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Oregon’s Radical Innovation: Make Democracy Easy


Oregon’s Radical Innovation: Make Democracy Easy

John Nichols

Here is a novel notion: Why not make democracy easy?

Why not take the trouble out of registering to vote—and out of voting?

It can be done. Other countries, where voter turnout is dramatically higher than in the United States, craft their laws to encourage voting.

Unfortunately, politics gets in the way of voting-friendly elections in the United States.

At least in most states.

It is no secret that these have not been easy times for the cause of voting rights.


We may not be able to pump our own gas :stuck_out_tongue: , but we get some things right here in OR! Ease of voting, craft beers (and wines), green cities, multi-cultural society, clean public beaches on the scenic coast, and much more.

Voting here is so convenient - there’s time to examine candidates and issues ahead of time, vote in the privacy of our own homes without missing work/school, and then either mail or drop off our ballots anytime before or during election day.


And legal pot starting July 1st. :slight_smile: