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Opposition Mounts Over Obama Administration Proposal Making It Harder to Protect Species From Extinction



this piece causes me to think/believe that the only thing left on this planet, in a very short time, will be people, everything is in the throws of disaster, our oceans, our forests, our wet lands...this thing about killing our mother, Ms. Earth is not just dumb but it's committing suicide...back in the late sixties early 70's I wanted so badly to urinate on Nixon's shoes, times haven't changed much...I watched the big tent show for the first Mr. O run for office with my step-kids and afterwards they were really pumped up, I asked them "what did he say?" and I got no answer other than yes we can...I'll be dead soon enough, I'm really sorry to leave behind such a mess, it would make me feel a bit better to go plant a tree but I can't even pick up a shovel anymore..........