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Orrin Hatch’s “Bullcrap” on Taxes Is Exactly That


Orrin Hatch’s “Bullcrap” on Taxes Is Exactly That

Richard Eskow

Hatch is apparently willing to ruin the futures of countless younger versions of himself.

"Behind all the bellowing and bluster, Hatch’s tax plan is nothing more than another giveaway to his rich patrons."


Hatch has co-opted his humanity and replaced it with spiteful greed and ugly hubris. LDS must be very proud of their golden calf in the Senate.


LDS as we know has a golden domed tabernacle ( or whatever) in Utah!


“The problem with Hatch’s impassioned tirade is that Brown was correct, and voters know it.”

I wish the second clause were correct.

The Wyden Amendment was a good idea, and the GOP block should be widely publicized to those not-so-wealthy voters who refuse to believe the Republicans don’t have their best interests at heart.

Or another idea: The GOP insists everyone’s tax bill will be reduced. So publish two sets of tax forms. It shouldn’t be that expensive, since one of them is the 2016 (or 2017) form with the new date and “alt” printed on it. Taxpayers get to choose which to submit–the one that is a pre-tax-bill replica, or the one based on the new GOP tax bill. After all, everyone gets to choose whether to take the standard deduction or to itemize deductions…


But there is a golden calf inside the SLC tabernacle/cathedral/monument to Smith and Young. No offense intended.


Well, that figures!


Whenever Orrin Hatch goes into his sanctimonious routine for the cameras, rest assured he’s lying.

Also, rest assured he’s lying whenever he speaks, period.


I wished Sherrod Brown would have followed Hatch’s “Give me a break!” with
"No sir. I will not give you a break. If the shoe fits, wear it, mister Hatch."


He’s a Moron!


HATCH is a practicing moron!


When our legislators convene, the bull toils, tirelessly, not for thee or me, but for the 1% they serve.


You know who else worked as a janitor? Me, in high school. And I had to walk 7 miles home every night as a result. And I went to college and with some pretty paltry Pell grants (paid for books and what was left covered 2 weeks worth of one month’s rent) and paid my own way. And I got a great job as an engineer, and I don’t complain about how much I pay in taxes. You will hear me complain, as the top 400 richest earners will echo, that they do not get taxed enough! There should be a tax bracket for the obscenely rich, not some one-size-fits-all-once-you-clear-the-poverty-level bull shit that the republicans imposed under Bush 1. Total crap! Where is that top tax bracket that is never less than 51% and while there’s a national debt, never less than 90% for all earnings over $1 million a year. Quick math quiz: Under this new tax bracket, if you make 1,000,001 what is your increased tax liability over today? A) .90 B) $90,000 C) $900,000 D) $9,000 E) I didn’t pay attention in math class.


When lies pay politicians play.


If you ever get to retire you will actually lose money over time as this tax bill keeps the “chained CPI w” index for inflation. They get you coming and going.



Orrin Hatch imagines that he can “take it with him” when he dies. He might also believe he will live forever.


In 1985, former US Senator Jake Garn from Utah was launched into outer space on Nasa Shuttle Mission STS51D. Wonder if NASA would launch Hatch into space–on a rocket instead.

Seeing as the guy is Mormon, he might just end up on his promised heavenly star–ahead of schedule!


Living in Utah, I’ve observed a few things about the mormon church. The church was founded in 1830 at the same time that the seeds of capitalism were really taking root in the US. It is the richest church per capita on the planet. It took credit cards to pay tithing long before other and better established religions followed suit. It was founded as an all white church. With the admittance of people of color to their priesthood, their treasury increased exponentially (women are still not allowed in the priesthood, although now young women can go on missions). Drinking caffeine was frowned upon until the church bought Coke stock. Mormons do not question authority, they are taught to follow. And in my experience there is no church that better indoctrinates its young people than the LDS. I’ve heard four years olds, who can barely identify letters, quote scripture. On the other hand, fundamentalist Islamists do a pretty good job of indoctrinating their young as well.


This old bastard only cares about himself!


And newcomers who are not “born into the church” through familial lineage are allowed in (but not too far in) to the church as long as they tithe. If they fail to tithe, they get the boot. the only way they would be allowed into the inner sanctum (the temple in SLC) is if they pass a nine-month indoctrination program that includes abstinence from alcohol consumption and smoking/chewing/using tobacco products, intense religious instruction, and behind-closed-doors judgment by elders who make the final decision…a regimen required by genetic-born Mormons who want to be married to a non-genetic new Mormon member in the tabernacle. It is absolutely amazing how the church manages to follow both types of church members no matter where they go geographically with unrivaled efficiency… There is no hiding from them.


And let’s not forget baptizing people into the church after death.