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Oregon Officials Call for Ban on 'Bomb Trains' in Wake of Fiery Derailment


Oregon Officials Call for Ban on 'Bomb Trains' in Wake of Fiery Derailment

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

On the heels of a fiery derailment near the Columbia River Gorge city of Mosier, Oregon, officials in that state are calling for a suspension to oil-carrying trains.


As I have posted before, these so-called "bomb trains" are a naturally occurring phenomenon that have been going on for millions of years. There is absolutely no conclusive proof that they are related to any human activity.
Furthermore, the derailments correspond exactly to the 11-year sunspot cycle which offers further proof that they are beyond human control.
This issue is all a left-wing hoax to force us to freeze next winter.


I remember that day and time very clearly. The sun was out, it was hot and it was around lunch time. The complexity of your comments provides us with a precise answer. You've been out to lunch in the hot sun to long. Try eating the worms next time instead of injecting their larvae into your brain. Protein is good for studying railroad tracks and their maintenance records and design. Or, work as a gandydancer and learn by ( not ) doing. As was the case here in Oregon


Thanks mrsannhitts,
I hope you realize that I was making fun of the climate deniers.
But I do enjoy injecting worm larvae into my brain as it is a natural product.


So was I.