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Orlando Is an Extension of the Marriage Battle, Bathroom Wars


Orlando Is an Extension of the Marriage Battle, Bathroom Wars

Kristen Becker

The media is awash in coverage of the terrorism angle of this tragedy. But to understand the impact of the shootings in Orlando, one must understand what gay bars really mean, especially in conservative areas.

To live and work as a member of the LGBTQ population in a conservative area means to not hold hands in public. It means to learn how to alter your pronouns on Monday morning so you don’t accidentally out yourself at the water cooler and lose your job. It means renting a two-bedroom apartment, even if you only need one.


Thank-you, Kristen Becker.

Everyone of these atrocities is a painful reminder that children are not born with fear and hatred in their hearts. I've done my best to educate my children to never buy the poison that so many would sell them, but it's no easy task, given that so much in this culture, as with all warrior cultures, is based on fear and hatred. The fact that we now have someone like Donald Trump so close to the presidency is proof of that.


Thank you for sharing this. My heart is broken by what is happening in this and other countries. It is so wrong and so sad.
When a country like ours is based so heavily on fear everything or one that is different quite frankly scares people to death and to killing. I blame a lot of what we see today to be a product of old and patriarchal religions. They truly believe they have God on their side and if you aren't like them you are an abomination.
I just want to say I am so sorry this is happening to you. We will help you fight on to justice for everyone, most of us aren't like those that perpetrate these crimes. Keep the faith and keep fighting for your rights we are with you.


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Absolutely! We are humanity. We are one.


Virtuous or Guilty
I am sick and tired of religious hatred! God does not want vengeance, murder, maiming, shaming and censure: loss of opportunity, property, equal rights and the creation of irreconcilable differences! I am sick and tired of people who are being taught by the Righteous to hate themselves and fear others!

Are Catholics, Mormons, Jews, Baptists, Lutherans and many Fundamentally based Christian Religions radical fringes? Neither are most Muslim groups. Yet their official teachings and doctrine are fomenting hatred, murder and suicides.

In light of Orlando what do we hear from the leaders of most religions? SILENCE! And how can they be other than silent, when their doctrines are the cause of the hatred, and while their minions carry out God’s wishes?

Priests, Bishops, Preachers, Ministers, Imams who do nothing to change their teachings and do not raise their voices to condemn hatred and violent acts are not innocent! And they, not so subtly, give consent to the violence by remaining silent. Rather than remaining silent they must accept responsibility by CHANGING THEIR RELIGION’S DOCTRINE TOWARDS GLBT.

What thinking person can insist that LGBT persons, when acting according to their God given nature, are intrinsically disordered? How can that even be possible for someone who believes God made all things and creatures?

Silence, so deviously encourages murders like we have endured for centuries, and as recently as last week.

How many need to die before the so-called virtuous are condemned for what they are?