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Organizers Assure Protesters, Women's March Against Trump Still On


Organizers Assure Protesters, Women's March Against Trump Still On

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Organizers of the Women's March on Washington are assuring those that are planning to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 21 that the march is indeed still on.


I will be with them in spirit and pray that no one will be hurt or brutalized by police and that NO ONE is arrested under false pretenses. All our voices will be heard crying out against the evil that is the president-elect and his chosen band of brigands and thieves whose only purpose in life is to gorge themselves to fill their insatiable greed and lust for power no matter the cost to all life and our planet. What would be a welcome miracle is that T-dump is DUMPED and will not be inaugurated nor will his fellow demon, Pence. T-Dump objectifies and preys on women while Pence vilifies and castigates them. Quite the pernicious pair they are.


Note that there is also a mass protest being organized by ANSWER for the inaugural parade the day before (Jan 20) at Freedom Square in Pennsylvania Ave. A specific permit will not be issued, so everyone planning to be there should plan to effectively come as a parade spectator (hide your sign and rotten fruit - but expect a search of all bag and backpacks. Arrive very early (by dawn) in order to be assured a mass presence on the parade route at Freedom Square at about 1:00PM. Dress warm even if a mild day is forecast and carry food.

A bus is being organized in Pittsburgh leaving at 1:30 am to assure arrival sufficiently early.

I was at the mass protest for Bush and Cheney on January 20, 2001 - it was a long day but worth it just to see the look on Cheney's face (the Bush mobile was blacked out) and the way the band stopped playing and band, panicky SS agents and evil-looking black out armoured limo all broke into a full run to get through our gauntlet. The media of course never reported this incident.


And when we get home...how to translate the protest into effective chage.


How about openly carrying a US flag and when you get to your strategic spot unfurl it upside down and spread out through the line of spectators instead of all being close to one another so at some point the media will not be able to not see or film it if they want to get pictures of the spectators. I cannot come but will get a flag and do exactly that Dec. 5 actions here in Vermont and locally, alone, with a message: Eco-Socialism or Barbarism! Demanding Equality on a Livable Planet!


To the ladies who are marching: Wear a hijab in solidarity with muslim targets, or carry an upside down US flag to say we recognize the crisis we are all in and not just women.


Since Occupy was successfully reframed (by Dem pols and much of the liberal media) as a "middle class movement," it is difficult to determine just who each specific group are for/against.

Women have actually played a powerful role in waging the war on the poor, the majority of whom are women. So -- which women are you referring to?


Be the change, make the changes needed in your local systems to take care fully of your local needs on the local level.... be sure the bullies ain't gonna take care of nobody but deyselves ... but we people know how to care for another each other .... gotta make it happen with our own energy, love and creative ideas and cooperation ... peace is IN !


Seems barbarism is here with the pres-elect and his gang o bullies ... eco socialism sounds do-able and sustainable to me ... let er rip! And git er dun, as some would say ...


Ladies! Ladies! Please don't seek permits - that's just admitting legitimacy of male law. Did any women draft the Constitution? No. Therefore these laws do not apply to us. Anyhoo we do not ask permission, period.


Much easier said than done.

I am hoping to go, though my health requires that I stay loose on planning. And if I make it, I will not be "March[ing] Against Trump" (for that I would indeed try to disrupt the inaugural hoo-ha), but Marching FOR Women. There's a great bit difference. We need to bear witness that women stand together.


Then it accidentally touches ground and you burn it. I guess Drumpf wants to take away citizenship of many, many Boy Scouts.


If I were attending, this would be one possible sign:

"I can bust down the dressing room door and stare at the chicks' ta-tas because I own the joint. But I'm a very classy ogler, believe me."