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Orange is the New Black is Dead Wrong About Disability


Orange is the New Black is Dead Wrong About Disability

Rebecca Vallas

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses events within the first episode of Season 3.

Et tu, Orange is the New Black?


In everything from Big Corporations funding academic research that oh, so coincidentally turns out data that’s favorable to their interests; to big money funding elections to ensure that individuals “sympathetic” to big donors’ causes get into office; to the increasingly banal fact that Big Agri and Big Pharma are writing the legislation that mostly is amenable to their interests… what meanwhile results is that rates of Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, autism, and Depression rise in an exponential fashion.

As I’ve pointed out often in the past, the climate of trespass–itself the product of every kind of toxic run-off under the sun, immersed in the air and upper atmosphere, and rained down into our rivers and water tables–protects the various and sundry trespassers. It does not protect public health or citizens’ most basic interests.

How can ONE toxic agent be discerned from another to prove a chain of culpability?

This climate therefore gives those eager to do harm–under the notion that they will do what they will until some entity can prove that they’re doing harm and stop them–a virtual free pass.

What should exist in the place of this kind of wild, wild, west cum organized crime nexus are major Usage Fees placed on all of these noxious substances and those who profit from trafficking in them. In that way, a massive slush fund would be in place so that when the next kid is born with a major birth defect, or the next 3 year old reacts to the Mercury-based vaccine with a massive neurological “disorder,” or the next Black kid ends up with Diabetes at age 9… FUNDS are in place to assist them.

If the bastards can’t be stopped due to their “influence” over lawmakers, then let THEM pay! Instead, these walking sacks of human excrement fund think tanks who come up with themes that then are passed off in news programs, sit-coms, opinion columns and so forth. And these themes turn the most needy individuals into those on the take while the REAL trespassers typically get all sorts of tax write-offs, govt. subsidies, and other fiscal advantages… meanwhile, many of them produce products that are making this nation’s people fatter, sicker, and more depressed and energy-depleted.

What a system!


That’s great you and yours have been able to get by so well without help. Unfortunately one size does not fit all. Your evidence is as anecdotal as the evidence the corporate fascists use to strip the needy of help. If you all suffer from this malady, why do you call it ADH instead of ADHD like everybody else? If America were the old “40 acres and a mule” pull yourself up melting pot its propaganda might ring true but the truth is opportunity is scarce these days. Try walking off the road in the middle of nowhere and see how long it takes to get shot for trespassing. Large extended families in a time of overpopulation (we will have to grow as much food in the next forty years as we did in the previous 10,000) is insane. How many rats do you think can fit in this cage?


Providing universal medical care (which includes psychological care) to families and individuals - so that they can solve their problems is not the “state solv{ing] them”. That is bullshit.

Take your tea-party, right-wing, Ayn Randite nonsense elsewhere.


[quoye]“In fairness to Orange is the New Black, the show is fiction…”[/quote]

(Sigh). It is through “fiction” that capitalist economic interests, through the corporate entertainment industry manufacture working-class public consent!

And at the same time what passes for “news” in the corporate media consists of facts so cherry-picked and contextually distorted at best (and outright bald-faced lies at worst) that it is, for all practical purposes, “fiction” too.


Certainly I agree with your premise. The last"D" in ADHD stands for “disorder” not “disability.”