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Oppression is the Greatest Determinant of Deadly Heat


Oppression is the Greatest Determinant of Deadly Heat

Nathaniel Matthews-Trigg

During the summer of 2003, 70,000 people died from a series of heat waves that crawled across the European subcontinent. Every one of these deaths was preventable, requiring only inexpensive building adaptations and social supports for the vulnerable. Under global warming, extreme heat events will only get worse.


Harnessing the heat and converting it into energy would benefit those whose exposure to it is threatening.


While heat waves mainly kill poor older people the effects of climate change affect people of all economic classes. Wild fires generally effect people who are affluent enough to have houses in forests. Increased sea level rise particularly affects people along the coast during storm surges and many of these people are financially well off. One thing we can do is urge our representatives to support a bill in the House that was introduced by Tulsi Gabbard and which calls for 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2035. While this may seem like an unrealistic goal it is in line with what scientists tell has to be done to avoid the worst effects of climate change.


For those whose focus seems to be population control the deaths caused by climate warming must be a blessing in disguise. Along with the world economy of perpetual wars, decreased fertility rates, continuous corporate pollution of our water, land and air, overuse of antibiotics, unsustainable industrialized agriculture and the refusal of many (most) world leaders to address these issues, why worry about population control ???


If you are in dangerous heat and cannot cool the house, draw a tub of water, as cool as you can get it.

You have to get your trunk under the water and also soak your head and neck for a bit at a time.

Usually if you can cool down for a half hour or an hour during a day, your resistance will increase otherwise, at least here in the desert. If you are in wet heat, you may have to soak more often.

Shade the west and south sides of the house–with deciduous trees if it gets cold in winter. Open doors on the shade side of the house; close them on the sun side.

Keep drinking fluids.
Cook outside or not at all.

Best of luck, all!


“This would require a New Deal policy fit for the 21stcentury, prioritizing equitable climate change adaptations and a rapid transition to renewable energy, paid for through a progressive tax and government subsidies.”

*One of the main problems is that, in this Plutocracy, any progressive tax would be on the poor and any government subsidies will go to the rich who own the government.
*Until We the People can change that and perhaps put the plutocrats out to pasture, we’ll not see any meaningful change, just Kabuki.
*I don’t think we will see any meaningful change from the top down in this nation. It is all up to us, and We the People have got to wake up and take charge, for we are closest to the roots of the War Tree.



Some form of Democratic Socialism will soon become necessary for our survival. Period.


I’m now convinced that the Koch brothers are behind the “blame the population growth,” movement and have shills on this site making sure they blame population growth on every climate change thread and not the oil and gas industry.

It’s the equivalent of the gun industry declaring it’s mentally ill people that are the problem and don’t regulate guns.

They’ve also coined the term "natalist’ (someone pro having kids.) - to call someone who doesn’t agree with them. It’s equivalent to the shills calling people who didn’t support Clinton - women hater.

After being called it on a thread an hour ago, I went to another climate related thread, and watched yunzer get called it after he said the problem was big cars and big houses. They won’t answer to your evidence that population growth isn’t a problem just like the Clinton shills never answered to evidence against her - her record. It’s a propaganda campaign.
They stay on message and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with a quick name calling word, “natalist.”

No chance the Koches aren’t paying them to be here.