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Oregon Locals Take On Corporate Power With ‘Tax Corporations’ Measure 97


Oregon Locals Take On Corporate Power With ‘Tax Corporations’ Measure 97

Dave Johnson

Much of Congress is captured by corporate money. So literally nothing gets through Congress if it interferes with the corporate/1% -boosting agenda. Many in the federal regulatory agencies are captured by promises of corporate payoffs after leaving government, so these agencies do almost nothing to crack down on corporate abuses of We the People.


Right on Oregon! Oregon is also the nations leader in revolutionary voting, Postal-Voting, and also is a legal recreational marijuana state. Measure 97 will pass, and once again Oregon will lead the country into a better new world. GO GREEN IN 2016!


I live in Oregon and will be voting for measure 97.
As usual, the NO on 97 backers are spending millions on TV and mail ads telling us what a disaster the state will be in if 97 passes.
The people of Oregon have been pretty good about seeing through the smoke and mirrors BS that the corporations put out.
I'm sure that if Jill Stein or Bernie lived in Oregon, they would vote in favor of 97.


Encouraging news. Although Oregon's is a great beginning, I would hesitate to give these tax revenues to politicians to squander. Instead, I would distribute the money equally among all citizens directly, perhaps as a Universal Basic Income.

Voter initiatives and referendums have proved to be the most democratic solution:

One initiative I'd like to see is one that allows continuous voter initiatives and referendums instead of one or two every four years. Another initiative would allow the most secure encrypted online voting on all initiatives and referendums.

Direct Grassroots Democracy


I live in Oregon too. The Pacific Green Party sent me a flyer saying they endorse voting yes on 97.

You don't happen to have an opinion on any of the other measures, do you? I just got the voter's pamphlet, and I didn't even know there were other measures.


I also just got my voters pamphlet and have not yet gone through it.
On the Progressive Party Statement, page 44, they recommend:
NO on 95
YES on 97,98,100,26-184 and 2-100.
Some of these only apply in certain counties.


Measure 97 is a democratic/globalist/elitist tax that is ultimately a sales tax and is directed at medium size businesses that don't quite have enough pull in Salem. This measure will shower overpaid bureaucrats, the nice promises for what they will spend it on will evaporate, the real agenda will be to pay off the Public Employees pension obligations. Hence, the public employees unions are huge behind this. Vote No! The Democratic Establishment is hell bent on destroying what is left of Oregon.


Oregon was also the first to legal euthanasia for people with less than 6 months to live. Truly an enlightened state.




from your lips, Dave! Canvassed for it, praying for it. :O) Those big ad buys make a difference, but I'm thinking we're wise enough to pass it.


Oh, yeah. Our Revolution is officially for M97. :O)