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Original Selma Organizer Refused to March Alongside Bush


Original Selma Organizer Refused to March Alongside Bush

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Noted civil rights organizer and activist Diane Nash, who had led the initial walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, boycotted the 50th anniversary commemoration march this weekend because of the "insulting" participation of former President George W. Bush.


Bush in his younger days would have been a member of the now infamous Oklahoma frat. What the hell was he doing there?


Diane Nash you are soooo correct! Too bad most of your contemporaries sold out. George Bush marching on the bridge is not much different that the KKK marching and then planning on lynching some of the marchers afterwards!


I really like the reasons Nash gave for deciding not to march across the bridge with Bush.


Think about it…the Republicans in the House and Senate made a point of NOT attending the 50th Anniversary of the Selma march, which speaks volumes about their stance on civil and human rights. So they hauled out GWB with the intent to polish up his human rights image…all for show. His brother, Jeb, who was the original “chosen one” (by Bush family and friends) for the presidency, was busy stumping elsewhere in anticipation of his being tabbed the Repug. candidate in the 2016 election. GWB was there for knob polishing only because many feel (and rightfully so) that GWB’s image does not enhance that of his brother, Jeb.

Kudos to Nash for her strength and perennial work for civil and human rights!


Wow, good for Diane Nash! Now if people would just realize Obama needs to be boycotted for the exact same reasons as Bush, we could get somewhere.


Hooray for Diane Nash for seeing through the hypocrisy of the participation of George W. Bush. When I visited the Lorraine Motel memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King, I was appalled at the front room full of corporations listed, as if they had anything to do with Dr. King’s purpose in Memphis with the garbage workers strike. We the people have had enough of the revisionist historians twisting the facts and enough with the corporate mainstream newsmedia not really covering the real news.


Like 50 years ago, people are beginning to rise from their slumber and say we have had enough. Enough of government arrogance; enough of the injustice; enough of the killing at home and abroad; enough of torture and income disparity stolen elections and destruction of the environment and turning a blind eye to climate distortion. Enough, enough, enough! We citizens have had enough.


Not exactly the same, but very similar. Like Bush, he promotes the way of death all across the world. He may have limited torture, but then he declared the unilateral power to order anyone’s execution, which Bush never did. Also, he badmouthed Martin Luther King Jr. in his Nobel speech. King was not naive and impractical, as Obama indicated. That speech should have barred him from any commemorations of activities in which King was a major participant. In addition, Obama boycotted the World Conference Against Racism, and he supports tyrannical regimes all across the world.


So sad to see a woman of substance reduced to a nattering old fool. I don’t know if it is disease or substance but that was the most silly hate-filled nonsense as I’ve ever heard. My family has always found President Bush to be a fine and honorable man.


Agreed. I was thinking specifically of the reasons Diane Nash expressed. Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report was right, Obama was the More Effective Evil.


this is the ultimate sarcasm, we presume.


Thank God for Diane Nash, she refused to be a photo op for George Bush. She has been and is an excellent leader with much to teach us. Thank you, Diane, for everything you have given. For me she is a heroine.


after what words?


Be fair, Barbara: corporations create ALL the garbage, so they really were an integral part of why Martin was there.

(Yes, I’m being snarky. But it’s true, too, unfortunately. As we’re finding out the hard way)


Which is more bizarre, Bush being on the Selma march or veterans with amputations having the picture taken with a smiling Bush!


Still speaking truth to power…


Heck yea…let’s go back even further than Bush’s younger days. Let’s go back to the Civil war that was fought because Democrats wanted to keep slavery and the Republicans wanted to abolish slavery. That’s right, the Republicans freed the salves. Move forward a little bit to LBJ who’s famous comment that he would have ‘nxxxxgers’ voting for the Democrats for the next 200 years. BTW, MLK was a registered Republican.


Nice try Jon. Unfortunately your view of American history is both shallow and cherry-picked. You neglected to mention the 150+ intervening years between the Civil War (good you called it that and not the “War of Northern Aggression”) and now.

Yes, LIncoln freed the slaves in the states that seceded with the Emancipation Proclamation (an Executive Order by the way). And Lincoln was a Republican. And yes, the Democratic Party was strong in the South (as well as the North) at the time. In the intervening years - beginning with the election of FDR, continuing through the LBJ years,and extending into the 70s and 80s, the parties flip-flopped on issues of race (You forgot to mention that). The passage of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in 1964-65 sealed the deal - the racist Southern Dems switched to Repubs, as LBJ (a Dem) signed the acts into law, first taken advantage of by Nixon’s (a repub) Southern Strategy to win the Southern White vote in 1968. You don’t fine many if any Southern Dems anymore because they are now all Repubs (the one thing that hasn’t changed is their feelings on race) There is more, but I’ll leave it there.

So, there weren’t any Civil War era politicians (repubs like Lincoln) walking across the bridge.with a modern-day repub, Bush.

More often then not it is better to consider what the politicians actually do and not party they belong to. You might have made a more effective point if you had asked why walk with President Obama, given his inconsistent to non-existent record on issues that involve people of color.

Love that they were walking OVER the Edmund Pettus bridge - named for the confederate general, KKK grand dragon, and racist senator. Very symbolic.


PC, I was just stating facts…not a guess about what Bush may or may not have done in his younger years. And, you are absolutely correct, President Obama had only enslaved both of color and white with his stand on welfare.