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'Oppressed Labor' Not Backing Down as Stop & Shop Strike Enters Second Week

'Oppressed Labor' Not Backing Down as Stop & Shop Strike Enters Second Week

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The New England Stop & Shop strike entered its eighth day Friday as the grocery store's parent company continued to refuse to honor the union's demand for a fair contract.


From the article:

“… truck drivers in the Teamsters union are refusing to cross the picket line.”

That’s great news. I still remember, after some 30 years, the sense of foreboding I felt while watching ready-mix drivers cross a carpenters’ union picket line in Tucson. Let’s hope that those days are gone, never to return.


Will continue to boycott businesses like Stop & Shop and Wal-Mart that act like Capitalist Pigs!


This same DUTCH grocery store chain would not get away with this in the Netherlands.

This should expose the claim that these Corporations “will regulate themselves” , a claim advanced by the advocates of the Free market and neo-liberals for what it is and that is an absolute and utter crock.

They will do whatever they can get away with based upon a given jurisdictions regulations.


A hat tip to the rabbis who labeled food purchases made across picket lines as “not kosher.”

I mean, it’s almost like those rabbis are doing the B part of BDS on Stop & Shop.


“America’s version of socialism”

That claptrap hardly qualifies as kosher, either.

Oy gevalt …


Right. Dear Delhaize- You have made a very bad mistake. As you well know, some mistakes are fatal. Stay tuned.

I have an uncle who has been with the union for 40 years and works at stop & shop… it’s not just healthcare and pensions … he has accrued 5 weeks vacation (something almost unheard of in the corporate states of america) and they want to cut anybody at that level back to 3 weeks of vacation.
the dutch company thinks they can get away with this b/c this is america … land of the exploited workers

on another note, i really don’t believe a word that comes out of Joe Bidens mouth … he’s a johnny come lately political opportunist and a corporate tool

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Yes, they crashed the global economy and we were told to trust them!

Can you tell me what BDS stands for again?

Can you spell Google?

A question for someone who understands “kosher”. Can the meat of an animal that lived a miserable life in a factory farm system be kosher? (or halal for that matter?)

Boycott Divest Sanction

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I read this awhile back, if it helps:


What’s the problem? I didn’t ask you, and I have eye issues. Having a bad day, grumpy?

Hey thanks again for your help.

Yes, Biden is a moronic corporate tool, and one for photo ops.