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Opposition Intensifies as GOP Panel Okays Healthcare Plan in Dead of Night


Opposition Intensifies as GOP Panel Okays Healthcare Plan in Dead of Night

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As advocacy groups, industry lobbyists, and people spanning the ideological spectrum continue to line up against the GOP's disastrous American Healthcare Act (AHCA), Republican lawmakers advanced the bill past its first legislative hurdle near dawn on Thursday morning.


The more these creatures from Hades roll back on all things social the more we should be inspired to counter them. Everyone: contact your local libraries in your home state and ask them to feature the new documentary on healthcare and then contact the PNHP to get a physician speaker at your event. Time to do some educational events to reach as many as possible. Here are the links:




Well-said, Jamb.


Unlike the wholly transparent, bi-partisan, passed in broad daylight, full details presented for discussion in advance passage of the ACA.

If the industry lobbyists hate it, it can't be all bad.


What a joke that these jokers are supposed to be representatives. Not only is there no transparency with the public, but these fools are voting on something even they don't know what is in it or what it costs.


I think pretty much everyone hates it, except the rich people who get their huge tax cuts. Can't be that bad...What???


Through the course of the Obama Presidency, the Opposition Party voted to repeal the ACA a crazy amount of times.

The Duopoly at it's finest, pretending to disagree.

Now, they have the chance to replace it and they are all of a sudden trying to decide what it will be, as if they did not have two entire Presidential terms in which to craft it.

That's the best BS they can do?

Of course it's all a sham, as Obama, never for a second, was serious about giving us Healthcare in return for our Tax Dollars, but he was serious about placating, and enriching, the Insurance Industry.


Yeah, a "sham gift" that gave more than 32 million people (my adult son included after he was no longer covered under my employee insurance and then burdened with more than $30,000 in student loan debt to pay off) health insurance coverage and access to health care that they had never before had in their lives. "Benefitted a small minority of individuals"...in what universe are you spinning? Talk to a physician or two in any city, town, or rural area to get to the real truth rather than spouting unfounded rhetoric. Remember, it was not his original plan that Congress passed into legislation.

More than 20 million Americans (especially between the ages of 50 and 62 and/or indigent) will surely be WEEPING should this crime against humanity become law.

But, hey it is readily apparent by your comments that you are fully covered....


As Krusty the Clown once cried "They backed a dump truck full of money up to my house. I'm not made of stone!"

The insurance industry is an amazing racket. One must admire the corrupting bastards in the same way a surfer must admire a great white shark.
Not like it or want one anywhere nearby, but still recognize the relentless way it goes after it's prey.


"GOP Panel" in the headline should be amended to truly reflect the group: THE GOP DEATH PANEL.


Wouldn't it be nice to hear the gutless democrats say something like this----we need a revolution in this country. I spent some time watching fox "news"--O'Riley and the other idiots--not a mention of the healthcare bill ?????????

We need to fight for a single payer system from all sides.


In 1992, on PBS, a healthcare forum was held on the issue of U.S. healthcare and the best delivery system for the common good, of all. The participants and experts where engaged in a Q&A, then they voted ( this was the HillBillary ascendancy ). The vote was about 80% for what was called " the Canadian plan ".
And, there you have it, again: The UniParty has for a quarter of a century, divided and conquered the wishes of Joe and Mary Lunchbox. Actually, with MSM support, they've made the discussion worse and more ignorance-infused. So it goes in the greatest ripoff civilization the world has ever known. Where minus sum games rule, always.
Incidentally, I watched this forum with liberal Catholics, and others of a quite mixed-up bag,
who met to discuss and advance the teaching of what is commonly called " liberation theology" to the general population. We favored those voters wishes and added our own, as well.
The Catholic business model needs to be updated, immediately. They are a large boil on progressive values around both healthcare and poverty and, block ending ancient religious feudal practices. As night follows day, they function as an enormous boat anchor around the well-being of America's healthcare ship of state. The gender discrimination and paternal greed has to end. They need to get out of this $$$ business, entirely.


Well done!!!!! Spread that around far and wide!!!


Meanwhile, almost all of the discretionary budget of the US goes to fund the Security State and its endless, destructive warfare, both of the two "major" parties enthusiastically support this toxic spending orgy and breaking it up into more than 1 piece per year to make it sound smaller to the public than it actually is, and the media doesn't much bother with reporting on it or uttering a single peep of complaint:


As someone with a peexisting condition, I get sick of the lazy callousness of the wreck-it-and-we'll-get-single-payer nonsense. Maybe we will, but when? How many people have to die for an ideological point? It makes progressives no better than the other side. And, by the way, it is the other side, led by a selfish and infantile blowhard with a neonazi adviser and a neoconfederate AG whispering in his ears that is our real problem, not Democrats and others who lean our direction.


I think the ACA benefitted more than a small minority, but other than that, I agree that it was a gift to the insurance industry, not a solution to the health care crisis in this country.


"T-Shirts??!! That's the Sweetest Plum!"


What is this Ryan/Trump lunacy of choice and access? Health care isn't like buying turnip and cabbage, a choice between granny smith or navel oranges. Do I pick out a T bone or top round? Ayn Rand is a joke, an intellectual farce. No credible economics course will teach Ayn Rand, an adolescent wet dream. It is immoral and should be criminal, murder, for a society to allow its citizens to suffer die. Even the poorest among us contribute to the health system with taxes and public funding to colleges with federal grants.
It's complicated? NAH A simple bill: Every American citizen shall have health care.