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Oregon Goes for Sanders: "If It's So Over, Why Does Bernie Keep Winning?"


Oregon Goes for Sanders: "If It's So Over, Why Does Bernie Keep Winning?"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Bernie Sanders was able to claim his twentieth primary season victory on Tuesday night by winning the Oregon primary while the margin of an "apparent victory" by Hillary Clinton in Kentucky remained so close (just a fraction of 1 percent) that many outlets are still deeming it 'too close to call.'


When I first registered to vote, several decades ago, I was asked to choose a Party affiliation. There was no box marked Independent, which I wanted to be, so I became a Member of the Democratic Party.

Today Membership in this Party does not seem to reflect any sort of Ownership.

The relatively small number of Officials of the Democratic Party seem to have decided that they now have rightful Ownership of a Party which consists of millions and millions of their fellow Citizen Party Members.

In my view this is theft.


You seem to be having trouble understanding that 30% of the vote doesn't win the general election. No Democratic candidate for President has won the general election in generations without independent voters. For people to fight against the Democratic Parties apparent wish to nominate a candidate who can never get those independent votes is not even close to the same as being a cult.


You joined May 12th and are posting against Sanders and Common Dreams (which I'd usually type as CD but since you're a newbie troll I'll spell it out for you).

Anyway, no reason to wait for SR (I'm guessing you can figure out that one on your own). You come across like a "Correct the Record" shill.


It's over because the convention will be rigged by the DNC to make sure their preferred candidate is selected. It probably wouldn't have mattered if Sanders had won all of the primaries and caucuses.


I'm not exactly a "newbie" anywhere, and maybe that's why the Internet practice of abbreviating words to initials is so frustrating to me. Is it really so hard or time consuming to type words, instead of having to later respond after being asked "What does that mean"?


Good job Bernie and those feeling the Bern. The CNN and MSNBS election night panels packed with Clintonites were visibly relieved that she had apparently gotten more votes than Sanders in Kentucky, though a recount would be interesting since Hillary seems to come out ahead in these various close votes like Mass and Illinois.

Even if Hill ends up ahead, this was a closed Dem primary that she barely ekes out. And, should she be the nominee, she'll need lots of independents to win the election.

Will the Dem establishment ever get the picture that this is not a status quo election? Doesn't seem like it, the way they try to ramrod the process.


The mainstream media tries to ignore Bernie as much as possible because he is the only candidate who constantly discusses the issues that are of importance to the American people. The media, Trump, and Clinton, all prefer to discuss inane issues in an attempt to distract voters.


I brought a bottle of champagne last night to Sanders headquarters in Portland. I had a feeling we were going to win. The air was electric and joyful shouting of the crowd let us know that we never have to feel alone again in this country.
The crowd was mixed age, race and incomes and we partied hardy as we set our sites on California and working to win it. This was a watershed election that will point the way for California. It was the first time I felt really good about an election in fifty years of voting.


Blame MTV for reducing attention spans with quick cuts and short videos. Blame Twitter for character limitations. Blame the old thumb typing on cell phones.

But that's the world now.

They're telling stories with emoticons. I don't even know how that's possible.

Hey you kids! Get offa my screen!



But last night MSNBC broadcast Bernie's entire speech from Southern California. This was a watershed event because usually they just give him two minutes and then go on to talk endlessly about Hillary and Trump.


Right on. See Black Box Voting to understand why voting machines should be open source and not proprietary.

Absolutely nothing has been done to fix the issues with electronic voting machines or the patchwork of ever changing rules about the number and locations of polling stations, etc., even after the 2000 and 2004 election irregularities. As I watched Kentucky slide towards Clinton in what appears to be a very tight race, I too wondered just how the voting process could be tainted. Getting away with stealing elections only happens when a race is tight, and the Democratic race has been tight for a very long time.


I think you self-identify AS an idiot for associating me with Ayn Rand.


The term is "their." Another genius weighs in!

But big applause goes out to Sanders. It's great that he's got the stamina to move like a rising tide against the chorus of empowered naysayers.


The rules of grammar are in flux, which when all is said and done, is a good thing as language is fluid and is beginning to reflect the technological age we have entered. It is frustrating for those of us with some background in writing and/or born a number of decades ago, but adapt we must because we cannot turn the clock back.

Many folks here likely use their handheld devices to comment so abbreviations are common, and I've had to put my synapses to work often. I've learned that it sometimes takes a minute to figure it out, but it's generally obvious with a little thought. I sharpen my skills by trying to figure out what license plates say, and when all else fails, try searching for it under netlingo. It is okay to ask what an acronym means here. For the most part we are a community bound by common dreams and Common Dreams.


Article states "Oregon is the first open primary contest...." Oregon is a closed primary.


It never ceases to amaze me that people like you have nothing better to do than troll sites like this and post insulting drivel. Do you get some kind of perverted kick out of being such a moron? Is your life so boring that THIS is all you have to amuse yourself with. It must SUCK to be you. Go crawl back under the rock you slithered out from under. You are not good enough to be a paid troll.


A bedtime story or perhaps a nightmare. Once upon a time there where 2 parties the D's and the R's and each represented different groups the D's represented working families and the R's the Rich. Than one day along came Bill and he figured out that the best thing to do was pretend to represent working families but really represent special interest ;very lucrative personally. As time went on the people who used be represented by the D's realized that most of what Slick Bill promised simply did not materialize and in fact the ones who seemed to win under Bill where the big backers of his campaign and him and his wife .One day a wise old man came and said 'that's a rigged system" and was mocked by Bills followers but as time went on the old guy seemed to have found the soul that once inherited the D's particularly among the young . The real question is if you believe Hillary is the Queen of a rigged system ..can you support her? Or is as the R's are learning time to start over?


Sorry, sport, but I don't know what "accume" means. Please enlighten me, if you would be so kind.


That is a rarity. CBS was all up about the NV convention. Apparently Bernie supporters, for NO REASON, (because not only did they NOT bother to report WHY they were angry, you know, the changing of the rules and the rigging of the vote to do so, as well as the denial of admittance of over 50 delegates that support Bernie) got violent, throwing chairs, writing on walls, and even calling in death threats to the chairwoman, and they played a recording of one alleged threat. (you know the pinched faced woman who felt the need for police protection, gee, I wonder if she was anticipating backlash for her deception?) Disgusting!