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Organizing the Rich or the Poor?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/04/organizing-rich-or-poor


The rich have been organized since Britain colonized Turtle Island. They were behind the “Revolution”, which was a way to keep The Mother Country out of their affairs.
The rest of us have had organizations, too, throughout our history. The Populist Movement with Eugene Debs. The Progressives in the early 1900’s. Abolitionist movement. Multiple labor movements-think Mother Jones and the miners.
But…we’ve lost our mojo. Is it because of the soma of television, where we sit semi-comatose watching, not participating, and being fed the discontent of consumerism.
We can start to rebuild a comity, but we’ll be up against the government, the culture, and the semi-rich, who are comfy in their gated communities, their good health insurance, their jobs with salaries in the six figures. Their weak spot are the hours they work, always linked to the corporation.
Talk with others. Dialog. My bias is showing but I feel it’s futile to reason with hard-core GOP. But talking with others is a start.


More than a century ago SCOTUS justice Louis Brandeis observed that “you can have concentrated wealth or you can have democracy, but you can’t have both”.

Wealth started concentrating during the 70s, with concentration accelerating during the Raygun revolution and 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation. Wealth concentration accelerated again after the 2008 crash, and as the author notes Congress’ recent COVID-19 response further accelerating concentration.


All of the problems listed in this article have a single root, legally. In 1995 a trade agreement came into force that literallt outlawed almost all forms of helping people, except services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority;

’a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority’ means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers."

This is a two pronged legal test thats used in a binding international treaty. Its at the root of the changes we’ve seen over the past 25 years. If we cant or wont discuss this and how unsuitable it is for our society, we’re never going to fix it.

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The author writes…
" With a possible depression ahead and more social unrest on the rise, isn’t it time to stop vindicating the wealthiest people in this country and look instead to leadership from those who were living in a depression before Covid-19 even hit and already organizing and protesting? "

Ahhh, that urgent call for “leadership” again when there is none in sight.
I agree with everything the author says, but her article like all of the articles that point out the endless ways that the inequality gap is fuelled by corporate America, should end with the simple advice of…

“Because both party’s have failed us so miserably and are supported by the disconnected middle class, whatever you do in the next election, make sure you don’t vote for a Democrat or a Republican. And by the way, make sure you vote!”

Real leadership is absent by design. If you want either Party to support your ‘run for office’, then you must throw your principles out the window and kneel before the altar of the Great Western Narrative.
Now that the only two people vying for the presidency this November are two corporate sycophants who will never lift a finger to bring social justice and equity to American society (sound familiar?), we should all switch our focus to the Congressional elections making sure that every district in the country has a “non-corporate candidate” on the ballot.
It might all sound futile at this point, but Congress can stop any administration dead in its tracks. I really believe that the new ‘internet media’, led by the likes of Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore, Rolling Stone’s Useful Idiots, Krystal and Saagar on The Hill, Glenn Greenwald and at least another dozen pro-democracy advocates can get the message out that we can bring down the Establishment even by losing the Executive Branch in November. Let’s cleanse Congress and the Senate of these evil people who wear the colours Blue and Red and pretend to represent the .001% who claim to have the “American people’s best interests at heart” while they at the same time reinforce the mainstream taking points over and over.
Perhaps the author here could start by mobilizing her ‘poor people’ by passing out literature to any and everyone about the need to support a real Progressive (someone who shuns corporate support and demands social equity and justice) in this coming election to make sure that either Trump or Biden can no longer continue their abuse of the 99% and the planet we all share? IMHO, if we had 435 AOC clones in office by next year, we could actually see real change occur.

WE have to get the worst deal of all because of the “GATS” and other similar ‘agreements’.

In some European aka “socialist” countries it is illegal to be homeless, that is, the state must provide living accommodations to all. But heck, back here in the USAofBillionaires, the stock market is going gangbusters.