and ORIGINAL Tea-Partiers to commit some act far more consequential than merely throwing the King’s merchandise into Boston Harbor.

I have listened to your statements on many issues and have hardly ever agreed with your negative outlook of the rightful purposes of effective government. Environmental, safety, health, and workplace fairness regulations are all hard-fought victories for the ordinary citizens that comprise this nation. You may not remember what this place was like before The Clean Air Act, The Clean Water Act, and the Surface Mine Act, but I do. For many years Steubenville had the dubious distinction of being the dirtiest city in the U.S. The Ohio River as it flowed under the Market Street Bridge was not much more than an open sewer, as were many of the surface waters of this abused region before the installation of municipal sewers. Much of the land in your district lies barren and fallow from the era of large-scale abuse by the coal operators. I remember.

It is a very neat accomplished trick, convincing those that live here that environmental responsibility is not in their best interest. Desperate as we are here for any economic activity, as you and others in the Republican Party block all attempts to create a sustainable future, we are not so desperate as to consider ourselves squatters in our own land. If either the TPP or the TTIP is approved, our rights WILL be reduced to the status of squatters. Woe to those “statesmen” and women that would betray their countrymen in this manner.

xxxxx xxxxxxxx, Cross Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio

Several comments about the above: use the tools at hand - if the tea-party hatred of Obama can be mobilized to hand him a defeat for this Trojan Horse, then we should goad them on; some of the mythical patriotic drivel I appealed to above was included to address Johnson in his native tongue of professional politician yada-yada. If Romney were prez, we’d hear the very same POTUS lines; McCain? who can tell, he’s just bat-shit crazy.


It is so depressing watching her. A purposeful strategy of never being in front of an issue, of acting like any real convictions actually exist in that hardened rock of a heart. Many years ago I likened her to a dirty old wind sock. Whatever way the wind blows. That too is an illusion, for she is just another creature of power through wealth, and will always represent those interests. She doesn’t say anything because they wants it, precious.

Was it Seinfeld that came up with the Party of Nothing? A perfect candidate.


“But in a column at the Washington Post on Tuesday, The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel countered: ‘On the TPP, however, President Obama’s critics aren’t making the perfect the enemy of the good. They are raising fundamental questions about the thrust of our trade policies.’”

Yet one more reason to be grateful for Katrina van den Heuvel. I would add only that the “fundamental questions” address matters even more fundamental than “the thrust of our trade policies.” They address whether the separation of powers and the ability of the governed to know, soon enough “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances’” being imposed upon them by the state, are to survive.

Obama responds to opposition on this matter as he responds to all opposition - 1). He says nothing of substance or that rebuts his opponents on the merits; 2). he is at once patronizing (“I have to work very hard to explain these infinitely complex matters that I in my unique genius understand with ease in terms that the peasants can understand”) and condescending (“It is infinitely generous of me to take my valuable time away from my work to explain the obvious to lesser minds that cannot grasp the simplest of thoughts and issues”); 3). he is infinitely in love with himself (Only those who don’t know what he’s been doing for the past 6 1/2 years could possibly be opposed to what he is doing now); 4). he has as totalitarian a mind as that of anyone who has ever held the office of the Presidency - probably more totalitarian than that of anyone who preceded him in office.



Right on, except Nixon’s proposed reforms never included the individual mandate that is the heart of Obama’s ACA. Today’s Democrats would consider Nixon too leftist to nominate. the GOP would have him deported.


Elizabeth Warren recently told an NPR interviewer that “in Washington DC the wind blows in one direction…straight from Wall Street”. The Clintons relocated to NYC to make sure that they don’t need to rely on the wind…their Wall Street ATM is always close at hand, dumping cash in their laps 24/7.


Vulnerability proceeds extermination. International trade benefits manufacturers that produce in the largest quantities and distribute the farthest distance regardless of the cost and impact of fuels and transport infrastructure and the immoral exploitation of subsistence labor.

Today’s global economy displaces the essential economies of lesser scale, those of nation and state, metropolitan region and local and rural economies. To become dependent upon global trade is to enable extermination merely by pulling the rug out from under its basic food and goods supply system. Globalization is the end game. The .001% plan to rid the world of its mass population via starvation and armed chaos. Their reclusive golden parachute estates are being readied for elite white survival.


Kind of hard to take organized labor seriously, and I say this as a proud former union rep in the UAW. They refuse to leave the Democratic Party and will be working for the Democratic candidate come 2016, no matter how anti-worker or anti-labor they are. It is pathetic. If you ask nothing of that, or any, party but to be less bad than the Republican, if you don’t actually work towards an alternative (just defense, defense, defense), you die. All these letters mean dick because everyone knows they won’t penalize the Democrats, so the DNC probably doesn’t take it seriously. You can tell if those in power respect you by how much they fear you and those in the DNC no longer fear organized labor. The same is true of the typical liberal groups that always write well worded letters once the Democrats destroy the lives of working people and the environment. If labor and the “left” in general is on the decline, why not leave that damn party in mass, raise hell and at least go do down fighting? You’d think the left, the actual left, would want to actually exist on the national level. Not so, they’d rather just support the less bad candidate all the way down the globalization abyss.


I like Katrina and all but I can’t decide if she is 99 or 100% certain to support the Democratic Candidate come 2016. I know, she will do so while holding her nose but she will still do so. The left is dead at the national level because it supports that corrupt, pathetic party and doesn’t (in large part because of that) propose any actual coherent alternatives to neoliberalism. That party opposes everything people like Katrina support and the things that people like Katrina support are actually popular at the national level. Mass irrationality.

Alternatives exist in theory and practice but the left doesn’t articulate them, organize around them or support parties interested in them. If the left was equally pathetic in other countries there would never have been a “pink tide” in South America, or anywhere else. Imagine the absurdity of people in Mexico thinking that reforming the PRI and making it more progressive once more would have a snowballs chance in hell of working. Imagine further that the left had no other ideas at the national level, election after election, regardless of the results.


Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich (“Ermächtigungsgesetz”), 1933 amendment to the Weimar Constitution, passed in both the Reichstag and Reichsrat on 24 March 1933 and signed by President Paul von Hindenburg later that day.


As the locals would say; The great HYPED father speaks with multiple forked tongues! (Cut one off, and two more grow back!)