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Oprah Lifts Up Women, Brings Down the House at Golden Globes


Oprah Lifts Up Women, Brings Down the House at Golden Globes

Common Dreams staff

"It's not just a story affecting the entertainment industry," Oprah says of #MeToo. "It's one that transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics, or workplace." 


About Time we have some Intelligent Speech

Of course Pelosi is AGAIN missing in action


For centuries - and no that is not hyperbole - peoples on the receiving end of the hyper-paternnalism and get-out-of-jail-free-card institutionalized in the extractive industries like oil and mining, and with Monsanto and its ilk - extending into agribusiness, have been digging in in order to survive. Indigenous peoples, the workers of the world - who should be paid for the value of their work and lives and the right to AUTONOMY from a system of rape of value.

Articulating with excruciatingly clarity the documentation on the methodologies of strangling the “consumer” end of their genocidal death wish. How? By investing in an entire industry of “marketing” so that you NEVER, EVER associate their “product” with the reality of its destructiveness.

Hammer home the full dimensions of the “externalized costs” in the system that is now wholly dependent on institutionalized killing - murder - reintroduction of slavery through prisons for profit - the list constitutes the encirclement of what can otherwise be healthy humanity integrated with the dynamics and balance of the planet. And when observed with clarity, documented and informed, one begins to see why one sage once noted that life is race between education and catastrophe.

The fundamental elements of societal dynamics this egregious system buries under the smoke and mirrors of advertising are love and the capacity to see others as no less than one’s self. We are part of an organism being subjected to a psychosis. In psychosis, the awareness of the disease is the first capacity to go.

Seven generations hence - a timeless indigenous wisdom is in each human soul - whether acknowledged or not. Learning to act on this premise is the sacred gift of a single life to the vast umbilical of life itself.

Advertising spends countless resources to make the individual “believe” and be “loyal to” the idea that a system of “products” is supposed to displace the capacities of provision in community.

You bet that “communism” a target under which human life has been imprisoned - by a meaning no one can agree on. Why?What better way to make you swallow whatever is said regardless of its integrity. Trump is in a state of permanent autoeroticism playing these dynamics for all they’re worth.


As a woman who has been assaulted and harassed repeatedly throughout my life ----including by the director of a sexual abuse clinic where I was a therapist— I must state that I am appreciative of the #metoo movement.

With that said, it was disappointing to find that rather generic article about Oprah at the Golden Globes front and center in Common Dreams this morning (relieved to see it is no longer lead story)

Does anyone else find the name “Golden Globe” ironic and repulsive?

In spite of the now exposed pathology of Hollywood the show went on---- replete with black designer gowns! In the meantime neoliberalism and capitalism rages on with it’s adoring fans---- starstruck as ever.

““It’s the death of Old Hollywood,” said Issa Rae, as actors championed change — and showed off beautiful black dresses and sparkly jewels.”


And now we may be saved (there is buzz about O. running in 2020) by Oprah— flying in on her Bombardier Global Express XRS with an estimated worth of $42 million.

Food for thought:


couldn’t resist


Oprah may be well-spoken, and clever enough to move a crowd, but we have seen how entertainers do as politicians. Two of the very worst presidents as far as their impact on society and the poor have been entertainers, Ronald Reagan and Trump. Education is another issue that seems to impact a person’s political abilities. At the very least a politician should be well researched and familiar with scientific data. The presidents that graduated with degrees in business/economics Trump, Bush, Reagan are/were disasters.

The other issue is that she is a billionaire. If she is so concerned about the welfare of women, why doesn’t she forfeit her wealth. The fact that she does not speaks volumes. We cannot afford to have another billionaire president. Billionaires have no sympathy with the common man.


I agree Caroline. And one of the great moral voices of our time (who is not a multi-millionaire or a celebrity), Chris Hedges, has to have his program on RT so he and his guest can have an intellectual critique of capitalism.




The day Oprah and other supporters of the #MeeToo movement start putting as much energy into railing against the abuse (and killing) of women (and children, and men) because of our wars of choice, maybe I’ll tune into an awards show and hear what they have to say. Wars are “patriarchy” to the max. No matter the country or their ideology, humans have emotions and dreams of their own and don’t deserve to be cut short or displaced because they don’t adhere to the now Western ideology of unfettered capitalism.


