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Ordeals of Whistleblowers in a "Democracy"


Ordeals of Whistleblowers in a "Democracy"

Victor Wallis

The more extreme the crimes of state, the more the state seeks to shroud them in secrecy. The greater the secrecy and the accompanying lies, the more vital becomes the role of whistleblowers – and the more vindictive becomes the state in its pursuit of them.

Whistleblowers are people who start out as loyal servants of the state. Their illusions about the state’s supposed moral agenda – and the wholeheartedness of their own patriotic commitment – make them all the more shocked when they discover evidence of the state’s wrongdoing.


Absolutely spot-on analysis, Mr. Wallis.

Of the many fine points worth repeating, I've selected this one because it reveals Mrs. Clinton's willingness to state such a bold lie:

"The debate over whistleblowers reached tens of millions of viewers when the presidential candidates of the Democratic Party were asked (on Oct. 13) their views about Snowden. Hillary Clinton falsely asserted that he could have used established channels to transmit his disclosures of excessive surveillance, presumably at no risk to himself. This claim is refuted by the experience of previous whistleblowers who had taken just that approach."

Unfortunately, there are many who post and have posted in these threads who pretend to be Progressive/leftist but do the New Authoritarian State's work for it by adding fuel to the fire in the form of casting suspicions onto all of these brave, Democracy-honoring whistle blowers.


Even given the pro-Washington consensus practiced by the mainstream media, their ubiquitous lack of coverage of both the drone wars revelations and the former drone operators open letter to President Obama, is remarkable.


No, genius. The church hierarchy determines who to canonize and who to cannibalize, i.e. murder in a very public way.

The masses are in NO position to determine these outcomes.

You constantly posit--falsely--that what is done by dominant powers who are few in number represents the true character of humanity.

Get an education!