I’d have “liked” your comment twice if they’d let me! The Guardian article is outstanding.


California’s not exactly a backwards state, but the people there were dumb enough to elect a governor twice because he was a Hollywood star. And for the past year + I’ve held the belief that the crowd that pushed Trump to victory were those who voted for him for that reason, too.

Even so-called progressives get star-struck and think a celebrity, like Tim Cook who defied the FBI, or Warren Buffet, who said his class should pay more taxes, is gonna save us all.

Yeah, that’s the degree of stupidity of people in this country, maybe the whole planet.


Thank you Ed.
I had a bit of hesitation writing my comment above for a host of reasons which I won’t go into due to time limitations.

This ongoing deification of Oprah has really stirred (nauseatingly) something in me today that all of you who have commented on CD are helping to crystallize----as always, thank you for the insights.

Would she have this massive audience if she did not live an excessive/ostentatious/materialistic lifestyle which was obtained through the capitalist machine that is the u.s.?

Would she ever denounce the oligarchy that is the u.s.? Unless I missed it in the previous elections (over a span of at least 25 years) when she had a huge bully pulpit, I think not.

What has she done in relation to the greatest threat to all life on the planet: anthropogenic climate disruption (to use Dahr Jamail’s apropos term)


A parody of media stars in The Fifth Element


Awww, geez. Common Dreams falls for purty words from the elite celebrity culture. Where were the criticisms from Oprah, Streep, etc. when Oily Bomber was cracking down on the press, killing innocent brown people with drones, appointing corporate lobbyists to high government positions?

Common Dreams also recently featured war criminal Bush talking trash on Trump, as if he had any standing to do so. If this is what they think progressivism looks like, they’ve seen my last donation.

Will they endorse candidate Oprah, too?


Thanks for this Caroline. Great observations.

Her speech was great, but the calls for Oprah to be the Democrat nominee for President because of this speech and her celebrity status, are another reflection of the political vacuousness of many in the Democrat Party.

Rather than digressing to the level of the Republican Party, folks concerned about social justice need to recognize Trump’s Presidency as a call to action with respect to community based organizing and progressive movement building.


I’ve been having bad feelings about the irony of people who sell sex and violence for a living (Hollywood entertainers) being so righteous in their opposition to sex and violence. I am 100% in support of their calls for change; however, I think Hollywood would do exponentially more good to change its product instead of preaching.


Two TV stars have been Republican presidents. We used to make fun of that.


A huge ego always follows great wealth. Oprah is no exception.


And why not? It worked for Obama–he gave one great speech (sarcasm). (BTW I think Oprah would be a joke as president.) I mean really, it’s getting to the point where one need not turn on the TeeVee anymore. Our political system is a sitcom.


Good speech, but having her being discussed as a presidential nominee is ridiculous, and the celebrities saying this are just proving how utterly tone deaf and cut off from the struggles of working people they are. At a time when we need to actually deal with a growing environmental crisis, and when the dominant ideas and institutions in our society have so utterly failed for decades now, to think she should even be considered to be in charge is absurd. Forget the complex economic and environmental issues we have to deal with, and the powerful interests we have to confront, what the hell would she have to say in regards to something like the Israeli/US- Palestinian conflict? What are her positions on the issues, and what connections does she have to social movements and working people. Fucking crickets. Give me a break with this nonsense. I hope Sanders runs, and if he does, he’ll win. He’ll win the nomination and he’d kill Trump. If he can’t run, someone like him policy wise. All others can piss off. She’s a far less qualified and far more likable version of Clinton.


I cant think of a more dreadfully worse idea than “Oprah 2020” (facepalm). Sorry people, but here in Wisconsin/Michigan/Ohio/Pennsylvania (and New York and Illinois if it weren’t for those big cities full of rich people tucked in their corners), nobody is going to vote for the billionaire Hollywood Oprah.

And even, for arguing, the next democratic candidate had to be a black woman, then any current or recent black woman in the House of Reps. would be infinitely more qualified for the presidency than Oprah. How about Barbara Lee 2020? She’s even from California - albeit a less fashionable part that rich Hollywood stars, or her colleague from across the bay Pelosi, are afraid to enter…